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GENESISIS – GENESIS: BI-BLESS = Bible Blessed Better Baby Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings Birth; pt1



 COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;

Indubitably, In The Beginning Our One Only Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, Created The Highest Heavens And Planet Mother Nature Earth. Inner the Biblessed beginning: Solar SUNGODD DEITY; wedded Womanhood’s womb; The whole wide world’s web woven with wealthy wisdom and worldwide wits worthy of womankind worship.


Bible Book Blog: Butt bare beginnings, both biological bodily beings buttocks, baby born blessedly bestowed birthday benefits = $$$

GENEISIS GENESIS: Gallantly given gifts of grace. Grassroots grounds green gainful growths. Grandly great gifted genius. Galactic gratitude, gracious givings galore!

Genetic Gala: a special occasion with special entertainment or performance.


ISIS’S IMMACULATE INCEPTION INSEMINATION: “introduced semen into (a woman or a female animal) by natural or artificial means.” Inseminator Infinite Imagination: intellectual intelligence inseminated – introduced – inserted – injected – internally. a. imaginative input. Involving inspiration, inspirited intervention. Inclusively, incited insights, intentionally inseminated information-industry.

BASISIS Basis: The Bible scriptural stories were stole and taken for our originating prehistoric presences. Pertaining to PARADISIS = preferred perfect paradise; pretty pleasing place – palace. a. basis + isis = Basisis. Politicized problems produced pearly pale pink pigmented people; plunder and pillage parading Paradisis!


Eye of SUNGODD DEITY_300 smalllEye of SUNGODD DEITY_1000 med neg image

The biblical stories scripted, assumed allegories, are not to be believed based upon foolishly following faith. Butt, to know how they were well written words with worldly wisdom, welded with Wealthy Womanhood’s Wits, worthy of worshiping worldwide.

Literature, taken literally leads readers to think that these things were true and real. Yet none of the “Holy Bible” Old & New Testament personalities – characters, disciples – apostles actually ever existed! No not one!

ENGLISIS: = expanding – extending  ever-evolving English expressions. Expressly explaining everything. Expounding exponentially-expertly. Excelling energies emitting ecology+economy = elevated enhance EcoEnergystics.  a. english+isis = Englisis.


“BREAKING: Police say that Roof has been captured in Shelby, N.C., and is in custody.

Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen said Roof was arrested during a traffic stop at approximately 11:15 a.m., about 14 hours after the massacre in Charleston.

A citizen alerted law enforcement to a vehicle they thought was suspicious, Mullen said, adding that Roof is currently cooperating with authorities.

“The heart and soul of South Carolina is broken,” a teary South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said following the arrest.”

Gunman said he was at church to kill black people, official says” 

Crazed CauCrazian Cracker Caucasoid cowards child: “Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof has been taken into custody in North Carolina, a senior law enforcement official briefed on the investigation told CNN’s Deborah Feyerick.

Racialist ruthless: “• Roof, 21, of Lexington, South Carolina, is the (sadist – supremacist – sexist – sadist) suspect in Wednesday’s deadly shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, city police said Thursday.” Yes strictly and specifically said: African!

Black baiting bogus broadcasts: “• Witnesses say the suspect stood up and said he was there “to shoot black people,” a law enforcement official said. The shooter is also thought to have used a handgun, according to the official.”  Surely this confused human, 21 years old Euro-Anglo-American male, has historically been misled and misguided, by the local news national negative reports, mostly maiming millions of mindsets, is the major mainstream media, mass marketed madness, mean menacing monsters!

“The Body of Christ is in prison!”


Caucrazian Cracker Caucasoid crazy criminal caught.….”God bless you”? Who is “God” “Jesus” “Christ”? Who’s white? Who’s black?

THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: They truly don’t even exist, ever existed. And can’t bless nobody, nor save souls of human bio-bodily beings basically born blessed, or criminally cursed and can’t be cured of criminality.

Stop-Point-Blank-Period: praying to some senseless – stupid satanic stuff, of Sociopath Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower sickness syndromes, submissively serving the sinister systemic System SATAN!!!

Westernized world warmongers wizardry, werewolves – warlocks – warlords, WhitTies wicked witchcraft worship. Basically because, there has historically never been a man person bio-bodily being, of humanity-humankind, by the name of a “Jesus Christ”; or any “race”, Ethnicity, “racial group”; creed or color of skin, living upon planet Mother Nature Earth!!! And these truths also applies to a man made manufactured myth; “The Prophet Muhammad”. According to Professor Walter Williams, “The Historical Origins of Christianity and Islam.”

“At the White House, President Barack Obama addressed the church shootings before departing for California.” Thus to try and disarm more melaninated minority-majority members, courageous Citizens of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry!

“To say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their community doesn’t say enough,” Obama told reporters,” No it does not say enough about Aryan-Ashkenazim-Anglo-Americans acts of aggression, aim at assaulting and attacking Afro-African Americans!

President Obama said. “Any death of this sort is a tragedy. Any shooting involving multiple victims is a tragedy. There is something particularly tragic hearing about a shooting in a place that we seek solace.

Nevertheless I sense spiritually that this is the turning point of Barack Hussein Obama’s blessings. It seems to me that he has overstepped his bounds and borders and beliefs. And SUNGODD DEITY is no respecter of persons, political and or religious! 

It stands solemnly scripted: “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:” “God shows no favoritism.” “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.”

The president also addressed the issue of gun violence.” Butt, is he not now trying to play predatory profiteers politics? Key questions: do We’s & Us’s really have a gun problem, or a personalized pharmaceutical prescription pill psychotropic poisoning problem politicized?!

“I’ve had to make statements like these too many times,” Obama said. “Once again innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting his hands on a gun.” 

Although America is the gun crime capital of the whole wide world. Constantly committed by those illegally – unlawfully, and legally – lawfully loaded. Regardless of whether one joins the Armed Services or as Police – city-county-cops, State Troopers; or guilty ghetto gangsters; it is an unhealthy – undernourished dietary defect, dysfunction – deficiency. Habitually harming-hurting Humanoidians; producing planetary problems plaguing populations of people!

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA asks: Should those terming themselves the “White Race” be banned – barred – banished from buying and owning handguns, firearms of all sorts herein, the USA?! Shouldn’t the US Federal Government crack down on gun carrying Caucasian citizens who could in fact be crazy Caucasoid criminal creatures, crossbred Cro-Magnon man mutant mixtures, mad men mean menacing monsters?! And also arrest parents, mothers and fathers who buy weapons giving gun gifts to their children, offspring, young teenagers of all or any ages, when those firearms are used in committing crimes, killing other Ethnicity in inhumane “hate crimes”?! 

I solemnly say that the father of the crazy CauCrazian carrier of concealed handgun, as a mandated must be investigated, arrested, charged criminally and prosecuted, for aiding and abetting an act of vicious violence aimed at A.M.E, Afro-African Americans of The African Methodist Episcopal Blackultured Christian Church, cultural congregants, during a bible study session-lesson. +

Good gun control is to compel citizens to take complete controls over the security and safety of their firearms, handguns, riffles. And if or when somebody else get/git a hold to them, and commits criminal acts of aggression against another American, then that certified and licensed owner is obligated as an offender. Then they’re think twice about buying dangerous – deadly weapons!

Or else every Ethnicity, should be able to arm themselves/ourselves, Under The US Federal Constitution, Human Right to bear arms, against all arrogant aggressors, as angry asinine ass Aryan-Ashkenazim-Angloidian-Americans, acting as antagonist adversaries and alien agents, against Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African Americans, Afrindians – Amerindians – Afrasians – Africarabians, Am-e-ri-cans, and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Justice Judgment = JESUSTICE1 CHRIYST-ISIS!

My Master Mind Melanin Messiah, solemnly says, Son of SOLARSUN, soundly – sanely – sensibly – spiritually saving solar sexus souls = salvation. Surely Sovereign SUNGODD DEITY, Divine Decreed Disc, Deliberated Dimensional Domain Declared Deified!

Nationalized negative Neanderthal Neo-Nazis, namely Ashke-Nazis, no more bowing down to this terrifying thug terrorist-tyrant’s “White male” image as a god, lord and savior. No more sitting up in the church house worshiping “Whites”, thus teaching the small impressionable “nonwhite” Sunday school students suck stupid stuffs. It’s a travesty of justice in and of itself. And We’s & Us’s have been telling these false preachers – pastors, teachers that they are our own worst of enemies, equally to Ebola engineering eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans, = evilly evolved Europeans, extremist executioners exiting early Europe – Eurasia!

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Let us make and turn bad into good, curses into blessings, wrongs into rights, lies into truths. And “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” “Unto the perfect law of liberty”.

The termed “White Americans” “God” is a serial killer, He has favorite chosen people, they’ve imagined . “The White Devil” and his deceptive demons, artificially appears as angels of light, love and life, butt brings nothing butt deaths and destruction. To those worshiping and praying and having foolish faith following friends, families. faked from the first fraudulent ‘founding fathers’ who were fraud in fact liars, telling longstanding leading lies, and they were the founders of lies and  frauds thereof, herein, The United States of America’s human hate history: +

Color Coded Criminalizing Curses: “At Morris Brown A.M.E. Church here, blacks, whites, Christians and Jews gathered to proclaim that a racist gunman would not divide a community already tested by the fatal police shooting in April of an unarmed African-American, Walter Scott.”

Mass marketed media mind controlling communications-, convolution conversations, sending out mixed – misleading – misguiding information, in time of crucially critical crisis. When We’s & Us are all affected, having heightened emotionalized energies experienced and expressed. Fiery flaming feelings. So they sneak in some subliminal signals such as crisscrossing an adverse adjective admixtures, color black to Afro-African Americans. Thus to have the naive and gullible viewers – hearers – listening audiences, religiously believe that Africa & Black are interchangeable admixtures; affections and attached aberrations! 


history_RAllenThe AMEC grew out of the Free African Society (FAS) which Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and others established in Philadelphia in 1787. When officials at St. George’s MEC pulled blacks off their knees while praying, FAS members discovered just how far American Methodists would go to enforce racial discrimination against African Americans. Hence, these members of St. George’s made plans to transform their mutual aid society into an African congregation. Although most wanted to affiliate with the Protestant Episcopal Church, Allen led a small group who resolved to remain history_SAllenMethodists. In 1794 Bethel AME was dedicated with Allen as pastor. To establish Bethel’s independence from interfering white Methodists, Allen, a former Delaware slave, successfully sued in the Pennsylvania courts in 1807 and 1815 for the right of his congregation to exist as an independent institution. Because black Methodists in other middle Atlantic communities encountered racism and desired religious autonomy, Allen called them to meet in Philadelphia to form a new Wesleyan denomination, the AME.

Surely this constant changing back and forth, causes citizens conscientious confusions, cognizant chaos and co-creating criminality-concurrent corruption in our oncoming offspring, children – kids, teenagers and young adolescents!

YES: “We woke up today, and the heart and soul of South Carolina was broken,” the governor said on Thursday. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley fought back tears as she addressed the media following a shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., that left nine people dead.” So she cries puppy-dog tears, what’s up!

How about an African Historical Holy House commonly called Christian Church. Seeing how we’ve already posted the true documentation, above in the aforementioned paragraphs, as positive proof! African not “Black”!!

Y’all  check the media out very closely, the very motor mouthpiece of Lucifer Satan The Racialist Devil!!!

“White” depends for its stability on its negation, “black.” Neither exists without the other, and both come into being at the moment of imperial conquest” Franz Fanon

POLITICAL POLLUTED PAINT & PSYCHOLOGICAL POISONING PUBLIC PEOPLE: “Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire inside a historic black church in South Carolina, killing nine people and wounding several others. The victims were attending Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church when the attack occurred, shortly after 9 p.m. Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen called the massacre a hate crime.”

These truths solemnly states, intionall invidious – insidious institutionalized ignorance, idiotic ignoramuses.  is exactly how haters keep the sick comedic caricature cycle of “race” and color coded curses circulating, going on. Simply hire some Samboes and Uncletolms to help Euro-Anglo-Americans out, stereotype and stamp stigmas on other Ethnicity, then that justifies demonic doings in their own sick satanic minds, And by the way, pay them good salaries and give out blacklisted bonuses, and they will do just about anything, to harm and hurt those who look like they do!

“There is nothing in “blackness” that logically implies any claim to anything of value, except bondage.” Alik Shahadah

YES; it is easier and scientific to say Sapiens Species as opposed to religiosity’s “Race”. Better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being biological bodily baby born, as an Aboriginal Africoidian, Negroidian, Mongoloidian, Caucasian Caucasoidian and Americanized Angloidian.

No doubt, they taught and teach school students stupid stuff, (“The Black Race and the White Race”); then turn around and wonder what’s wrong with them. Why are children so angry, upset, and loosing their right minds. Of course, if one listen to the lies leading liars tells today, media-wise, Online – TV & Radio rhetorical-reports, one side says it’s the handguns, gun carriers, and the other side says, no, it’s the person with the guns, firearms. This complex crazy Caucrazian crap goes on and on and on endless = extremists!

“Twenty-two million African-Americans – that’s what we are – Africans who are in America.” El Hajj Malik Shabazz

‘It’s the Confederated Flag flying higher than the United States flag!…it’s a symbol of historical human hatred… a hate crime!’ No it’s poor parenting, improper instructions in school and at home and in church!’ Yes, it’s social media making these children crazy!’ ‘Surely it’s all of they Tel-lie-vision vicious violence!’ ‘They’re all on dangerous drugs – deadly dopes!’  And which ever of these truthful thoughts y’all wantonly wish to take heed to, so be it. Guilty grownups are all at fault and of a Criminal Culpable Mental State of Guilt!


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“SHEEPLE” Slaughtered sacrificed; sorrowfully shy sorry sheep, saying no handguns – firearms – warfare weaponry for self-defense, self-protection and self-survival = satanic spells! 

Foolish faith followers forgiving foolery. Preacher – pastor – politicians, purposely playing prejudicial party politics. Predatory pope – pedophile priests profiteers, pretentious prophets, preying upon the public people’s planetary populations!*>:P phbbbbt
“I forgive you, my family forgives you,” said Anthony Thompson. “We would like you to take this opportunity to repent.
Do that and you’ll be better off than you are right now.”
Absolutely no such of thing as forgiveness, without honest-sincere regrets – remorse and righteous repentance!*:(( crying
“An act of racial terrorism”?! or else Ethnicity evilly evolved envy and habitual human – humanity-humankind hatred! Which goes way beyond the criminally concocted concept of “racial” religious rationale. I’m talking all about Hue-Mans; Hue-Man-Kind; under one Hue-Main-Law; of the terrestrial-territorial Hue-Main-Rayz, emanating energy entities evidencing Z-BLACKRAYS!!!
BUTT: “Beware of false prophets,which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”   (playing religious politics) “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” One minute they hold politicized public offices, supposed servants; then run off into the Christian church houses, preaching Sunday school sermons; scriptural sessions. Sometimes sitting on The Court Benches, as Civil & Criminal Courthouse Judges and jurists and juries!
Postponing Predator Politicians: “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Proudly “Put on the whole armour of God, (SUNGODD)  that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” “The White Devil” and or The Black Devil!!*>:) devil
Armed Aboriginal Africoidians and armored Afro-African Americans.  Courageously counter-combating crazy Caucrazians criminalizing corruptions. Caucasoidians corrosive concoctions, conscientious confusions, constantly chaos-combustible civic conflicts,  cellular cancer causing clinical-chemicals; Caucasian Captors controlled cities – counties – countries: Color Coded  citizenry, concocts curses causes criminalizing Cosmic-Creative Chemistry. Compounding complexes. 
Some bogus bodies just gotta go!
Richard Ellis via Getty Images

YES: “Charleston Mayor Joe Riley: I’m No Proponent Of The Death Penalty But ‘No Doubt It Will Be Sought'”I personally commend Mr. J. Riley for not mentions that adverse adjectives as the colors white and black. He humanized the whole speech and messianic message mission. The mass-murder were his human hatred, not the superficial surface skin, cosmetic coloration complexion. Thank you Sir!

“The International African American Museum” something we’ve working on for some time Mayor J. Rilley says. “Hear in America, we’re never taught African American history.” We don’t the story and where enslaved Africans  Africans were brought from.”  ‘During periods of slavery and war’ ‘There’s a lots of things we can do’; “To enhance the dialog about race.”
“Joe Riley, the mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, said the case of the shooter who killed nine people during a prayer service at a historically black church “would merit” the death penalty.”
During a press conference Friday, Riley said he’s generally not in favor of the death penalty, but “that’s the law in South Carolina.”
“I’m personally not a proponent of the death penalty,” Riley said.
“I think it collectively over time adds to violence,” he added. “I think people who commit serious crimes should lose their freedom forever, but that’s the law in South Carolina, no doubt it will be sought.”
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) called for suspect Dylann Roof to receive the death penalty.
“We will absolutely want him to have the death penalty,” Haley said during a Friday interview on NBC’s “Today,” calling Roof “a person filled with hate.”
“Power is the ability to define reality and to convince other people that it is their definition.” Wade Nobles 
NBC     Colored boy bogus blackish brown skin news reporter, calling Afro-American Americans areas, “the black community”. in which, isn’t. He’s helping spread  Sambosim and  Uncletomism. as a Blacklanologist . One of those the killer ….. keep – kept on hearing on-air, TV & Radio all of the days of his life, black and white, this that or the other, inhumane, insane broadcasts; driving him crazy = CauCrazian citizen!
Immature, these treacherous trickster supposed to be adults and alleged-assumed grownups, are pointing the evil religious political finger at another, each other. Blaming FOX News Network, radical religious racialist rightest redneck radio rhetoric.
Butt, I know now today that they’re all acting adversely against Afro-African Americans, Citizens of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry! The constant black-a-fication of obviously – optically – openly – ostensibly, basic brown skinned societies, lighter or darker tissue tones – tans – tints!
Inclusively NBC – CBC – ABC  – and local lead anchors, field reporters, journalist and columnists. Are affectations and aberrations, arrogant ambitious actors. aggressors and as angry Aryan-Ashkenazim-Anglo-America; antagonist adversaries and alien agencies!
Even the US President Obama, should and ought and do in fact know much better; as he proclaimed publicly back in 2009; “I’m half black and I’m half white… mutts like me.” Now today instead of referring to the A.M.E. actual name; Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Christian Church, he decided to play p;prejudicial party politics; by incorrectly calling it a “Traditional Black Church” and other obscene offenders, “A Historical Black Church”.
Howsoever history had documented the total told truths 100%+; first under “The Negro Codes” then changed to “The Black Codes” criminalizing color codified curses. Of 1860’s Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Federal Constitution & Supreme Laws of the Land!!!
“Slaves and dogs are named by their masters. Free men name themselves.” Richard B. Moore
Black Jackass Uncle Toms & Stupid stooges – suckered sycophants, soulless self-serving selfish sellout SETHIAN SAMBOES. Submissively subversively serving some satanic Sociapath Sex Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, sinister scientists – sadists – sexists – supremacists, sneaky snakes, surreptitiously stealthy seafaring serpents, sailors systemic System SATAN!!!
“Black tells you how you look without telling you who you are. A more proper word for our people, African, relates us to land, history and culture.” John Henrik Clarke
“Roof appears on 9 murder counts; Charleston seeks unity. ” COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: “Endeavors to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” Love Peace & Harmony, humanely healthily – happily – humorously. Helping heal hurting – harmed humans, historical hatemongers hideous hostility hatred, holding healthy Humanoids hostages. Inside habitual Hades hell holes – Black-holes!  CK-NWCA » Page 1 of 3 
CK-NWCA » Page 1 of 3

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DIVINE DECREED DELIBERATED DEVIL DATAMATION: Destroying deceptive – destructive demons. Decisively down with whipper WhitTies wicked witchcraft wizardry, talking about “the fear of God”; Their thought terrorist  tyrant, thug tormentor – torturer, tissue traumatizing Sociopath Satanic Sex Slaver. Just simply really research-read “The Holy Bible”… Old & New Testaments; as it is well written with worldly wisdom: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, (SUNGODD DEITY) a workman who needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.”
“The God concept does not survive long outside of the bottle of religion; religion is an institutionalized mechanism which pass on the Godhead package from generation to generation.” ‘Alik Shahadah
ARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — They forgave him. They advised him to repent for his sins, and asked for God’s mercy on his soul. One even told Dylann Storm Roof to repent and confess, and “you’ll be OK.”
“UPDATE: During a bond hearing today for Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old charged with murdering nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., victims’ family members showed God’s mercy (see video clip below). ”
One young woman, the daughter of one of the victims, sobbed as she said, “I forgive you.” Felecia Sanders, whose son Tywanza Sanders died in the attack, told Roof, “Every fiber in my body hurts.” But she also added, “May God have mercy on you.” 
Where is her “God” and “sweat Jesus” when those 9 humans were mass murdered by another hateful hybrid-human! Honestly asks Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1*O:-) angel
We’s & Us’s non-religious human says, no regrets, no  remorse, no repentance, then, no forgiveness! Nor for irresponsible parents, mothers and fathers!
Read full story at my posted blog: Bible1 Bless2 Book3
Bible1 Bless2 Book3

A great site
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CIVICENTRAL: Civic Central Communication Channels Commands.

a. “centroid n. Mathematics the center of mass of a geographic object of uniform density.” b. centrosphere n. 2. Geology the center or inner part of the earth.”

Collective Citizenry Controls; Co-created community consciousness, circulating invaluable information. Coming from a centric-circle of clean cultured comrades.

Mathematical mounted mass media, as a mandated must be made up of multi-millions more melaninated minority – majority members. Specifically and strictly comprising Citizens of Color of America’s & Africa’s ascendant ancestry and Aboriginal Africoidian appearing attributes. Dark – medium – light brown skinned societies.

Courageously counter-combating-competitively, the criminalizing color coded curses concocted by commonly called Caucasians, correctly categorically classified; crazy CauCrazian Caucasoid citizens, citywide – countywide – countrywide, causing corruptions – corrosive contamination, contagions cross-continental! Constantly contriving and conspiring to completely control communications! Configuring conscientious confusions, conscious chaos, concurrently combustible civic conflicts = cognizant criminal conditioning!

Civilized + Centralized TV & Radio-waves with whole wide world woven web workings. Nationalized network – Ethernet Internet inner connectivity – chemistry’s cosmic creativity. 

“Terroristic Threats”: those tyrannical thugs, treacherous tricksters terming themselves the “White Race” and terming somebody else’s Ethnicity; the “Black Race”.

It is imperatively important, that We’s & Us’s to force pearly pale pink pigmented people, purposely playing prejudicial politics; Stop-Point-Blank-Period.*:-SS nail biting

Constitutional Communions communicating circumspectly: Looking and watching out for fakers and frauds. (Uncletomism & Samboism)  Pretentious phony politicians preying and profiteering; pointed at accurately and astutely ascertained acting against ascendant Afro-African Americans; and as an aggregated and amalgamated admixtures = Afrindians – Amerindians, Am-e-ri-cans, Afrasians-Africarabians, and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

Non-political party players, No personal privately own or operated news networks, misguiding – misleading local liars, major mainstream media, maiming minds. Civicentral channels can’t be capitalized – colonized by crooked corrupted corporations. No mergers, sellout Samboes, or buying out our Ethnicity’s Earthors Ethernet enterprises = $$$

OK YAWLS: Listen up and pay close attention to what I’m talking all about. Make no mental mistake as to these totally told truth 100%+.

Every time and on all occasions, when we’re suffering some serious – severe situations, what western world wizard WhitTie whip Cracker Caucrazians do, is activate all Americanized Africans, ‘Coloreds”; Nationalized Negroes, to come support their thoughts and thinking. Thus to testify on airways on Euro-Anglo-America’s accounts and advantage!

SAMBOISM: = Sick suckers – stupid stooges – sorry sycophants – self-serving sellout Samboes, submissively serving the satanists – sadists – supremacists – sexists. So sophisticated Sociopath Slavers sinister scientists, sorcerers, and supporting the surreptitious sneaky snakes, stealthy seafaring serpents, systemic System SATAN!!! *>:) devil

Sociopath Slaver Supremacy + Rightest Religious Racism + Predatory Profiteer Politicians + Prejudicial Party Politics: Tyrants Terrestrial Terrorism; Hostile Human Haters + Historic Hybrid Humans. Damned Devil’s Deceptive Demons, ….

Collective Caucasian capitalist – colonialist coalition cahoots collusion conspirators. Always are airways ambitiously arrogant asinine ass angry Aryan-Ashkenazim-Angloid-Americans, acting as antagonist adversaries and alien agencies, aberrations! Ambushing – attacking – assaulting; ALL ALPHA-ALKEBULAN-AFRICA = Africaspora and AmericAfricAspora!!!

White Wicked Witchcraft-Wizardry: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Inclusively, lead anchors, news reporters, journalists, columnists. 

Presently right now today, what we have and see daily are dehumanized “nonwhites”; who wantonly wish that they were with “Whites” as they term themselves. Very supportive surrogates, secondary subservient and submissive self sacrificing suckers. Hired henchmen and soulless sisters, gainfully employed to say exactly what they’re taught to, and express happy Honky dory ideology publicly. On Meet The Press, Today Show, FOX Sunday, Evening News, Good Morning America, …….

Smiling, skinnin’ an grinnin’ in pearly pink palefaces, who’re a far cry color from being bio-bodily white. No where close, butt, beauteous brown skinned surrogates think that they’re whites in blackface!

For fakers and phonies politicized, racialist rationalized reasons, publicly proclaims + professes: “Me as a black woman”; “I’m a black man”; etc., etc. etc. Butt, knows nothing about actual  Africulture & Blackulure!!

These traitors, treacherous tricksters, are very dangerous to We’s & Us’s. Regardless of what family clan – tribe, one is originally from or belong to today. Africans as Americans and Americans as Africans, may/might artificially appear alike, howsoever, beware, we’re so different and diverse!!

Likewise, can’t successfully be black boxed, put or politically placed inside somebody’s blatantly bias – bigoted, brainwashed bogus black bag. Thus to be all shot down dead in one blackish bunch. The big “Black Power” mistake made during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Attempting to enact activate “Black Supremacy” stupidly!

While still stuck stupidly in the midst of all this, commonly called ‘Coloreds’ and ‘Negroes, shifted sensibilities soundly and sanely. Sidestepping self sacrificing suicide, to live another day, dutifully doing Divinely Decreed Diversification.

Wexz & Usxz, deliberately decided differentiation; so as not become shameful, sorry sitting ducks, dead dummies and black-bulls-eyes targeted and aim at and assaulted and attacked as anti-America. Taking cover, camouflage, conceptually changing over from Afro-Americans to African Americans.

Unfortunately far too many melaninated minority-majority members, misled and misguided by James Brown, singing and saying; “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud” produce prolific profits for himself and corporate Caucasians. And those of us shouting out proudly, were shot and killed or incarcerated – imprisoned with impunity!

“The Black Codes” criminalizing color codified curses came crashing and crushing down upon a whole gallantly gifted generation, teenage youths, young men and women. Not realizing why? How come? Why us? What did we do wrong? Why have alleged and assumed Afro-African American, terming themselves “Blacks” has historical hurt and harm our own-selves, while still surviving in the surreptitious midst of “Racism White Supremacy” of “The White Terrorist Dominators”?!

CK-NWCA » Page 1 of 3:     COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: expertly explains, expounds, elaborates expressly. Butt y’all have to relearn how to become avid readers and real researchers. And if one is too Devil Damned lazy to do that, well nobody can help heal you. For failing to help heal yourselves!

CK-NWCA » Page 1 of 3

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Yawls see with crystal clear clarity, Caucasoid-ian Caucasians do not necessarily need to love We’s & Us’s, only act like they do. Pretend to have some sane – sound sensibility, sacred spirituality. Say some good sounding things, witty words that don’t truly mean much at all to them. Using their local and major mainstream media to maim melaninated minority – majority members minds, and  make them think that by disarming themselves, turning in their handguns, is the right thing to do. Just simply “trust in God”; He will take care of our needs and “Jesus Christ” shall surely save souls upon planet earth, when he gets back , return!


MEET THE  PRESS, decides to show some African American males incarcerated – imprisoned, tor shooting somebody with firearms. Howsoever, it’s not about “nonwhites” nor an alleged and assumed “black on black crimes” and vicious violence. tit’s specifically and strictly about hideously hostile hateful hybrid humans, so self said “White Americans” attacking and  assaulting African Methodist Episcopal Christian Church congregants, A.M.E.; during a bible study session. Nine of our Citizens of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry, were mass murdered, by a cowardice CauCrazian Caucasoid criminally crazy creature! Period.


‘Meet The Press’ In Hot Water After Airing Gun Violence Video Featuring Only Black Shooters

‘Meet The Press’ In Hot Water After Airing Gun Violence …

‘Meet The Press’ is taking heat for a video the program aired about gun violence. In the wake of the Charleston church shooting, host Chuck Todd introduced a video …
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Blacklanologist. One of those the killer ….. keep – kept on hearing on-air, TV & Radio all of the days of his life, black and white, this that or the other, inhumane, insane broadcasts; driving him crazy = CauCrazian citizen!

Immature, these treacherous trickster supposed to be adults and alleged-assumed grownups, are pointing the evil religious political finger at another, each other. Blaming FOX News Network, radical religious racialist rightest redneck radio rhetoric.

Butt, I know now today that they’re all acting adversely against Afro-African Americans, Citizens of Color of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry! The constant black-a-fication of obviously – optically – openly – ostensibly, basic brown skinned societies, lighter or darker tissue tones – tans – tints!

Inclusively NBC – CBC – ABC  – and local lead anchors, field reporters, journalist and columnists. Are affectations and aberrations, arrogant ambitious actors. aggressors and as angry Aryan-Ashkenazim-Anglo-America; antagonist adversaries and alien agencies!

Even the US President Obama, should and ought and do in fact know much better; as he proclaimed publicly back in 2009; “I’m half black and I’m half white… mutts like me.” Now today instead of referring to the A.M.E. actual name; Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Christian Church, he decided to play p;prejudicial party politics; by incorrectly calling it a “Traditional Black Church” and other obscene offenders, “A Historical Black Church”.

Howsoever history had documented the total told truths 100%+; first under “The Negro Codes” then changed to “The Black Codes” criminalizing color codified curses. Of 1860’s Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Federal Constitution & Supreme Laws of the Land!!!

“Slaves and dogs are named by their masters. Free men name themselves.” Richard B. Moore

Black Jackass Uncle Toms & Stupid stooges – suckered sychophants, soulless self-serving selfish sellout SETHIAN SAMBOES. Submissively subversively serving some satanic Sociapath Sex Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, sinister scientists – sadists – sexists – supremacists, sneaky snakes, surreptitiously stealthy seafaring serpents, sailors systemic System SATAN!!!

“Black tells you how you look without telling you who you are. A more proper word for our people, African, relates us to land, history and culture.” ohn Henrik Clarke

“Roof appears on 9 murder counts; Charleston seeks unity.” COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: “Endeavors to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” Love Peace & Harmony, humanely healthily – happily – humorously. Helping heal hurting – harmed humans, historical hatemongers hedeous hostility hatred, holding healthy Humanoids hostages. Inside habitual Hades hell holes – Black-holes!  

DIVINE DECREED DELIBERATED DEVIL DATAMATION: Destroying deceptive – destructive demons. Decisively down with whipper WhitTies wicked witchcraft wizardry, talking about “the fear of God”; Their thought terrorist  tyrant, thug tormentor – torturer, tissue traumatizing Sociopath Satanic Sex Slaver. Just simply really research-read “The Holy Bible”… Old & New Testaments; as it is well written with worldly wisdom: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, (SUNGODD DEITY) a workman who needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.”

“The God concept does not survive long outside of the bottle of religion; religion is an institutionalized mechanism which pass on the Godhead package from generation to generation.” ‘Alik Shahadah

ARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — They forgave him. They advised him to repent for his sins, and asked for God’s mercy on his soul. One even told Dylann Storm Roof to repent and confess, and “you’ll be OK.”

“UPDATE: During a bond hearing today for Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old charged with murdering nine people at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., victims’ family members showed God’s mercy (see video clip below).”

One young woman, the daughter of one of the victims, sobbed as she said, “I forgive you.” Felecia Sanders, whose son Tywanza Sanders died in the attack, told Roof, “Every fiber in my body hurts.” But she also added, “May God have mercy on you.” Where is her “God” and “sweat Jesus” when those 9 humans were mass murdered by another hateful hybrid-human!

We’s & Us’s non-religious human says, no regrets, no  remorse, no repentance, then, no forgiveness! Nor for irresponsible parents, mothers and fathers!

“Help support victims’ families, local initiatives

Charleston’s Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. has set up the “Mother Emanuel Hope”fund . The fund will help family members pay for funerals, counseling and other financial needs. Donations can be online, by texting ‘prayforcharleston‘ to 843-606-5995 additionally you can walk into any of Wells Fargo’s 6,200 banking locations now you can also make a check out to “Mother Emanuel Hope Fund” and send it to the address below:

Mother Emanuel Hope Fund

C/O City of Charleston

P.O. Box 304 Charleston, SC 29402″

“We welcomed you Wednesday night in our Bible study with open arms. You have killed some of the most beautiful people that I know. Every fiber in my body hurts … and I’ll never be the same,” Sanders told Roof.

“Tywanza was my hero,” Sanders said, but even she showed some kindness as she confronted the man accused of killing her son: “As we said in Bible Study, we enjoyed you but may God have mercy on you.”

“A hateful person came to this community with some crazy idea he’d be able to divide, but all he did was unite us and make us love each other even more,” Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. said as he described plans for the evening vigil at a sports arena.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said the state will “absolutely” want the death penalty.

A steady stream of people brought flowers and notes and shared somber thoughts at a growing memorial in front of the church, which President Barack Obama called “a sacred place in the history of Charleston and in the history of America.”

“This was an act of racial terrorism and must be treated as such,” the Rev. Cornell William Brooks, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said Friday in Charleston.

Roof, 21, had complained while getting drunk on vodka recently that “blacks were taking over the world” and that “someone needed to do something about it for the white race,” according to Joey Meek, who tipped the FBI when he saw his friend on surveillance images.

Brooks said hate crimes take aim at collective values, but “we have never allowed ourselves to be victims, we have never capitulated, we have never laid prostate before the demagogue of racism in this country.”

“This is a moment in which we say to them, the white nationalists movement, those purveyors of hate, we as Americans will not subscribe to that philosophy. We will not give up, we will not give in,” he said.

oof was arrested in North Carolina after an alert motorist recognized him, and returned in shackles to a county jail where he was being held next to the cell of Michael Slager, the white former police officer charged with fatally shooting black motorist Walter Scott in neighboring North Charleston.

Meek said Roof told him he used birthday money from his parents to buy a .45 Glock pistol before the attack.

“The suspect entered the group and was accepted by them, as they believed that he wanted to join them in this Bible study,” Charleston County Coroner Rae Wilson said. Then, “he became very aggressive and violent.”

Confederate flag: Where the 2016 candidates stand

“The South Carolina and U.S. flags are seen flying at half-staff behind the Confederate flag, which is erected at a war memorial on the state Capitol grounds. (Photo: Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

Last week’s mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. — where nine black people were killed inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church by a white gunman in what investigators are treating as a hate crime — has reignited a debate over the Confederate flag, which flies atop a 30-foot flagpole outside the state Capitol building in Columbia.”

EXOTISISHE OR EXOTISIS = exotic expressions, that are extraordinary, entertaining and educational. Effectual encounters evidencing everybody energetic efforts = efficiently. Isishe is artistically appealing, attractive and affectionate and striking basically because She’s colorful, out of ordinary ostensible optics or obvious objects.

ARTISTISIS ARTISIS: The process of producing pretty portrait pictures, panoramic presentations. a. artist+isis b. art+isis. As articulated, pronounced phonetically via practice performances. Artheist Actionaries adding an advantageous attribute; Advent ARTHEISIS vs Atheists

PARADISIS PRAYER: = Inner Vision of Prayers, produces positively potent powers, plus+ Phantom-Phatom-Physics1. Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena. Pleasant parishes – pews – pulpits preaching + practicing Promocracy. Providing public people’s planetary populations purification! Postponing prejudicial party politics, projecting proof protected Promotics!

INNER VISION OF PRAYER: Our One only optical fiery flaming FATHER; who which we visually see up and out into the hottest highest holy heavens, happily honored, paid homage, hallowed blessed be your titled name. Thy COLORKINGDOM come cultured clean-cured, Your wealthy will be divinely decreed done, upon and in Nature Mother Earth, as it is in and throughout the holistic heavens. Give us this gracious gift today, our daily diet duly divine, and faithfully forgive We’s & Us’s of our obscene offenses, transgressions and trespasses, as our offenders-oppressors righteously repent regretfully – remorsefully for them to receive forgiveness.

Let nobody, no not one, mislead and misguide us into temptations, for Thine is the Throne of Grace, the gallant glowing glory, is SOLARSUN’S Superpower COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; Arch Angel Anchor Ark ANKH Arthiest Actionary Atun-Atom-Amen-RA-RAYZ!!!

Indubitably, SUNGODD DEITY, Divine Decreed Disc, Declared Deified, Deliberated Dimensional Domain.

The Leading Lords’ Love Life Light Locks, is my shining superstar, sacred shield and shepherd.  I shall not wantonly wish without wisdom o\for worldly wealth; HEATXZ makes me money green pastures to lie down in. HE leads me besides sacred shores, safe secure sanctuaries,  still waters.

HE restores my sovereign solar sexus soul, HEATXZ leads me in the paved patterned pathways of royal righteousness, richness, for financing HIS name sake.

Yes y’all, though I wisely walk through the threatening streets –  terrifying terrains of vicious violence of the the shadow of demoniac death; I will feel no evil enemy energy entities evil, for thou Arthiest Actionary anointed artworks are with me. Thy retribution rod and thy sharp staff, they give me courage – comfort and commanding controls.

You prepared profits, talented time tables, blessing before m, in the presence of my evil enemies. You anointed my forehead with holy oil of originality, my cultured clean cup richly rungs over. Surely the grace and gift of goodness shall follow me me mercifully,l all the divine decreed days of my life. And I will dwell within the human house of the Lords’ Love Life Light Locks, liberty, for ever, ANHK Atum-Atom-Amen-RA.


Calmly closing my eyes looking inside within internally tight; No external eyesight; The deepest dark dimensions into insight; in depth domain discovery delight; Cutting off other optical observations, artificial light; Envisioning the brilliant bright; Solar sunshine sensational sight; A native natural night.__

 ANHKISIS ASET & AMEN ASAR: Arch Angelic Ancient Ancestors, anchors and activated actors, avenging avatars = ANGELISIS – ANGELISISTS. a. angel + isis b. anhk + isis + aset and amen + asar.

AFRIASET & AFRICASAR: The two-twin paternal Father and maternal Mother of the baby boy Child Chriyst Horus/Heru Deity or Divinity -C.H.D.+ vs B.C.E or A.C.E.  or B.C. & A.D. before and after.

BOYGIRL Baby born blessed. I’ve imagined and envisioned; Virtual Visual: Chriystisishe = chriyst + isis + she + he. Meaning Christ Is Isis She He or He/She, Him Her. Male & Female, boy and girl, son and daughter. Both offspring takes on the native name of their Maat Mother Maatisisshe. a. maat+isishe

JESUSTICE1: = Judgment + Justice integrated into JESUSTISIS = Jesustisishe CHRIYSTISISHE. Same sexual-sensual symbolic syntax. Stopping Sociopath Sex Slavers sexism – sadism – satanism – samboism selfish – self serving stupid stuffs! Saving sovereign solar sexus souls, subduing sickness, sadness, sorrowful suffering. Safely securing Salvation.

SHEHE: The eye of envy and jealously by Seth: “Egyptian mythology an evil god who murdered his brother Osisis and wounded Osiris’s son Horus. Seth is represented as having the head of an animal with a long pointed snout.”

FEMININITY + MASCULINITY: Makes up holistic humanoids vs half-hybrid-humans. Hetero-one only genetic gender. Synergistic Sexuality sensuality. Better beneficially bio-bodily beings balance!!1+1



Rare Rich  Royal Crown of Glory_A_small


SHEISIS or ISISHE: I’ve imagined, envisioned “Eve” = Event Horizon Humanoids holistic Homorganic organisms origination. Biological body being baby born bluish – blackish – brownish – greenish grassroots grounds gainful growths. Gracefully growing gallantly giving Genesis Genius grandly great gifts galore. Divinely Decreed deep down dark toned tissues. Superficial surface skin shades, sunshine sheen.


Celestial CosmiColoRayz (s): cosmetic coloration complexions, center carbon care creation cradle color.

Nothing – nobody necessarily needed notions of a “God” whatsoever, whosoever one wantonly wished to term this thing. Wrongfully written western-wizardry “White Race” of hybrid-humanoids help is never needed, name, negative notations, Neanderthal Nationalized Neo-Nazis = “Niggers” vs “Niggars” or “Nigas”. Which is where these terminology initiated internally inside Evil enemy entities, Eu-Rope-ans, = evilly evolved early Europeans – Eurasian, exiting Europe & Eurasia! (Ebola engineering eugenicist extremist executioners!)


CREATIVE EVOLUTION: Every element – energy entity, essential essence evolves evidently-eventually-eventfully. +

“Then the Lord God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and the man became a living being.” Is irrational – ridiculous religious rationale!

an heartbutt ass-4anima%20butterfly_4.gif

Butt, what truly occurred was Creative Causation, basically because of SOLARSUN’S Spirit Source Science System, Systemic Sovereign Sciessence Systream! Solemnly serving SHEISIS, successfully saving serenity’s solar sexus souls, Securing sacred sanctuary salvation! 

Atoms Actuality. sunshine = light + water + oxygen-air – atmosphere + earth – soil – material matter x’s spiritual – sensual – sexual substance + substance. Sublimely, silently, subliminally sent signals. Supreme superior superpowers!!!

Leading liars longstanding lies: “Then the Lord God made the rib  He had taken from the man into a woman.” “This one, at last, is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; this one will be called woman, for she was taken from man.”

OK Yawls, “Lord God” has human flesh and bone as a bio-bodily being. According to this allegory, stolen scriptural story. Sounding so satanically sexist – sadist – supremacist, stupid stuffs!

Truly – truthfully told 100%+: Terrestrial things, stuff – sustenance – substance, stardust, particles, plants – spheres, started showing shapes. Atomic activities arranging attributes, accordingly as Artheist Actionary Atum Atom Amen ANKH. (Adam)

Needing no notice of an assume and alleged; “God” man person presence or participation, producing paradise palaces = PARADISIS, period. (“The Garden of Eden”)

“Then God said”, “Let Us make man in Our image.” “So God created man in His own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.”

Howsoever, here again, “God” is not the CREATOR, and cant’t or couldn’t create anything – anybody at all as assumed and alleged. It’s what western world WhitTies wantonly wished would have had happened. So they wrote themselves into our original organic organisms Holistory Heritage Health, him named history!

So self said “White males” has historically hated healthy Humanoid-ians, he’s half-hybrid-human, habitually hostile, hideously hateful, holding humanity-humankind hostages, inside Hades hell holes. (“black-holes”] An adverse adjective added and attached against Aboriginal Africoidians, Afro-African Americans, Afrindians – Amerindians – Afrasians – Afri-Arabians, Am-e-ri-cans and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

CREATIVE EVOLUTIONARY EVENT HORIZONS: is how humans happened habitually. Along with planetary-plants, wild weeds, grasses – grains, animals – birds – fish – foul, mammals, y’all name these creatures, concurrently called Caucasian Caucasoid-ians, cold climate Caucasus cave crawling cannibalistic creatures. correctly called criminally corrupt, crazy CauCrazians. ( I make a distinction between the  unclean, uncured CaucAsians and the completely cleansed – cured Caucasoid citizenry.)

“Then God said, let there be light”: grossly distorts true reality-actuality. In fact what occurred, our optically orbiting, openly-ostensibly obvious ORIGINATOR = ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE1; Officially organized objective originality.

Seriously so solemnly said – seen; SOLARSUN’S Sovereign sunshine showed some serenely supreme – superior sonic superpower = long-lasting leading Lords Love Life Light Locks, longevity-liberty!

IMMACULATE INSEMINATION: Inseminating semen sperm sustenance – substance, sustaining societies. Intentionally impregnating planet Mother Nature Earth, MAATISIS Miss Madam Matriarch. Well within wealthy Womanhood’s Womb, worthy of worship with worldwide witty wisdom!

CONCEIVING CHRIYST CHILD; Son of SUNGODD DEITY, Divine Decreed Disc, Deliberated Domain, delivering, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Dietary dinner delights, delicatessen dishes – delicious desserts! (Inseminated “Immaculate Conception”)

“God separated the light from the darkness”; scriptural sayings sounds so senselessly stupid stuffs! Howsoever something special – spectacular occult occurred, butt, it had nothing at all to do with westerners “White male” cloud floating “God”!

The Conscious Con-science Cosmic CREATOR, created – creative chemistry-climatic currency-cycling circuitry. Causation came consequently due to chemicals, combining and building blocks, arranging atoms in an artistic atmosphere. As Artheist Actionary activities! (not atheists)

YES: As a young boy, I began looking at the portrait pictures, photos – pictures presented inside “The Holy Bible”, Old & New Testaments, bounded under one cover, text.

My mother had ordered – purchase a collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, picture books. Those that I studied on a regular basis during boyhood. As “A Child of God” as she so solemnly said, “God knew who and what you were going to be before you were even born”; Charles. ‘You’re an artiste!… and nobody can draw and paint like you can do it.” Of course I’m paraphrasing her.

Likewise, the biblical stories, picture paintings portraying, “Jesus Christ” ‘Lord & Savior’ “Son of God“, inspired my portraiture. as a professional portrait artist = Authentically Authorized and Appointed Ancient Ancestry and Anointed Artistry, as AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1. Ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians, appearing as an Afro-African American!


ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Africoidian_colorArtostCJD AmeriAfrindian_color_neg image

NATINDIAN: Naturally Native; i was well nourished with Wealthy Womanhood Womb’s witty wisdom of nationalized nutrition. Namely ‘Negro’ or Negroidian. “Colored Boy”, whosoever, what’s up!

Any-o-way, howsoever, I continued to practice painting portrait pictures of persons professionally, performing for approx. about 50 years or so. A small time business brown skinned man! My Master’s Mind Melanin Messiah, mental modes, made me more meaningful.

I learned leadership lessons by teaching myself all that I needed to know. Small steps, strategically staged, successfully setup, all along the way. Tuning and taming – training the truest talents that I had/have. Developing in a creatively evolving manner, incrementally increasing in inventive and innovative inputs. After copycatting the biblical stories and allegories, depicted masterpieces, of Michael Angelo…. and all other great portrait artists, I was well able as an artist my own self. Got good at drawing and painting just about anything and everything, anyone and anybody!

Moreover, I repeatedly read biblical texts, scripts and written words of wisdom with Womanhood worthy of worshiping within. Although always looking closely at objects, persons, individuals – item; initiated intelligent intellectual inquires. Courteously – politely – kindly asking key questions outside of myself to others willing to answer them truthfully, sincerely and honestly. At least to the best of their ability!


BUTT, believe my informing y’all, I didn’t have that much to say, and was very shy, coy and quiet. Silently thinking thoughts to my mind, mastering my mindset. Observations of obviously-ostensibly open to visual-view. Gathering empirically important incoming information. And I’m still gallantly growing and gaining grassroots grounds, right now today talking; thus telling the total truths 100%+!

Basically blowing things up and bringing them back down, increasing their sizes and then reducing them in sizes. Focusing in and focusing out. Small to large to little to big. Looking at all angles, degrees – dimensions, connections, linkages, letters linking long ledger-lines, leading lies – liars!

OK Yawls, having said all that in the above aforementioned paragraphs, I am an avid “Holy Bible” reader, researcher – reporter. Rightly reinstating – reconstituting – restoring – refreshing rational reasoning. RAVEALATION + RAVELATONS, RevelationS revealing RA-RAYZ (s) reverberating – resounding radiant reality. Rendering rare rich royalties, raw resources!

I’ll explain – expound – elaborate: Each and every existing element, equals = energy – entities. Everyone’s essential essence emits elemental, electromagnetic energies. Effectively executing every existence – efforts exerted! Ecology – economy enhanced – elevated – excelled ECOENERGYSTICS1!!!


RaLigion RaVision1_collorRaLision RaVision1_neg image

Positive Proofs, are always presented in portraits and pictures and photos.  Saying something so sanely – sensibly – soundly. Mostly coming out of my Master Mind Melanin Messiah. As I am artistically able to interpret, intercept incoming information, ‘Infinite Intellectual Intelligence’; inclusively, Immediate Immaculate Imagination!

Accurately ascertaining, acknowledging – analyzing all attributes. Yes, the process take time and requires patients, long-suffering sometimes. Make no mistake about it!

Long extended clock hours of studying, seeking, searching inside situations, substances – sustenance.  Surely some things are hidden, deceptively disguised in camouflaged. Concealed and cloaked by conceits, confusions, chaos. Constantly causing combustible civic conflicts cross-country-continental!

Fine filtering, sifting – screening Scripts saying sinister science stupid stuffs, that are out of original-order. Sociopath Satanic Sex Slavers sadism – sexism – samboism – supremacism.  Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, submissively-subserviently supporting systemic System SATAN!!!

YES: If in fact of reality and actuality; “The Lord God” kicked “Adam and Eve”; husband and wife out of “The Garden of Eden”; because they ate an apple, for food forbidden to them, well who’s at fault? Wouldn’t an “Almighty Lord God” have known this before the fact or act?

And after which, Adam had sexual intercourse with his wife Eve, and had a male son who they named Cain. Then later had another son named Abel. Who was murdered, killed by his envious and jealous brother Cain. OK yawls?

Now next, Cain “knew his wife intimately, and she conceived and gave birth to Enoch.” Butt, there this timetable testified to these things taking place, supposed to had happened historically. Only 4 Humanoids existed, according to the biblical text. So then where upon planet Mother Earth Nature, did any others come from? Perhaps out of thin air? Maybe “The Holy Bible” writers are imagining things, miracle making magic? This wife of Cain must have been so skinny as hell and couldn’t visually be seen!

They had sexual intercourse; “Adam knew his wife intimately again, and she gave birth to a son and named him Seth, for [she said] “God has given me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him.” Really? Don’t Us’s & Us’s already know that the name Seth originated as an ancient ancestral Africoidian Aboriginal, Africa, Kemet (KMT) Egypt = KemEgyptian mythology, man made mindset. YES!


Positive Pyramid Power_sm

Stop-Point-Blank-Period: right here! Basically because 2 body beings biologically bared 2 brothers, Cain and Abel. Nobody else. Therefore, no other females existed, according to the timetables of the Scriptural Story, written at; Genesis. So how could any of Adam’s  two sons ever could possibly have had girlfriends or wives? No they did not and couldn’t conceive children = common sensibility!

Oncoming offspring never generated, germinated, growing into earthly procreating people’s planetary populations. The biblical accounts are falsified fakes, fraud in fact lies of leading liars! As it is well written:

New American Standard Bible
“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

King James Bible
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Mother Nature Earth_pic tubeMother Nature Earth_solarized-small

Wealthy Womanhood’s womb witty wisdom is worthy of worshiping wisely worldwide. And manhood has held healthy humans hostages, inside male dominated – deviously devised dirty dealings. He fails to completely comprehend, the natural necessited need for females first family foundations. She’s ISIS, and I identify ISISHE or SHEISIS!!

So some stupid males who witness their inner-innate, indwelling feminine energy, his he-man macho mentality kicks in. And attempts to repress – oppress – depress the woman within himself. She causes him fear and fright to fight and is prejudiced perceived as a threat to his manhood. Not understanding that womanhood resides in every conceived bio-bodily being born, birthed upon planet Earth Mother Madam Matriarch MAATISIS (MAAT) NATURE.

NO, Nothing actually occult occurred, as those terming themselves the “White Race” wrote, butt, something strange seeming, did in fact take place, precedence. So scientific substances – sustenance started the strategic stages and sequences surfacing. I say something Spiritual – Sensual – Sexual.

Love1Sex2Romance3= Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality = Worth Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship + Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes bio balance!! pt1


Mother Africa Earth Nature_GWN_glorifiedMother Africa Eath Nature_globe_K-frame blue

Now next namely “Noah was 500 years old, and he fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth.” Butt by believing in these teachings, thinking they’re totally true, carries criminalizing, cursing consequences. “When mankind began multiplying on the earth and daughters were born to them… the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were beautiful, and they took any they chose as wives for themselves.” (C.S.B.)

The only other obvious possibility, if in truth Adam & Eve ever existed and had two sons, Cain and Abel and Abel was killed by Cain, this living one must have had sexual intercourse with his mother Eve. And she bared a daughter who was Cain’s sister and he had sex with her, having offspring – babies – children. Incestuous insemination of semen spermatozoon!

sper·ma·to·zo·onˌ spərmətəˈzōən,spərˌma-/ noun
BIOLOGY plural noun: spermatozoa 1. the mature motile male sex cell of an animal, by which the ovum is fertilized, typically having a compact head and one or more long flagella for swimming.
“Then God said to Noah, I have decided to end all flesh for the earth is filled with violence, because of them; therefore I’m going to destroy them along with the earth.”
BUTT: i honestly ask y’all, when was the planet earth ever destroyed? surely some bio-bodily beings were destroyed daily as they are today. And after they transition out of physical presences, they leave behind all material matter; whatsoever, it might be?!
Meanwhile, planet Earth remains as is and was, from the beginning timetables to today, as far as any humanity-humankind knows; perhaps, millions – billions – trillions of years?! And the 6000 years biblical history, is a recording of human hatemongers, warmongers, westernized world wizards, warlocks – warlords – werewolves, wicked withcraft WhitTie whip Cracker Caucrazian Captors. Sociopath Satanic Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower sickness syndromes! Snake Serpent System SATAN!
Alleging and assuming: “God’ instructed Noah to built an ark, and enter it with a certain numbers and types of wild animals. And then the flash floods came and inundated inhabitants. Drowning the sinful societies and washing and wiping them away. “Then God spoke  to Noah. Come out of the ark, you, your wife,  your sons, and your sons’  wives with you. Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” Really?
Reality of Fact: there were no biblical Adam & Eve, Noah, Abram-Abraham, Ishmael, Issac, Esau nor Jacob – Joseph – Judah, Ruth, Samuel, no King David, King Solomon, Jeremiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Estha, Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi. OK Yawls?
Mother Africa Earth Nature_neg image

Mother Africa Earth Nature


 Phantom Physics_color 1500Phantom Physics_color neg image 1500



OUR one ferocious flaming fiery Father in the highest holiest heavens hottest HEATXZ. Hallowed helium, hydrogen honored, burning blazing blessings be your name. Your COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts arrives, “Thy Kingdom come” carrying capital cash currencies, coming cultured clean. To Love Thy Self.

Your wealthy will be done upon planet Mother Nature Earth, as it is in holy heaven. Graciously give gifts to We’s & Us’s this day, our divinely decreed dietary daily bread, and faithfully forgive us our dollar debts due, as we do indeed have forgiven our debtors. And let not misleaders, lead us into troubling temptation, but do in deed deliberate and deliver all Aboriginal Africoidians, from evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicists.

For fortunately, Thine truest talents are anointed artworks of The Kingdom, Your proton photon potent power; and the genesis genius gifted glory, forevermore everlasting leading Lords Love Light Light Locks. Amen-Ra!

ALL: “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which ye also are, called in one body, and be ye thankful.”  Solar SUNGODD royally richly rules radiance RAYZ; in our hearts. And Aboriginal Africoidians, are living in Love Peace and Harmony, humanly healthy, hearty. In which y’all are called collectively, in one bio-bodily being, and We’s & Us’s are very thankful.

MAATRIX MASTER1_coloration Maatrix Master1_negative image_color small

THE FATHER DEITRIX Divinely dated – mated – married MOTHER MAATRIX. Establishing dynamic duality and blessedly based balance!!

LOVERENCE: Long lasting leading Lords Love Life Light Locks. ” Strive to enter at the straight gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.” And are locked out due to being bogus bias bigots, blatantly bad bitch-bastards!

Compatible companions, created unequal and opposite polarities pulling partnerships apart and attracting personalities back together. Push and pull, negative – + positive pulsating poles. Calculating circuitry charged currencies, collective cycles, circulating cosmic creativities = calibrating  common causes!



FEMALE FEMININITY + MALE MASCULINITY: Divinely decreed differentiations, dual developments x double DNA & RNA. Identical twins, boy and girl, woman and man. Better beneficially born Biblessed biological bodily beings.

Multi-Melanin-Mix:: Mating – matching – mixing – marrying members. My mastermind messiah mental models. Cosmetic Coloration Complexions; Carmel – cream – cotton candy, coconut, chocolate. Inclusively, Lights + Darks; superficial surface solar sunshine skin sheens; shades. Talented tissue tones – tans – tints. Of optical: blue-blacks, redbones – high yellows, whites and pale pink pigmented persons, + public people’s planetary populations.

FemininiTrixz - Femininity_color FemininiTrixz-Femininity_color neg image

Artistically amalgamated and amiably aggregated admixtures. Afric-Asi-Anglo -Americans. Accrues Africans + Asians + Anglos + Americans. Frequently identified, classified – categorized, as “mixed race”; “biracial”; multiracial, and I’ve invented innate identities indubitably: Radiant RAYZIAL Realities!


HueMainKind + Vivian Queen | Other Files | Arts and Crafts

HueMainKind + Vivian Queen

Direct Link:

YES: Wexz & Usxz, have happily eliminated – exterminated – executed every existence, religious politics of a human – biological bodily being; a “RACE” and replaced this twisted term to tell the total truths 100%+ positively proved proof; RAYZ!

Righteously restoring, reinstating, re-installing, refreshing Rayziality; conforming to reality and artful actuality. Intrinsically embedding the truest vivid vibrating values of our one only orgasmic – organic organisms; Omnipresent; Sapiens Species Specimens + Specified Scientific Sciessence. The Holistory Heritage Health = HueManity = HueMainKind = HueMainRayz!!! []

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is only financially for a rare rich royal resourceful, called and chosen few. Yes our courageous career commission calling cause, coming completely cultured cleansed, consummately cured! Collective communions capital cash currency!


 HueMainityHueMainity_neg image

YES ISIS: SHE’S righteously revenging HER Husband OSIRIS‘ death-demise. Indubitably, GODDESS & GOD!!

Yeah, ASET reacts rightly in retribution against all antagonist adversaries and alien agencies attacking and assaulting ASAR.

AMEN-RA-ALLAH: = amen + ra + allah and a – me – men – a – all. An ancient ancestry and authentically authorized appointed and anointed artistry. Acknowledged ascendant Aboriginal Africoidians; accurately ascertained, and astutely-aptly analyzed affluent attributes!  Associated and affiliated ancient ancestral Afri-Arabs, Afro-Asians, Afri-Arabians, Afro-African-Americans, Afrindians, Afrasians, Amerindinas, Am-e-ri-cans and as I am Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1  JUDGMENT JUSTICE = JESUSTICE1!

AfricAmenRaAllah: Actualizing, accelerating- ascending All Alpha-Alkebulan-AfricAspora and AmericAfricAspora!

RALIGION vs RELIGION: RealiVision’s Ra-Rayz radiance reality vs Reptilian Race renegade rouge  radicalized “racist” regenerating repetitive “racism”. I’m reinstating – restoring Raligiosity! +

MYTHOLIGION: = man made manufactured mindsets, misnomer mistaken mental models. Misleading and misguiding, maiming multimillions more melaninated minority-majority members, mas media marketed “Menticide”! (  Dr. B. Wright)

BLACKOLIGION & WHITEOLIGION: Corresponds with concocted concepts, corruptly Christianize-d. Both bogus beliefs are bad black business, bias, blatantly bigoted bastardized black bitchcraft. welded with westernized world wizardry, warmongers – warlords – werewolves – warlocks WhitTie wicked witchcraft!!!

Fools failing faiths, faulty family foundations, fundamentally flawed first “Founding Fathers” foolery – fakers fraud in fact lies of longstanding leading lost loser liars!

Sons of SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY AMENRAALLAH; = The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification; all around our optical orbiting Global-World-Nations. Our one only Occupyneers organic organisms optimal objectives = ORIGINATORGONE1.!!!


Originat-Org-One_color 1500Originat-Org-One_color neg image 1500

ISISLAMENRAALLAH: = Isis + Islam + Amen + Ra + Allah: The truest tactical terminology: HER Holistory Heritage Health. Hierarchy Highest Holy Heavens, hydrogen x helium = HEATXZ = He + ea + eat + at. Honorably helping heal holistic humanity-humankind. Historical healthy Humanoids Hotep. +

AmenAset And AmenAsar: Goddess & God; Male & Female, Wife & Husband, Mother & Father; Bride & Groom, Lady & Gentleman, Queen & King, Prince & Princess, Matriarch & Patriarch.

ISIS isn’t “Islamic State” and “ISIL” is its intended identity. She is not “Islamic Terrorists” nor “Islamic Extremists”. As the local and major mainstream media, TV & Radio shows say on air obscenely and offensively. Constantly contaminating others Ethnicity, with wicked words that tries to twist the truths, to suit those terming themselves; “White Americans”.  Causing conscientious confusions, chaos and combustible civic conflicts. Colliding and clashing civilizations cross-continental! (Greek)

Mass media mocking – mimicking our originating prehistory’s personal presences. Biological Body Beings The First World HUEMAINRAYZ, of HUEMAINKIND as HUEMAINITY under one HUEMANLAW!!!

Deliberately demeaning – denigrating – degrading ancient ancestral Africa, Kemet-Egypt = KemEgypt. (KMT). Taking it out of its continental contextual contents of correct character. Intentionally insensitive towards Citizens of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions, by commonly called Caucasians, Caucasoid citizenry. Constantly corrupting clean cultured, cured customs. Stealing someone else’s history and writing themselves into it, as if it belongs to those terming themselves: “Whites” of other  origin. I identify as Evil Enemy Ebola Engineering Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans = evilly evolved Europeans and Eurasians, exiting early Europe & Eurasia!!

“ISIL” “Islamic State” shall surely stop “The White Terrorist Dominators” of “Racism White Supremacy” Superiority Superpower Satanic Slavers. Dr. Kamau Kambon, has been talking all about how We’s & Us’s can force them to quit and ceased duping – bribing – brainwashing the minds of millions of melaninated minority-majority members?!

Butt, little that he knows, now is that today testing trials and terrifying tribulations travels throughout the terrestrial – territorial terrains. Nobody else has my perceptions and perspectives, simply because they don’t have my mission, militarized maneuvering mindset. Nor the assignment as an  Arthiest Actionary, appointed and anointed Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

SHEISIS or ISISHE: = She is Isis, and Isis is She so solemnly specified, strictly said. Isis is inventive – innovative, instinctive – intuitive – infinitive. Initiative involving Infinite Intellectual Intelligence, Immediate Immaculate Imagination.

Slavenue = an affectionate attractions and artistic appeal and artful apprehension. An affluent avenue accurately ascertained analysis-analogy, applied approach. Righteously reaping royal rich resourceful revenues.

Isisraella and Isisarllapora, comprises and completely compasses, Africa + Arabia + Asia activated against Anglo-Aryan America and Europe. Those tyrants that incited, inspired,  irrational – irratic Islamic insurgencies, Also financially funded “ISIL” via The  USA & Vatican Pious Popes & Pedophile Priests; purposely playing prejudicial politics. Poisoning + polluting the public people’s planetary populations.


Earth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_smallEarth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_net image small

PARADISIS PRINCESS PEACE, instead of “The Prince of Peace”. Perceptibly-preferably perfected prehistoric presence. Paralleling parameters pertaining to Paradise prior to any such Humanoids, bio-bodily beings, hybrid-humans as mutated melanin-less members. There was no Nationalized named Europe nor Europeans, Commonly called Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. Those transgressors today terming themselves the “White Race”!

Isis, Egyptian Aset or Eset ,  one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for “throne.” Isis was initially an obscure goddess who lacked her own dedicated temples, but she grew in importance as the dynastic age progressed, until she became one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. Her cult subsequently spread throughout the Roman Empire, and Isis was worshipped from England to Afghanistan. She is still revered by pagans today. As mourner, she was a principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life; and as mother, she was a role model for all women. “Isis had strong links with Egyptian kingship, and she was most often represented as a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns on her head. Occasionally she was represented as a scorpion, a bird, a sow, or a cow. There are no references to Isis before the 5th dynasty (2465–2325 bce), but she is mentioned many times in thePyramid Texts (c. 2350–c. 2100 bce), in which she offers assistance to the dead king. Later, as ideas of the afterlife became more democratic, Isis was able to extend her help to all dead Egyptians.”



Neutralizing Negative Nuclear Nations: ISISHE is internalized insurrections, indwelling insurgents. Innately intrinsic insiders. Inclusively, incoming immigrants influx, invading interiors – infrastructures, infiltrating inspirations! Imbuing indigenous inhabitants. Every breath that one inhales She’s some silent substance, sacred sanctuary, sustenance sending subliminal signs, secret sensations. Everywhere, spread out all across America’s Sociopath Satanic Slave States!

Who will “White” wizards, warmongers drop deadly dragon bombs upon now? Themselves? There’re no nations that hasn’t send some soldiers on the sovereign soils of our National Homeland & Safe Security. Hiroshima – Nagasaki Japan suffered severely the atom bomb, beastly barbaric behaviors of Evil Enemy Eu-Rope-ans. Evilly evolved Europeans of early Europe. Expressly, extremist executioners, economic extortioners!

SHEISIS. Saving – Severing Sons of SOLARSUN’S Super-Sonic Solar Sexus Soul. She is strategically scattering – shattering separatists – segregationists – sadists – sexists – satanists – supremacists. Sinking slavers, suppressors slave ships, sinister systemic system SATAN!!!


Eye of SUNGODD_small blk

JUSTICE JUDGMENT – JESUSTICE! Her Holistory Heritage Health, helps heal holistic humanity-humankind. And any attacks and assaults, are backfiring in the psychopathic pearly pink palefaces who has historically been getting away with mass murders of millions of melaninated majority-minority members. Their ‘illusion of inclusion’ devilish demonic delusion, don’t work well anymore and astutely analyzed. Superficial showcasing surface skin color brown, fools nobody in their right minds today. Misleading – misguiding mass marketed media madness!

We’s & Us’s are no longer unwisely waiting on “Jesus” to come. He historically never even ever existed, in realized human art form and as a bio-bodily-being. Butt better beneficially bestowed blessed, is a SHE & HER and not a He or Him!!

Promocracy_colorPromocracy_color neg image

PROMISIS; Is the Promotractic  processes producing + promoting the prophetic Promise of Paradise = Paradisis, A preferred place having no more prejudicial politics played and replaced with; positive-productive Promotics!

PROMISISHE: Says She’s Superior, Sensationally Sublime – Supreme Spirit Source. Wealthy Womanhood’s Worldwide Wisdom, welded with wits, working wage womenfolk, without welfare!

Deceptively dependent upon Manhood. Mentally maimed, malnourished mindset. Male maintained menu meals, methods – modes – models – mechanisms. Menfolk fooling forthright females! Giving her government grants, assistance allowances-aids, food stamps, SNAP, child support paychecks for being an unmarried single parent – mother. Giving them low income housing, apartment projects to raise her children. Forevermore entrapped – enslaved inside the “Welfare State” Slave Statute!



MAATRIX: Maat Mother Matriarch’s militarized mission. Miss madam making mad men meaningless. They’re are the mass media mean monsters. Owned and operated, by those terming themselves the; “White Males”; Caucasian men, who’re also the criminal captors of Citizens of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions; of America’s and Africa’s ascendant ancestry and appointed anointed artistry!

Let’s make no mistakes about all of this, no misnomers, He has to be overthrown, overpowered, if in fact he’s a radicalized religious “racist”?! And approx. amounting about 88% to 90%, are actually asinine ass angry aggressors, Aryan-Angloid-ian Americans, acting as antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Anti-Afro-African Americans, Aboriginal Africoidians….!

Another approx about; 10% to 12%, are surely saved spirits and souls, completely cleansed, cultured – cured CaucAsians, Caucasoid-ian citizenry cross-continental. Never get them confused!



ISIS IS FEMININITY: ISISHE = The first female family foundation, forthright financed funded fortune fortress = $$$, Ferocious flaming fiery flames fighting fearlessly for fulfilled-fledged freedom from foreign forces.

FEMININISIS = FEMININISISTS vs Feminists; Sheisis successfully supports sure stock shares. Safe secure sureties, suddenly stopping sophisticated sexism – sadism – satanism – supremacism. Sociopath Sex Slavers seafaring ships sinks!

YES; We’s & Us’s are learning Lovely Lady’s Linguistics – love life light locks language. Longstanding liberties, longevity’s lifestyles, leisure, linguists – lingual dexterity – diction – definitions Divinely Decreed Discourses. SHE’S teaching tong twisting talented terms, singing sensational songs, symphonic speech sounds – satisfying symbolic-syllabic syntax. Africonics Afribets; accentuation, phonetic – pronunciations positive proofed! Purposely producing pure potency powers = Phantom-Phatom-Physicis!

FEMINISIS – FEMISIS – FEMINISISTS vs Feminists: Framing Feminisisy – Feminisisology – feminisisologists. a. fem-in-isis-y + fem-min-isis; fem-isis, Isis is a fine fit feminine framed-figured female. [practice pronouncing phonetics)

RACISIS – RACISISTS vs “Racists” RACISISM vs “Racism”: Phonetically pronounces:Ra-c-isis or Ray-c-isis or Raw-cisis. Interchangeable interpretations. Racisis rebukes – repudiates – renounces – rejects “Racism White Supremacy” Sociopath Slaver Sexism.

RA-ISIS + RAISIST: = Ray + Isis or Ray + Isis, Ray-Isist or Raw + Isist.  Readings reveal rational reasoning. Rays reverberating, resounding. [gamma rays, solar-rays…..]

RA-RAYZ (S) = Raraysiology or Rarayzology, + Raraysologist.or Rarayzologist.

Ra-Rayzisis or Raraysisis: = Wealthy Womanhood’s witty words with worldwide wisdom.

ASETISIS = Aset + Isis and Asetisist – Asetisistology – Asetisistologist.  And accentuated as; Aset + Isis + ology or ologist.



ISISRAELLA: = Isis _ Israel + la. She-Isis is not synonymous with “ISIL”. Likewise, the adjective color black in not synonymous with Afro-African American. In fact it’s anti-Africa.

What Is an Adjective?

The simplest definition of an adjective is that it is a word that describes or clarifies a noun. Adjectives 

describe nouns by giving some information about an object’s size, shape, age, color, origin or material.


To be continued….>>>>.


 Earth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_smallEarth Mother_CyberSpaceAge_net image small

BIBLESSLY BEHOLD BEAUTY; Old-obsolete outdated objectives, are permanently passed by the wayside; So y’all look and see with crystal clear clarity, I co-create everything and everybody baby born better beneficially bestowed blessed. And I envision a COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts and New World Operational Organizational Order! And it is well written: “Old things are passed away, Behold, I make all things new.” “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.”

YES; In the Biblessed beginning; There was no such sunshine sensual sexual sinning; Nor wicked witchcraft WhitTie warmoners winning._ When Solar SUNGODD DEITY’S SPIRITIOUS Surf: Consecrated the planetary turf; Impregnating Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth: With wealthy Womanhood’s witty wisdom worship worth; Giving Genesis Genius Grandly Great Gracious Gifted Girth: Better bestowed benefit blessings best born baby birth; Love Peace And Harmony HueMain heated Hearth.__ [ref.]

ass-4Buttocks beautyass Asian1

Interestingly enough, we have hosts of Anglo-African Americans, and activists, talking all about us being creative, unique, innovative and inventive. Butt, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, actualizes all Africoidians artistic attributes. Yet some of the very same ones, professing African-centered education, I’ve repeatedly emailed them over a 10 years time period, on various occasions, And they have intentionally ignored my messages!

Basically because, they act completely colorblind, being “too black and too strong” as Mr. Minister Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red said. Refusing to realize and recognize RAYZIAL radiance.

And all of which they proclaim to want and wish for, has already arrived and also arisen. Yet they don’t know it. Sadly slumber sleep walking as zero zombies!

Our Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR, Created our one only Omnipresent Optical Orgon ORIGINATOR, Grand Genius Genesis Great GENERATOR. Divine Decreed Declared Deified DELIBERATOR; Long lasting living leader Lords Love Life Light Locks LIBERATOR; Imminent Infinite Intellectual Intelligence Immaculate Imagination INSULATOR.__


ALL: “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which ye also are, called in one body, and be ye thankful.”  Solar SUNGODD royally richly rules radiance RAYZ; in our hearts. And Aboriginal Africoidians, are living in Love Peace and Harmony, humanly healthy, hearty. In which y’all are called collectively, in one bio-bodily being, and We’s & Us’s are very thankful. [ref.]

YES: My mastermind messiahs, mental models, melaninated membrane members multiplex-Rayzial bio-body, being bestowed better beneficially born blessed. As only one original organic organisms, HueMainkind, and HueMainRayz. “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ” Horus Heart Divinity in oneness. And so is ArtistCHD1 ChriystLikelyen. The Chriyst in me the hope of glory. “The Christ in you the hope of glory.” [ref.] 

“For the body is not one member, but many.” For Aboriginal Africiodians make multimillionaires mixed melanin members. The Lights and The Darks!!

ani butterfly



Next notes…

YES: It is wrongly wickedly written: “IN the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Butt Biblessly, The Cosmic CREATOR, consciously created conscience, the highest holiest heavens and every planetary sphere, and Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth!

“God” is a manmade manufactured myth, bogus bible based belief, requiring hope and foolish faith followers. Never knowing by using one’s own bright brilliant brain. Nor artfully applying common sensibilities seeing serene sun shining solarization = SUNGODD DEITY. (Sure sciences + Sciessence.)

Religiously relied upon without rational reason, logic, practical perceptions and percepts. Their concocted concept called; “God” only exist in their imaginations, misled and misguided mindsets. A He who supposed to also be a Human bio-bodily-being, racist Catholic Christian CauCrazians commonly call, “Jesus” and assumed and alleged “White” male person, CHRIYST!

Fraud in fact lies of leading liars, and the Unconstitutional “Founding Fathers” of lies thereof, heron the USA. It is wisely written: “No man hath seen God at anytime; and the only begotten Son (of SUNGODD); which is in the boson of the Father (DEITY), he had declared Him.”

HueMainity’s Holistory Heritage Health; Whole wide world woven webs wealth._ Happy holistic healing humored humanely healthy; Womanhood’s witty wisdom wealthy._ [Ref.]

Early EARTHUEMAINS; Indigenous Inhabitants of HER Vital-VegePlanTerRains; SHE surely sows seed so soundly sane; A perfect plan upon terrestrial terrains; With well waters of rich royal resource rains; Beauteously birthing bright brilliant brains.__ [ ref.]

“The Quality of Life in Practice” = Afrocentric and Africoidians ancient ancestral attributes. And I’ve place the strongest, staunchest, emphasis, on our originating organic organisms; clean culinary culture + customary cooking cuisines. Absolutely nothing taken away, deducted nor subtracted from these Supremely Superior Superpower Saturated (fat) substances and self-survival sustenance! Surely Solar Sexus Soul Saviors.


Cosmic CreatoRayz: Moving throughout the Spiritious Spaces of Sacred Sanctuaries. The deep dark dimensions, developing domains; of The Blac-Keys (z), and of The BLACKRAYS (Z)

Evolving energies executing existences; ecologies – economies, each and every entity equals = EcoEnergystics!!

Next notes…

NO, nobody, no one is able to unite and or unify all of earthly humanity, through any of these religiosities and politics!! Regardless of how they might be good-willed vs. ill-willed. We all are ordered and commanded to let them go entirely, allow them to go off into our distant past time, to the wastelands and cemetery graveyards!

Every time one evokes their “God” cry, proclaim their “Jesus” openly or to themselves, they also are calling upon; the very same sinister satanic sensations, so self said, summons; SLAVER SATAN!

GODEVIL = Go-Devil Damnations; calling curses to come up our optical – orbiting; Global World Nations, natively, namely naturally and nationally So we wish no longer to be doing these degradedly dumb demonic deeds. Destructive devilishness!

Meaning that the evil one who concocted the criminal concept; “God & Devil”; are ones in the very same Satanists – Sadists – Supremacist Snake Serpents.

CreatoRayz_neg image1

Creative Evolution + Evolutionary Creation; center carbon core celestial cradle. Consisting and containing cosmic chemistries, circulating currents, combustible circuits and condensed cold climatic conditions consolidated.

CosmiColoRays: courageous commission calling cause. Commanding clean cultured citizenries cross-country continentally. Cleansing cultivated culinary crops. Chlorophyll greens gainful growth, grassroots grounds gracious gifts.

Germinating grains, soulfully sown seeds, sacred sprouts spreading, sunflowers springing spiritiously; upward towards the Sovereign SOLARSUN, shining serenely in the crystal blue skies. Summoning sublime sensations, sending some self-salvations.

In the very beginnings, upon Her Vitalized VegePlanTerRain; SHE’s surely sunshine showered. Sharing solarized Vegetation + a Plan + a Plant + a Planter + Terrain + Rain. Yes yielding yummy eateries, colorful culinary crops, vitalizing vegetables, fresh fruits, beauteous berries, seeds and nuts.

THE HUEMAINRAYZ (S); Really raced fast forwards as Racerysts. Running with resounding reverence, realized radiance-rays, Reverberating Rayzial realities. Reaching readily rendered, rare rich royalties, retrieving reciprocal resources, retaining righteous reciprocity. (collectively – commonly called a human race.)

Next notes…

You’re no longer a humble human held hostage; Butt, a happy human held highly honored. A confident character, rare and rich and royal. No need to hold your head down and looking lowly, lonsome – lonely. Holding your head higher, prouder in your endeavor to improve whatsoever, you truly desire. Bowing down before nobody’s ridiculous racist image of a “God”, Lord & Savior, and none ever existing “Jesus”!

Knowing at all times hence forth, you are your inner goddess of godlike energies. As it is written: “The Kingdom of God; is inside you”; The COLOR KINGDOM of SUNGOD’S Heavens Highest Holiness, is within you. Never again bowing and humbling before or in front of no he man-made myth!

“God is a spirit, and they that worship him, must worship him, in spirit and in truth.” Herein, y’all are being totally told the truth 100+; “For ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” This strictly, specifically says that their “Jesus” can’t possibly be “God” and also, nobody can nor could see Him if He truly existed! Therefore; “They worship what they know not what”?!

Butt beauty butterflyButt ass-1butt70

A female never came from a man’s rib; butt, a female and male both came from within wealthy womanhood’s womb. Well and alive!

In fact a bunch of bastard bucking butt buddies wrote their single-sexology; as pedophile popes – pious priests of the Roman Catholic Church Clergy. Commonly called Caucasian males who hated females, womenfolk of European origins. They much more preferred little boys and other males as sexual partners. It was and still is their patriarchal practices, opposing matriarch mating – marrying – matrimony!

Therefore, it is quite understandable with they have built their terrorist thug tyrannical empires, off of oppressing the fine fit feminine female – sex-gender. Demonizing ladies who were smarter than they were, identifying them as being wicked witches practicing “White” witchcrafts! And were often burned at the stack, tar and featured and set to fiery flames!

FINANCED FREEDOM: Young females, teenage girls who want to counter-combat-competitively, sadistic sexism; is to avail themselves of these Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designed, Decisively and diligently delivering the hardest hits and bigger blows back against these evil enemy Eu-Rope-an empires. Slavers subjecting sexualized sensual societies, to their satanic sociopathy! [ ref.]

‘The Lord helps those who help themselves.’ And this truly means that you are the one to set up shop + sales store. The artwork was created for those witty women who will want their innovative independence. She doesn’t have to flat back, open her two legs selling sex to make more money. Also, anyone reading my Story Book Bible Blogs, shall surely learn all about the details on how to do it. It take self-initiative to investigate – inquire and intelligently invest individual interest!

Spiritiously “Study to show thy self approved unto God, (SUNGODD) a workman who needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Tyrants, thugs, tricksters; “Traitors, heady, highmined, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” = (SUNGODD DEI TY) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power of God thereof: from which stay sway.” Walking around all puffed up, acting as if they have helped heal humanity, yet has helped hellishly harm, hatefully hurt Humanoidians and Earthoidians!

“For this sort are they which creeks into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.” Soulless sisters and bogus brothers, creeping all around the inner cities, urban areas, looking for young girls, silly women who wantonly wish to become porno-princess, sex sellout Samboes, lusting for freaking, f….king fun and for financial fortunes. Caught captives by capital cash currencies, and are cute queens with many lackluster desires to make money.

“Black“ Negro nutritionists, devilishly demonic dietitians: “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” About ancient ancestral Africa’s Aboriginal Africoidians culinary customs; Collards1, Mustards2, Turnips3, Greens gifted grassroots grounds gainful growths. Chlorophyll curative, clean cultivated crops. Refusing to positively promote potent plant power, in which, We’s & Us’s down home cooking brothers and soulful sisters, know, is holistically healthy; Solar Sexus Soul Food Foremost First Family Foundation. 

Next notes….

UniverseManDeity | Other Files | Arts and Crafts


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CKNWCA: Purifies politicized pollution poisons. Yet there’s something that only you have to do, by taking the first few baby steps. Nobody else can do this for you. A little effort leads to a lots. They all adds up to equal efficient efforts; energized exercises, executions. Your going through the processes of producing personalized powers, potent possibilities!

It takes a small amount of money to make yourself a whole lots more merchant money. Once started take the next series of small steps strategically. Buy, purchase the artworks, at their lowest price tags as I’ve posted them to cost common capital cash currency.

You’ll have a legal and lawful receipt of purchase, plus+ permission to reproduce my digital designs. Sell them above cost, and make monetary profits, the honest – happy – holistically healthy way. You’re in full controls as an independent individual. Not some fictitious fairy tale told about a “God” and a “Jesus” coming down out of the heavenly skies to do it for you or us. No – m = never – not at all! It can’t ever happen that wrong way. So let’s keep it a Real Live Vision = RealiVisionvs. Religions & Politics!! [ref. ]


YES: “What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?” What do it profit, my brothers and soulful sisters, though a man or woman, he or she has faith, and have not artworks? Can faith save him or her?

“Yea, a man may say , Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” YES: a man or a  woman, may say, They have faith, and ArtistCHD1 have artworks, so show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my artworks.

“Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?” So see how faith wrought with his or her artworks, and artfully applied works was faith made powerfully perfect.

“Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.” Yawl see then how that by anointed artworks, an man or a woman is justified, and not by following foolish faith only..

Next notes…

I AM actually setting sovereign solar sexus souls free first. By breaking those individuals away from the religiosities restricting and restraining their minds. Those Christian Church goers; who are entrapped – entertained – entangled – enslaved. Thus by bad biblical beliefs, and political pollution poisons. Actively arming all those tactically trapped, by tissue terrorizing tricksters, twisted tong thug tyrants. Artfully supplying them with Arthiest Actionaries = AfricArmor [ref. AFRICARMOR ]

We’re no longer living in the mating marriage mode, butt, better Biblessed, lifestyles in the lustrous Love1 Sex2 Romance3 mental models + melanin membrane member mixing methods – media mechanisms. Which does not require so called holy matrimony. Wedlock between females and males, women and men. Only affectionate affairs. Basically because, Leading Lady Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth; has profusely – prolifically – purposely populated the planet with people! So She’s shifting sensibilities, sending some sanely sound summons; Spirit Sensations Sublime.TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime_  mp3

Butt beauty blue jeansbutt50anima%20flower8.gif

SHE shall surely sanitized + safely securely sterilize; females firstly foremost. This has absolutely nothing to do with evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicists!

SEX sells and saves soul mates from marriages that do not work well. When a woman is having loose sexual affairs, promiscuously F…ing around for free fun, then she should also willfully volunteer to be bio-bodily sterilized. So that she can have no premature pregnancies, producing progeny, populating the planet. OK?


 CHAPTERRAIN: = cha + chap + chapter + terrain + rain.

Chap-ter-rain: Chapters contained inside our Biblessed Book Benefit Blog. My mastermind messiah mental models. ChriystLikelyen chapters, color coded contextual character contents. Each one consists of Loverbs and Loverses.(verses) [ref. http://christlikelyen.wordpress.comL]

CREATOR’S Cosmic Cyber-ChriystLikelyenity computerized churchz; competitively counter-combating CauCrazians Christianity!! It’s a criminalizing concoction causing crazy citizenries. Constantly corrupting countries and contagiously contaminating continents!

YES: It is imperative importance that the so self said; “Whties” vs. wicked witchcraft WhitTies. Completely comprehend how they were the first slaves for financial, religious reasons, politicized profits. Early Europeans eventually evolved, evil enemy entities = Eu-Rope-an Romans. Then demonically and devilishly devolved, into degenerates, dysfunctional defect dietary deficiencies!

Consequently, came compelling circumstances; Forces imposing their ill-will upon Caucasians, by criminally corrupt CauCrazians Christianity. So then they have to overcome their own oppressive – repressive – oppressive – suppressive Slavers Supremacy Superiority, Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Stop serving sinister scientists, stealthy sorcerers, surreptitious sake serpents, systemic System SATAN!!!!

For instances: If you have somebody trying to cause a family feud – fussing and fighting over your “mixed race” or multi-Rayzial child of color, check out our Multiplex Melaninated Member Mental Models. Support + sport them around printed on T-shirts, posters, and display digital designs at home in your living spaces. Not necessarily needed at your workplace!

We’re all about unifying and uniting our one only nation and earthly planetary sphere. And all of this other concocted CauCrazian Christian Church – Catholic cathedral crap, just gotta-go!

ChristLikelyen vs Christian = Our original optimal CHRIYST HORUS HEART DIVINITY + Mastermind Melanin Messiah Man Mr. Walter Williams Dr. Sir. + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts Anointed.pt1

Next Notes…..

Certainly children of cosmetic coloration complexions, are often pushed around and bullied by bad believing, bogus behaving black bandits, and WhitTie wicked witchcrafts. Dictating ’demonocracy’ democracy; to them about who and what they are; Negro – Colored – “Black” or “White”!? And the truest, correct answer, is none of the above! Butt, OTHER = No “RACE”!!!

THE TRUE TESTAMENT vs. “The New Testament” & “Old Testament“”!! THE BIBLESSED BOOK vs. “The Good Book”!! THE HIGH HEAVENS HOLY BIBLESS vs. “The Holy Bible”!!

Bible blessings bestowed better beneficially baby born, best beginning births, breaths + books. Small stuff sold simply, safely, securely, sacredly, Spiritiously. Instead of racisms religiously!!

LOVERBS + PROVERBS:= lo + love + verbs.

Love-Verbs: are lovers of the Ultra-ultimate universe. Verily verbally voicing vivid values. They are actually action words, persons, people, individuals, as names – nouns. Lovely words written and orally spoken, verbally voiced.

LOVERSE: Are poems, prose, sacred scripts.

Love-Verse: Cover a complete covenant, concession, conversation; and or “Versation”. Universal understanding, utility of unity. Diverse dialogs – discussions; in Love Peace & Harmony, among Humanoidians. (humans = holistic hues.)


 1. The COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; of SUNGODD DEITY; is inside you. It resides within us, internally innate with wealthy intrinsic values. Our original organic organisms rare rich royalties, real resources; radiance rays reverberating and revolving and resounding. A rich state of a mastermind messiah, melanin media, mental models, allows me and you to go out and make manifested mercy money. It has to start inside the mind, our thinking, thoughts, then they emerges, comes outside.

2. The boldly brave big Blac-Keys to true talents, self-sustaining successes, serving self-salvations. So solemnly selling self. ‘To know they self’ and TO LOVE THY SELF.

3. The world’s wealth of witty womanhood’s wisdom, is well worth worshiping. She sells services that are sacred and Spiritious. Making merchant money more meaningful, manifesting merciful mindsets. Helping heal humans holistically.

4. As we wisely help heal others, and add the truest intrinsic values unto their lives. Giving graciously, and awaiting no immediate returns for our good deeds. Thus truly doing these acts as a righteous results of the Loversity, presiding over our Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls.

5. We’re now today bringing more financial freedom to others freely for friendly fun. Instead of unfriendly, taking their freedoms away from financed fortunes deserving to them.

6. Let us study to show ourselves appropriately approved by our one and only Cosmic CREATOR. As we consciously create clean cultured causes, vivid vibrating values, seeking service to internalized inside self and externalized outside others.

The Eye of SUNGODD DEITY: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” Indubitably, the leading Lords Love Life Light. “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.” Devilishly demonic darkness!

“If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!”; If therefore the lackluster light that is in you be delivered into deep down darkness, how great is that demobilizing darkness. Butt, if your evil eye is turned into an excellent eye; how efficiently you are able to see inside the divinely decreed deliberated darkness.


CKNWCA teaches lessons to be lovably learned, Bravely bestows benefit blessings to be beauteously burned; As economic energies executed and expertly earned. Clean cultivated capital cash currencies correctly concerned.__

How to be happy healthy holistically healed; Wholehearted humor piled and hilled; Benefit blessings baring bankruptcy billed; Kindhearted persons who other humans have they never killed; Making more mercy merchant money mostly milled; Spiritual sensations sublimely sealed.__

Setting secessions seeking sure success; Learning leading lessons lackluster luckless; Producing positive prodigious perfected progress; Pushing prolific products provisional process.__

We’re developing and becoming a different person with permission; On our optimal money making merciful mission._ Eating healthier foods for financial fusion; Clean cultured culinary customs clearing confusion; Correcting conscious chaotic conclusion; Avoiding interruptive interfering intrusion; Internalized infusion; Incipient illusion; Destroying devilishly demonic delusion.__

You’re no longer feeling cheated; This saying is now being reciprocally repeated; Emotionalized energies exists so deep down seated; Making mindsets think that they’re deliberately defeated.__

Seriously seeking success superstars; Breaking back beavers bogus blocking bars; Pyramidal productions perfectionist pairing pars; Creating capital cash currency cars.__

Solar Superstars love to make an impact; Influence things in financed funded fact; Know how to make money they never need to lack; Doing dollar deeds and an advantageous act; Sealing spiritual leaks and financial flack; Helping heal humans who hatefully hack; Computer companies creating corrosive crack; Slinging silly stuff something sinisterly sold slack; Causing clogging congesting clack; Hardening arteries arteriosclerosis plugging plaque; But better benefits bestowed bringing Biblessings back.__

Satanic sinister science solution solving; Devilish demons destructively devolving; Economist entrepreneurs ecologically evolving; Rare rich royalties resonance resolving; Rendering resources righteously revolving; Immaculate imaginations infinite intelligence intellectually involving.__

FINANCED FREEDOM: Young females, teenage girls who want to counter-combat-competitively, sadistic sexism; is to avail themselves of these Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designed, Decisively and diligently delivering the hardest hits and bigger blows back against these evil enemy Eu-Rope-an empires. Slavers subjecting sexualized sensual societies, to their satanic sociopathy! [ ref.]

Racist radicalized renegade rouge Religion Reptilian Race; Devilishly demonic developmental disgrace; Plaguing public people’s planetary place; Fakers fooling faithful followers for fictitious financial face; Making merciless money manufactured merchant mace; Plaque purposely plugging positive productions pace.__

Truly training the talented talking tong; Twisting terms tones tans tints to the teachers throng; Wiser wisdom will withstand wicked witchcraft wrong; Singing Spiritious salvations sacred solo song.__

Militant Muslim monstrous mad man mean Mohammedan minds: Militate against my melanin messiah masterminds; Renegade rouge religiosities reptilians reminds; How they bogusly blatantly blinds_ Slaver stealthy snake serpents satanic swine slimes; Dealing dirty devils dicey dimes; Rock ‘n roll rhythm and rhymes; Touching timbres thus tempos tones talented times.__

Do unto other offending opponents; As if they were original opposite ornaments; No longer needing guilty greedy gluttonous governments; But long lasting lights leading lords locking Lovernments.__

Rare royal richness resourcefully resulting: Ignoring idiotic ignoramuses insidious insulting._ Verily valuing valiant victories; Healing humankind’s hostility hate histories; Making musical magical money miracle mysteries.__

People pay us money for the things that; We’re grandly good at; Gracious gifts gat; The truest talents tat; Mercy merchant money mat; Better blessed benefit bat; The highest holiest heavens hat. Satisfactory self-sustaining success solemnly sat.__

It’s about turning true talents into income:; Fixing the financial problems to optimally overcome._ Wholehearted happiness, cheers and joys; Built right into incoming profitable trained toys; Financial fun funding for gifted girls and boys; No political pressure pretending play ploys.__

Immaculate imagination ignition: Reversing religious restriction; Foolish faith follower fake financial fiction; Namely negating nourishing nutrition; Intelligently installing instinctive intuition.__

Safely security starting some scratch; Blessedly benefited better born bestowed batch; Stop stupid stealing stuff sneaky stole snatch; Healthy housed hens happily hatch; More merciful merchant money meaningful match.__

Proven principality power principles; Divinely decreed discipline disciples._ Arthiest Actionaries are actually amble; Exhibiting experienced expert example; Sacredly Spiritual Sanctuary self-serving sample.__

Wired wisely with wisdom’s wealth; Humanely having holistic health; Stopping stupid snakelike serpent stealth;

Contents of contextual character clash; Could contain capital currency cash; authentic artworks, artifacts, articles attributors ash; Banking bills bad bankruptcy’s bash; Talented tissues to throw through the trailer trash; First family funded founded financial flash; Royal rich resources rarely rash: Developing dollar deals dutifully do dash.__


ChristLikelyen vs Christian =+ The Ancient Ancestry Africa Africoid Authorized Authentic Artistry's Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How by  Son of SUNGOD Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = ChristHorusHeartDivinity = UniverseManDiety via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Mother Matriarch Madam Maat.ChriystLikelyen Jesustian_color

ChriystLikelyen Churcharity vs Christian Church!! 

COSMIC CREATOR’S: Correspondence cognizance co-creating compassionate caring concerns, collective communions, cyber-cosmic creative chemistry. Conclusively churcheerful, churcharish collective citizenry. Courageous commission calling causes, conceptual Chriystory _ Christory = cataloging CHRIST JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!

Correctly called Chriystology – Chrystologist: Sincerely studying subjects strictly – specific story, all about the truest human history – happenings, Adding an allegory as assumed and alleged activities – actualities. Yet never truly occurred until today, manifesting material matter, My Master Mind Melanin Messiah. A self-fulfilling prophecy-prophesy positively projected – perfected! +

 YES:I am revealing and rightly reporting racialists – “racist” religious radicals, whosoever, they might be. I’m on nobody’s side other than the Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How hypnotic human hatred has historical harmed-hurt holistic healthy humanity-humankind!

No matter what they try saying, speak out online over airways, no longer believe them. They cant ever again be totally trusted to tell the truths 100%+. Regardless of how hatemongers; “black talkers” “talk black”; Avoid all stupid sellout Sethian Samboes, Black-jack-ass Uncle Toms trickster tomfoolery. We’s & Us’s are absolutely and definitely not; “blacks”; “black folks”; “black people”; nor any type of “black race”!!! And it is wisely well written with world wisdom: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” Full fledged financial-funded freedoms = $$$

ChriystLikelyen Jesustian._neg image pg


Foolips: Talkative tongs tiptoeing through the tulips; Really ripened ruby rosehips; Having high hills hiking hips; Energetic efforts eternally equips; Divinely decreed deliberated dips; Withstanding wicked witchcraft WhitTie whips; Racists ridiculous regressive rips.__

A categorical caste class citizenry; Restricts realized righteousness registry; Africa’s ancestral ancestry; Appointed anointed authentic artistry; Income inventing innovative industry.__

Search for Dr. Clyde Winter Haplotype groups, says Europeans lies.

Some people are filthy rich; Wealthier than the wicked whitened witch; And blatant bastardized blackened bitch; Having human hostility hateful hitch; Guilty grownup gambling ghetto gangsters glitch; Sellout Samboes sucker stooge spying snitch; Dumb down deep demented dirty ditch; Prejudice persons political ping pong pitch; Inoculating immunizing injected itch.__

The so self said “White Men” who wrote wrongful history; He’s a fraud in fact leading liar as no miracle magic making mystery; His story is not our-story’s Heritage Health Holistory; He’s the faker father of lies herein his hatemongers hoary; Thus to give himself high heavenly holy glory; But the hateful Holy Bibles are all an aged allegory; Vicious violent bloodshed is “The wicked witchcraft WhitTies guilty gory.__ (demonically – devolved “Whites”)

Old-age gray and white warfare worry; Sinister satanic sorcery._ Writing grossly distorted historicity; Prejudicing peoples perspectives producing perplexity; Causing conscious chaotic confusions complexity; The Europeans vs. the Eu-Rope-ans extremity; Eliminated exterminated into extinction’s eternity._

Invidious insidious institutionalized impunity; Injecting incipient inoculations immunizations impurity; Offending opposition on official opportunity; First founded family female fertility; Inverted into involuntary infertility; Involving infidelity; Sexual sins sowing sickened seeds sterility; Perpetrated purposely perpetuated promiscuity; Imposing inordinate insecurity; Reinforcing renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religiosity.__

Terrestrial territorial traveling tribalism; Tissue tormenting torturing terrorism; Capital cash currency corrupting capitalism; Sorry societal seekers sought socialism; Criminal CauCrazians counter-combative communism.__ (commonly called Caucasians)

Humans held hostage hypnosis; Terrorized tissues traumatic thrombosis; Kinetic killer ketosis; Lean lost losers lipolysis; Central carbon core creation cellular cytolysis; Alien agents attacking assaulting Artistolysis; An artistic analytic analysis; Physicians prescribing pain pulls producing paralysis.__

Spiritual Sexual Sensual: An artistic ancient ancestry actual; First family funded foods finance factual; Sinisterly strung societies satanically structural; Extraterrestrial energy entities existing effectual; Evil enemy evils emanating efforts eventual; Villainous vast viral vanity values: Valiant victorious virtues; Volunteers valuable virtual venues:

Lovearned leaders led loyal; Ruling rare rich resources royal;

CK-NWCA positively promotes the beneficial end results; And refrains from making meaningless mindless sarcastic insults; Like they do indeed act as immature adults; CauCrazians capitalistic criminally corrupt cults.__

Let us expect climatic change and prepare for it; Without worrying wit; About having a fist fighting financial fit;

Stop staying stuck stupidly said stubble: In the stagnant state of struggle; And strive to lean lessons on how to jumbo jumping jungle-juggle; Bravely bursting the bogus bias bigoted bouncing bubble; Having holistic happy humorous humble; Staying out of the wicked ways of terrifying trouble; Sorting through the satanic seated stubble; Finding rare royal riches inside some resourceful rubble.__

Compelling circumstances can create conditions; Could change current climatic counter-combative competitions._ Correct crooked corruptions criminalizing constitutions; Congestive citizens civic convolutions._

An artistic applied approach actualized; Raising rational reasoning realized; Vibrating vivid values visualized; More merchant mercy money materialized; Center carbon core creation cradle crystallized.__

Divinely decreed dutiful due diligence; Immaculate imagination’s infinite intelligence; Royal richness resounding reverence; Reverberating realized reference; Internalized intellectual inference; Producing positively positioned preference; Portrayed panoramic picture presence.__

Lusting to love losing money is the grassroots growths to all envious evil; Enmity and strident strife and the deceitful Damned Devil._ Mean mad man’s mentality mostly medieval; All in the mindset manufactured ugly upheaval.__

Repeat this standing still or setting stationary; I am an Arthiest Actionary; Very victorious valiant visionary; Originally out of the ordinary; Truly talented quite creatively contrary; Including my mastermind imaginary; Verbalized voice vibratory vary; And don’t wickedly wary; Worry about things and thoughts spooky and scary.__

Poems purposely programming psychologies; Authentically authorized appropriate apologies; Appointed anointed ancient artifacts archaeologies._ Better beneficially born bestowed blessed body biology; Positive proofed physiology; Artworks actual arising astrology.__

Yes welcome y’all in I’m inviting; You’re being educated as to the true values of our original writing; Key knowledge is experience explicitly exciting; I do what I know inciting; Inspiration without infighting.__

As you feed upon this sovereign solar sexus soul food; Mellowing mastermind melanin mindset meal mood._ Creative concepts calmly cool; Sacred sanctuary Sciessence study school; Profit productions prolific pouring pool; True talents taught teachers testing trainers tool.__

Artworks actually attuned; Advertisements already assumed; Rare rich royal resources righteously resumed; Energy entities expertly exhumed; Talented tones tans tints truthfully tuned.__

Boldly Biblessed are your eyes that sight surely see; Unto the talented timetable tree; Bowing down upon the knowledgeable knee; Of the truth told 100%+ totally free; Seeing how the sacred Spiritist salvation spree; Has the highest holy heavens divinely decreed degree.__


Predatory people’s public populations; Profit producing prison plantations; Priestly popes pedophile perverted propagations; Preacher physicians pharmaceutical pollutions; Poisonous pill pushing pimps prostitutions; Prejudicial politicized prescriptions; Publicly propagandized proliferations.__


Our officiating originating orientations Our optimized orgasmic organic organisms organizations; Our occupiers orbiting oscillations; Our one only Omnipresent Originator’s operations.__


Toxic thought thinking; Slavers sinister satanic slave ship sinking; Stealthy snake serpents slimy skin stinking; Long lizards lies lineage linking; Involving intentional inserts inking; Bright brilliant brains bulbs blinking.__

The truest value in this test training the tongs; Singing some simply soulful songs; Doing developmental decisions deleting ding dongs; Blues bells bumping biblical bongs; Picking precisely precious pretty prongs.__

Ugly unmerciful money makers; Sending souls straight to the undertakers; Financial family funds fakers; Government grownup gangster gatekeepers; Giving gift to the guilty ghetto grim-reapers; Sluts staged striper-streakers; Twilights twinkling talent tweakers; Safe sex secret success seekers.__

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt2


EARTHOIDS – EARTHOIDIANS: = ea + ear + earth

Earthoidians are Earthors of Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth. Biblessings born better bestowed baby birth._ The original orgasmic organic organism occupyneers; Proliferating the planet as prodigious pioneers._

The colorblind misleaders of the bastardized blind bitch; Both brothers and sisters soulless stitch; Foolish faith followers fall fatally into the deep dirty ditch; Wayward with western world WhitTies wicked witch; Hatemonger hostilities human harming hitch;

Authentic Africoidians artful attributes, Are Africa’s blue black brown – redbone high yellow cosmetic complexion constitutes; Internal indigenous inhabiting Indians institutes.__ Rayzial realities really redistribute; Reclaiming riches righteously resolute; Redeeming royalties restitute.__

It is preposterous to think thoughts that tumble; Humans held hostage humble; Getting their mindsets in a jumble; Running realized races that rumble; Buzzing bees beauteously bumble._ Fakers faithfully feeling foolishly feeble; Stuck on stupid stubbornly stood steeple; Pretentious praying predatory people._ Lowly: in spirits that disables; Confidence and courageous character that energy enables.__

A humbled human is held hostage; And never can receive ritual rights of personal passage; Due to the developmental demonic damage; Serving as the satanic slavers savage.__

One has to think tall thoughts to ever arise; And acting all humbly holds one back down by no surprise; Seeking success on every solar sunrise; In the light of love to truly avoid demise._

Dietary demonocracy dictators; Democratic demonic doctors; Dishing devilish deserts destroying donors; Doing destructive deed deserving dishonors._

These trickster thug tyrants; Talk tough while running their rants; Prejudicing persons psychologies against pigs pork pants; And red meat meals ribeye remnants; Profiteer physicians pushing their low fat clunary chants; Silly sarcasm stupid swine saying slants; Claiming cows crazy cants._

But it’s nothing unhealthful in and of themselves; It’s the toxic tissues in lean and fat flesh of ourselves; And stored on stores shoppers shelves._ Yet they neglect to tell the total truths; And analyze their own research studies stating positively proved proofs; Not knowing that the western world wicked witchcraft WhitTie woops; Are guilty as charged corrupted CauCrazians chicken coops; Eu-Rope-an evil enemies freaking fruit loots; Hostile hatemonger hormonal hurting healthy hoops; Poisoning the planet and people with their pharmaceutical pollution poops; Injecting infecting plants green growths grassroots; With their blatantly bogus bias bigoted boots; And treating animals with tissue toxins terrorizing toots; And antibiotics killing humans hollowing help hoots; O-we’re not sorry so excuse us oops; After making mistakes mindless moots; Gluttonous greed guilty gambling grownup goofs.__

Yes a lowest toxic food diet; Is the problem solving solution silently quiet; So stop staying stuck stupidly and bravely buy it; It’s our optimal option opposing some silly shit; Selling somebody something slit; Snake serpents sickness slit; Forked tong tingling toxic tit; Lethal doses bit by bit; Poisoning people in a pressured prison pit; Harming healthy humans hit by hard hit.__

Every time they tell you to eat low-less fat; Now you know how they’re frauds in fact; Trained to think thoughts that._ Are wickedly wrong as a werewolf whack; Constantly consuming CIA sponsored crack; Redbone high yellow brown blue and black; It’s healthy animal flesh, fresh foods brought back; Saving solar sexus souls summoning some slack.__

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt3

“Coconut Oil: This Cooking Oil Is a Powerful Virus-Destroyer and Antibiotic“…“Clearly, a lot of confusion and contradictory evidence exists on the subject of saturated fats, even among health care professionals.”

The original operative word here is “created”; Not something that can be debated; Holistic health habits hideously hated; Because some saturated fats related; Organically occur naturally instated, Internally innately intrinically integrated; While other fakers false fad fats fated; Are artificially activated; Mad mankind manipulated; Into a satanic saturated state slated; Through the mad man-made mated; Poisoning process plaque produce plated; Cancerous concoction called hydrogenated.__

Consume clean cultured coconut oils; Culinary customary curing coil; Saturated fats faithfully foils; Bad business bigotry’s boils; Taming tissue toxins tormenting torturing toils; Saving soulful seeds sown sacred soils.__

There’s no successful such thing to their dietary discovery; And as a satanic system’s salvation so savory; Nor righteous remedying recovery;

The fraud in fact leading liars; Puling people apart using political pliers; Flying false flag fliers; Commonly called Caucasian capitalist colonialist criers; Devilish demonic draining driers; Sucking the living blood out of the blinded buyers.__

Strategically simple sensible soundly sane; We don’t say the senseless same; Needing no college degrees just to name; The Eu-Rope-Anglo Americans who’re solely to blame; For injecting intoxicants inside grown grassroots grain; All across Her healthy vital VegePlanTerRain.__

Vibrant veins victorious valor; Very vivid vibrating vascular; Cleansing chlorophyll curatives cellular; Saving surface skin sheens sunshine solar; Sacred spiritual sayings spoken spectacular; Climatic charged changes circuits circular; Polarities paring pretty particular; College class called curricular; Rare rich royalties realized regular.__

Your body sends success synergy; “Medium-chain fatty acids directly to your liver to use as energy“; Fighting the devils demonic diabetes; Better benefit blessings than carbohydrates with Wheaties._ This makes coconut oil a powerful sacred source; Of instant energy to your body for fortifying fearless force; Rightly regimented reciprocal recourse._ “A function usually served in the diet by simple carbohydrates”; A wrongful way wickedly waits; Mostly making meaningless mindless mistakes: By removing spiritualizing saturated states: First founded family fats fortuitous financial fates.__

Cultured correctly clean: “Coconut oil does not produce an insulin spike in your bloodstream”; Yet it acts on your body like a carbohydrate curative cream; Without any of the debilitating things that devilishly demean; The Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Sciessence Systream.__

Surely Satanist surgeons; Selling surgeries on high held horizons._ He hate holistic heart health hereon; Thus to try terrorist tissues testing thereon._ The operation timetables; Faulty findings fundamental fraudulent fat fables; Knowing that this tactic truly disable; Patients who would otherwise be very able; To really read the small printed label; Fruitful fats saturates cells and soulfully stable.__

Fats saturation stabilizes weight gain; So bravely now use your bright brilliant brain; Pure produced product value vainvein; Cancer cells carrier crane; No longer can cause stressing system’s strain.__

“Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S”A; So listen up closely to what I’m about to say._ “And heart disease is often a silent killer”; And we’re not talking about “The Thriller ‘n Manila”._“ The first sign of cardiovascular disease”; Just watch out pretty please; “Is commonly a heart attack”; No material matter if one is blue – brown -red-yellow-pink – white or black; “And sadly, over one-third of heart attacks are fatal”; So did y’all read the leading liars label?__

“And despite the propaganda”; Saturated fats stupid slander; The total told truth is this; So pay strict attention I do indeed insist._ “It is UNSATURATED fats that are primarily involved in heart disease; Not the naturally occurring saturated fats” that demonically deceive; And as you have been misled to religiously believe.__

Personalized powerful plus+; The polyunsaturated fats is a tissue toxins thus._ Inside violated vegetable and seed oils; “Encourage the formation of blood clots” coils._ “By increasing platelet stickiness” Coconut oil helps to promote normal platelet function” foundational fitness.___

Let us stay strong in the Lords Love Life Light; And in the potent powers of SUNGODD’S Might; Divinely decreed Deity’s deliberated delight; Day and night; blue black and white.__

Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!

Biblessing bright brilliant brains; Cholesterol cell connection contains; Concentrated cleansing curing carrying cranes; Certainly customary cultural culinary chains.__

We’re no longer listening to the USA; Nor any alien agency as the FDA; Suck sociopath Satanists of the CIA; Have sadly said to stealthily sway; Sinister science in a wicked way; Basef bogusly on what the Federal & State Government say; Mass murdering manslaughter as they may; Doing so indeed causing deaths today; While worshipers bow down on their naïve knees to pray.__

Rightly raising ratio-rates; Fast fat foods fortunate fates; Saturated soulful sacred states; Spiritualized solving solution slates; Conquering counter combative carbohydrates.__ Dissolving disturbing disrupting debates; Placing pure potent powerfully pilled plates; First foods fats then meat protein pates; Dietary dishes deserve delightful dear dates.__

NOTE: I’m strictly, specifically talking all about eating or consuming a higher ratio-rate of saturated fats, than fleshly meat proteins, fruits – vegetables – grains – starches – carbohydrates. Not needing to try and count calories quantitatively in number amounts. Only carb counts, being at the lowest end of our optimal food chain, customary culinary connection. Cellular cure!

Moreover likewise, constantly keeping the stabilizing saturated fats dominate and completely controlling cellular cholesterol compositions – circulations. Reinstalling, reinstating + restoring intrinsic-innate vitality values and native-natural nutrient nourishments. Inciting immunizations, inspiriting immunities!

Lazy low-fat, high-carbohydrate dietary death; Raping and robbing humans health; Withholding witty womanhood’s wisdom wealth; Stealing sacred souls through surreptitious stealth.__

CHRIYSTLIKELYEN CHOLESTEROL: Chriyst + Like x Cholesterol.

Christology – Chriystiology: LDL “particle test”; Low Density Lipoprotein little lest; Up to date dietary digest; The body makes triglycerides out of carbohydrates contest; While cholesterol stays at its healthiest; Human healing highest; HDL internalized interest: High Density Lipoprotein hest; It’s the little cotton balls doing damages do detest; And the big balls better beneficially bless best; Rightly restrict sugar-syrups and fructose fatality fest; Cancer causing clogging congestive cardiac contest; Alien agents antagonist adversarial arrhythmias arrest.__

Low fat demonic diets doing destructive damages; Mean monsters madly manages; Blatantly bogus bias bigoted bloody body bandages; Addicting adverse alien agent adages; Artworks arriving availing advantages.__

“The higher your (ChriystLikelyen) cholesterol is the longer you live”; Increase your truer values to share and to graciously give._ It make vitamin-D inside the skin; So how could cholesterol cause such satanic sin; Having nothing to do with heart disease devils den.__

Blatantly bad predictor; Profiteering physician prescription pill pimping predator; Pedophile priestly pope preaching pastor; Violating very vitalizing vitamins valor; Voluntary vibrating valiant victor; Sovereign solar sexus soul savior; Fresh fragrant fruits free flowing flavor.__

Research ref.;

‘Inflammation is the cause of hardening of the arteries’; Allowing alien agent attacks and assaults against Artistries; Antagonist adversaries; Are anti-Africa’s ancient ancestries; Africoidian Arthiest Actionaries.__

SUGARAPEROBBERS: = sugar + rape + robbers = suga-rape-robbers.

They are sugary substances, starches that rapes and robs the bio-bodily being, of human health, healing, happiness, holistic humor.

Sugaraperobbers; Severely surges satanic sugars._ Highly hard hitting healthy hearts; Causing cellular calcified clogging clotting congesting carts; Affecting actualized artillery artery arts; Particles plaguing plugging parts; Delivering damaging dangerous demon darts.__

“The side effects of statin drugs are enormous”; They cause diabetes development de-monstrous; Raping robbers ripping off CoQ10 genesis genius; I’m talking truly about just us thus._ Inducing inoculated ingested injustice; Jukebox jingling jumbling juggles jokers justice;_

Making melaninated membrane members mothers mad; Sourly soar simply so sad; Producing plaguing plaques plugging plaid; Poisonous pills planetary pollutions pad; Fakers food fools faithful followers fad; Dealing dirty dusty doings damaging dad; Holistic health healing happily had; Going grassroots green garden growths gratefully glad.__

It’s the CauCrazian criminal crooks; Capitalist crazy citizens conceited consciously cooks; Cancer causing concocted colonial crooks; Well written in their biblical books; Human health habits having hurtful harmful hooks; Liars leading literary language literally lackluster looks.__

Freeing first founded family foods from free-radicals; Religious renegade rouge reptilian race receptacles; Sinister sciences sinful satanic spectacles; Viral vegetations vein violating variables; Offending oils ominous organic oracles; Terrorizing tormenting torturing two-twin testicles.__

Chriysteroidicals = Cholesteroidicals; Devilishly damaged by criminal chemicals; Roaming raping robbing raiding racist radicals; Timetable terrestrial tissue taking tentacles; After authentic artwork articles.__ (atheriosclerosis and arteriosclerosis)

“High blood pressure is simply a mineral deficiency disease!”

‘ When you supplement with minerals it goes away, and if you don’t it stays…’ ‘ Hypertension, high blood pressure medications can treat the surface symptoms and lower it, but not treat the systemic cause of the condition. “Raise the blood protein up” and you no longer swell up in the joints, muscles, etc. That’s why when we eat salt, such swellings occur and sodium-salts has nothing to do with hypertension or high blood pressure, in and of itself. There’re extenuating existing elements evolving! “High blood pressure is not genetic.”

Double doses of safe secure sea salt; Even iodized table salt that you’ve bought; Not the dietician dictator doctors devolved doses doubt; Conforming to ChriystLikelyens collective curative clout; Bright brilliant brains bravely bought; Cleansing collards chlorophyll and cholesterol clearly caught; Rare rich royal resources remedying route; Studs standing staunchly strong studiously stout.__

Opening our cells receptors; Inviting insulin in inceptors; Acting against asinine ass actors; Bringing into bio-bodily being benefactors._ Manmade manufactured minerals missing; Mishaps hatefully hissing; Kindhearted kids kindly kissing.__

Necessitated nutrient nourishment needs; Deterring dietary defective devilish deeds; Potent plant power politely pleads; Planetary public people pray pretty please; Dismissing dysfunction deficiency disease; Eating energized entities expertly ease; Truthful teaching testing treating tissue training tease.__

Vital vitamin-B1; Stops and solves saves some: Congestive heart failures from; Happening to humans who wittingly won; Over the cardiac arresting gun; No need to transplant this muscle under the solar system’s sun; Heart surgeries shall surely soon be shun; Stopping sinister scientists stinking slum._

All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa: Ascendant Africoidia and Afrindica; Were the first humans to practice medicine before China; Tens of thousands of years before any India; And there was no existence of an Asia; Nor an aftermath Eurasia via Europia.__ AmeriAfrindians do not have amnesia; Nor need to take anesthesia; And are acting against Anglo-America; Developing demonized dietary deficiency dementia; Generating grotesque genitalia.__

African Americans add ashes; From our Barbeque pits and burnt trashes; Customary cookout campfire flashes._ Woodstoves and burning fireplaces; Having nothing to do with races; But only the mined mineral traces; Touching all vitamins vitalizing bases.__


Fat functioning cells, sort of think, act accordingly on their own; no material matter what or how much one eats or don’t eat. What is the cause of obesity in this strict specific sense, is that fat cells operates organically, from within themselves causing adiposity or weight gains. A mind of their own so to speak. Not necessarily overeating!

Cannibalized cellulose, feeding off of the meat tissues of the human to support its fatness food foundation. An atrophy like thing occurring eating away at lean muscle mass. This is no physics; but, they’re bodily biology.

Sometimes a person’s musculature tends to waste away. Loose size, strength, stemma, endurance. Seemingly loose weight, yet it’s lost muscle mass and gained fat. The key question is why? What regulate fat cells? Triglycerides?

Insulin puts fat in, it regulates fat productions. Hormonal regulation. Lower the incoming insulin and this lowers fat cells – sizes. We secret insulin in response to the carbohydrates in our daily diets. “It’s not a caloric issue” nor tissue. The better benefit blessed way to support our energy requirements, daily needs, is to substitute carbohydrates, for fats, saturated + essential fatty acids, expressly Omega-3. Courageously counter-combating competitive carbohydrates, high blood sugar-glucose!

Howsoever, the incorrect CauCrazians called the correct Caucasians, mass murderers, for expressing their findings about dietary – clinical – medical methods. These were and still are politicized projections; presently posing problems. The negative name callers, mass media monsters, medicinal murderers, are the exact same ones, causing clinical cancers, combustible civic conflicts, conscious confusions and criminalizing chaos cross-country!

The WhitTie wicked witchcraft western world; wantonly wished to make Sugar Superiorly Superpower Supreme! The same Satanic source sending sinister sickness syndromes, slaving societies. They striped the native-natural saturated fats, away from our original organic organisms diets. And preprogrammed people, Americanized Africoidians, African Americans, to change culinary customs, curative cuisines – correct cooking. Systemically, systematically slandering, sure secure safe saviors, = Solar Sexus Soul Food First Family Foundation.

So silly self-serving sucker stooge sellout Samboes, sought slander, sarcastic speakers, to discourage others of Africa’s ascent. Thus to shift sensibility, sanity, soundness into insanity and unsoundness. Expressly, entertaining Eu-Rope-ans viral Vegan and Vegetarian vitality violations = vicious villains!!

Enhanced – Elevated glucose-sugared carbohydrates causes cellular cancers, corrosions, criminalities, contaminating cultural contagions; conscientious corruptions citywide, countywide, countrywide!

Fortunately, freely for We’s & Us’s; approx. about 10% to 12% are our Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Men & Women. Help heal humanity, Human Holistory Health Heritage; Hotep.

On the other hand; approx. about 88% to 90% are bad behaving barbaric beasts. Those who wantonly wished with WhitTie witchcraft wicked ways. And bogusly buy into the Satanist system, for financial fortunes, politicized profit payoff, sumptuous salaries, subjecting slave servitudes, to build their national Constitutions and colonialist capitalist corporatist countries. Consequently coming, categorical class collisions, combustible civic conflicts, concurrent capital cash currency collapse, catastrophic calamities!

The eat less and exercise more: Is a bunch of crap caloric core; And shall surely be shut out of the dietary door; “The law of thermodynamics” terrorizing tissues tore; Freely flowing fat foundational floor;

Biochemical behaviors; caused and or produced, – generated by our environment. So then humanoidians have to fix, correct their environment. Government policy practices produced public problems, pollutions, planetary poisons. And are never going to solve them, it is not profitable in their monetary monster mindsets.

Toxic reaction in our bodies. The mitochondria is overloaded with fructose, sugar. = SUGARROGANCE – SUGARROGANT!! Equals = Sugar + Arrogant + ant. Yes we’re just like sweet sugar ants!


It’s more than just simple sugars, it’s more complex than that.

Glucose is energy of or for life, it is not sweet. Fructose is sweet = sugar equally bad!

No matter how many fruits and vegetables one eats, they will not fix the dietary problem

Glucose is good and fructose is bad in table sugar. And we are to reduce and or eliminate it. Sucrose and fructose are actually the exact same sugars. Both blatantly bad, pollution poisons! It has nothing to do with the so said empty calories. They are potent poisons in and of themselves! A danger demonic disaster!

“Pure white and deadly” devils; Sugarrogance sucrose survivals; But humans need low triglycerides and high density lipoprotein levels

The tissue terrorizing tyrannical thugs; Bogusly bad bigoted bugs;

Purposely took the food fats and fibers; Out of our organic organism original

Glycogen is stored by the liver created by genesis gifted glucose;

Nontoxic to tender tissues

Genesis gifted glucose; Sinister satanic sugar sucrose; Fiendish faker fructose; Devil damned dietary dose; Cancer causing concoctions combustible close._ And also evil enemy entity ethanol; is sugar in alcohol; Predatory pirates pretentious protocol.__

A calorie is not a calorie!” ‘It’s not what you eat; but what you do with what you eat!” “Metabolic Syndrome” is the problem, not obesity.

Start small self-sustaining systems; Grass clippings weeds leaves twigs and stems._ Lazy citizens certainly can learn lessons on how to sow seed and swim; Over powering that in which is gory grim; Serving self-survival very slim; Baking boiling broiling Biblessings beneficial brim.__

[NOTES; Leptin cuts off the appetite, hunger…]

Carbohydrates citizenry chemical controls; Sweet savory sugary substances sold sickening souls; Raping robbing raiding rollsroles; Boasting big bullying belly bowls; People’s planetary population pollspoles; Dead diets doing demonic damaging doles;

Devolved dementia deliberately demeans;

It has been intentionally induce ignorance, to cause citizens of “all Black” ideologies, to think thoughts in terms of being at the very bottom of everything economic. It’s internalized inside their molded mindsets, to religious believe that African Americans, are at the baseline bottom of the totem pole, political party platforms. Taught that ever time something negative happens, it supposedly, has to hurt us more than others, esp. “Whites”.

PSEUDO-SCIENCE: Psychologically preprogrammed, with problem producing Psychogens, pathogens. Prejudicing persons perspectives on what – who – where – why they truly are actually. Vicously viral villains, violent MENTAL VIRONS = “mind viruses” Ref.

What I’m simply saying, is that Africans in America, and as Africoidians – Afrindans – AmeriAfrindians, are advantageously standing on solidified stable soulful soils; green grassroots grounds – beauteous browns. And as the Satanic Slavers seafaring slave ships sink; so does everybody else, who’re riding upon their Satanist sails + sales sickness syndromes, socialized sinister system.

Consequently, CauCrazians commonly called colonialist – corporatist – capitalist Caucasians, Caucasoidian corrupted criminals-crooks, comes crashing cross-country. Continental capital cash collapse, into a culminating catastrophic calamity!

Thereby, leaving those of Africa’s ascension, arising and awaking and availing adventurously and advantageously. Upon the tip-top turf of planetary sphere Mother Earth. And above, all of those Eu-Rope-an evil enemies, energy entitles – enmities; who’re; underground, inside the earth, beneath the dirt, taken out by the undertaker!

Level landing, leads to truer understanding; But misleaders are over demanding; Instead of consciously commanding; That it is harmfully hurtful handing: Constantly counter-combative by blatantly “Black” branding: When we’re in fact of reality bio-bodily-being Brown banding: Meaning melaninated membrane members manding; Are Africoidians still staunchly strong standing.__

Next notes…

YES: Something seems to be missing, always not enough enlightenments – entertainments and enjoyments. No sure satisfaction in sight, yet people persist to keep on looking for fulfillments and fun freely flowing. So they go off into a wonder world of make believe and fancy fantasy fairy tale land. Changing the contextual contents of their childhood characters, away from grownups adulthood. none can openly smile – giggle and laugh out loud at just about anything and anywhere and anyplace!

Surely it’s a short staying superficial smile, surface fakery and foolish feelings that’s temporary and is gone in a small matter of time. The unnatural high slips away and we need another high hydrogen hard hit of helium, Hades hell heaping helping!

As humans senses that something seriously is wrong with our/their societies, social settings, they expect things to get much worse, instead of becoming beter, yet don’t really know why? Ominous feelings causing anxiety, or anxious awareness about anything. Suspecting something sinister to happen, butt, they simply just don’t know what – when – why – where?

Uneasiness, no one is able to get completely comfortable, leisurely lazy and really relaxed. And pharmaceutical prescription pill poppers, takes even heavier drug doses, in hopes of over-medicating themselves into a higher happiness. Feeling less or no more pains and sufferings!

No antidepressants are working well within the bio-bodily beings. As people pushing on forwards, seeking and searching for the correct chemical combinations – commercialized concoctions, to unlock the closed doors of The DEVIL’S demonic depression – repression – oppression – suppression!!!

I say that they are held human hostages, in a recalcitrant regressive Religious restrictive – restraining reality. The American atmosphere is all about mind controls of our overall; commercialized vs. civilized, conscious citizenry country-wide WhitTie wicked witchcrafts!

Mytholigion_color Mytholigion_color neg image

MYTHOLISION:Humankind is in a revolving – recycling manmade manufactured mythological Matrix. Struggling and striving to get; back, into our originating orgasmic organic organisms; Mother Madam Matriarch MAATRIX!

There’s an unseen invisible barrier blocking off our paved pattern pathways to prolonged pleasures – peace and holistic human happiness. It would seen that those having lovely looking ladies, girlfriends, beautiful wives, yet those men are actually unhappy and dissatisfied – discontented with women. Many think that they would rather had another male mate and matrimonial marriage!

Likewise, all of the purchased, paid for and own materialistic merchandise, is meaningless, and useless, without uplifting cheer and joy. Everything and everybody around us seems to be the living dead, walking zero zombies. Lifeless sleep walkers, still seeking – searching for the true: Lords Love Life Light Locks + Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior = Sacred Spritious Salvation!

There’s an unseen invisible barrier blocking off our paved pattern pathways to prolonged pleasures – peace and holistic human happiness. It would seen that those having lovely looking ladies, girlfriends, beautiful wives, yet those men are actually unhappy and dissatisfied – discontented with women. Many think that they would rather had another male mate and matrimonial marriage!

Likewise, all of the purchased, paid for and own materialistic merchandise, is meaningless, and useless, without uplifting cheer and joy. Everything and everybody around us seems to be the living dead, walking zero zombies. Lifeless sleep walkers, still seeking – searching for the true: Lords Love Life Light Locks + Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior = Sacred Spritious Salvation!

The reality of life says some situations can’t be changed to suit someone’s tastes, wants – wishes – desires. Relationships falls fatally apart, separations and bitter divorces, where the deepest: Love1 Sex2 Romance3, disappears and vanishes into nothingness! [ref.]

This penetrating pain haunts – hurts – harms healthy humanity. Sucking out sanity leaving internalized insanity and inhales inhumanity. Ferocious frustrations frequents feelings, finding faith following fools for fresher foods. Yes eating every energetic efforts, like viciously violent vampires, sucking life’s blood out of bio-body-beings. Nutritional nourishments are needed, yet there’re none, thus, to buy on grocery store shelves, supermarkets. Robber Barons raped and raided all righteousness, royalties, riches, remedying resources!

Next note…

The USA as Anglo-America; is all about the so self said: ‘White male and White female, White woman and White man, White boy and White Girl’; meets, mating and marrying each other. They’re both featured first and foremost in the TV & Theatre Movie Shows.

Caucasians controls celebrated Hollywood picture productions, publications portrayed. And it doesn’t even seem to matter if they find and meet each other on the moon, Mars or on some remote fictitious planet. In a war zone and destructive disaster, they fall in love –  emotionally embrace; hug and kiss and have sex and romance. It’s always about THEM. Nobody else’s ethnicity, ‘Racal group’ is the main filmed feature!

Although, in the realized and actualized world, THEIR, supposed to be; “Lilly White”; skin, can’t save them from facing finalizing fatalities. Their injurious germs and bad bacteria, infects others – outsiders, nonwhites, sometimes even worse. That’s of course until We’s & Us’s build up our innate immunities, and self-defenses against antagonist adversaries, alien agencies of angry Anglo-American asinine asses!

Now today people of color cosmetic complexions, have been overexposed, to evil enemy energy entities = existing Eu-Rope-ans. Presently in a self-survival mode, militarized mindset. Meanwhile “Whites” are still playing colorblind, acting as if they don’t see RAYZIAL color of others skin. Living in their dream world wonderland, on a staged movie set going by a script. Prejudicial preprogramming!

Have you ever been with a girlfriend, date or mate, yet felt alone all by yourself? As if she simply wasn’t the one your heart had happily held in mind? Not a bad looking lady at all; butt, you couldn’t feel, Spiritually sense her fine female fragrance and femininity? The inner longing for someone else, somewhere upon planet Earth or outer space in the vast universe? She’s surely your SOULMATE!

Your food tastes bad, bitterly backbiting. The purified bottled water you buy at a higher cost than tap water, is never thirst quenching. Hungrier and thirstier sensations start setting in. They you discover that this thing is not only happening to you and your sexual-sensual relationships; butt, is occurring on a widespread practice and pervasive pattern. And on a flagrant far-reaching basis. As if multimillions of others are on the exact same vibration frequency and wicked witch wavelength. And you’re right!

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings Balance!! pt4



“Ketogenic Diet“: High fat foods and lowest in carbohydrates: And the Key-Tonetic and Keytonegenic; is similar, yet differentiated and distinctly diverse. Deliverance Divine Diet, is declared deliberated, Decreed Deified!

Beauteously Biblessed “Benign Dietary Ketosis”; Long living leading lords love life light locks Lipolysis; An ancient ancestral Africa’s Arthiest Actionary analysis; Grandly great generational genius genesis; When Wexz & Usxz ate animals flesh blood bone marrow synthesis; True tissue tones – tans – tints teaching thesis._

Key-to-ne-gen-ic = Key-tones:= key + to + ton + tones + on + ones x genes – genetics – genesis – generations.

Blac-KeyTonegenics + Blac-Keytonetics; They’re of The Blac-Keys via The BlackRayz. They’re the only Orgon-Omnipresent Ones, original opioids, orgasmic organisms optimal option. In trying times, terrestrial testing, territorial trails and tribulations; meats of diverse animals are actually what Humanoidians had healthily handy. Saved-stored oils – greases – fats for foods. Insects-weevils and reptiles would never invade, and eat these saturated survival substances, self-saving substances.

Grains were only agricultural crops tens of thousands of years, in the aftermath, of civilized citizens. Who began to cultivate wild weeds, grasses and sow seeds. Africoidian females mostly discovered, domesticated, developed the habit of harvesting; grassroots grounds grains, seeds and nuts. And the African males of antiquity, were the wild animal hunters, meat and fresh flesh and fish finders. She baked breads, cakes, cookies, candies, culinary cooking customs, cleanly cultivated crops. Farming + ranching!

Therefore, no such sickness, sociopath societies, psychopath persons, ever existed. Native-natural nourishing nutrients, needed no refinements, processing to rape, rob resource richness, fibers from the vegetations and animal meats, flesh and blood, bone and marrow!

Yes, it is a mandated must, that the foods eaten at meals, biochemical based benefits, biologically bodily born, basically by being bestowed better, blessed best!

Truly this test takes time to transform thoughts, teach talents + train total truth telling thinking 100%+. Old outdated obsolete objectionable opponents, obscene offenders, officially ousted – out!


INSULINEATEINSULINEATION: = in + insulin + line + neat + ea + eat + at + ion + on.

Insulineation: = In-su-lin-e-a-tion: = insulin + lineation. Meaning methods of bio-balancing the levels of insulin. So it stops short of overreacting, producing too much of this human hormone. In turn stop storing the excess adipose accumulation in tissues, and of fat cells, high tides of triglyceride!

Timely testing, thus truthfully treating tissue toxins, the concocted cause of corrupted cells = cursed cellular conditions. Biochemical criminals!



Car=bo-hypo-the-sis – Car=bo-hyper-the-sis: = ca + car x carbon + the + he + sis: States that excess culinary carbohydrates, causing cellular corrosions, corruptions, cancers, contaminations, contagions. Catastrophic cellular conditions! Hypertension, hyper-headaches; due to Carbo-Hyper-Thesis. And such sinister situations, skin – soul sickness is stopped, stabilized, then destructively destroyed. Reversing racialist radicals roaming rouge renegades! Resulting returns, refreshing, restoring righteousness, culminating Carbo-Hypo-Thesis!

“We have to find out what causes the energy imbalance”; Food sources eaten in; and food sources expelled out. Why do we gain fat body weight? Input vs. Output!! Do by eating more calories count to cause overweight-obesity? Does a lack of or less amount of exercise allows adiposity? Do “The Law of Thermodynamics” actually apply, always? Have we been taught, thus trained to think thoughts the untrue, wrong ways?

Lets say that ‘obesity is having to much stored fat’; No bias or prejudice or prejudgments. “What regulates fat accumulation?”

‘Overeating and inactivity are compensative reactions and not causes!’ ‘We don’t get fat because of over eating, but because our fat cells are accumulating far too much fat!’

Counter-combating competitor candied cells, candy calories causing calamities. Y’all see with crystal clear clarity, the sweet sugary substances, surreptitiously serve satanic sources. Sticky substances, slug, slop stoppages, of our circulatory Sciessence Systream. The blood veins, arteries, synaptic nerves connections, clogs, calcifications, becomes cardiac congestion.

Fortunately, first family food foundational fats, fearlessly floods fluids, forcing fast flowing fuels. Pushing pollution poisons; that are plugging people’s pulmonary pathways, clotting corollary circuits, are pushed and pulled post partisan; outside of orderly operations.

Healthy humanity; hostilely held hostages; by unhealthy inhumane hybrid humans = inhumanity hate! This means that humankind is turned in against themselves. Slavers seek some slaves! Subservient subjects, submissive societies. So sadly said; some senseless, sucker stooges, sycophant sellout Samboes. Self-sabotaging, self-suicidal stubbornly stuck stupid Satanists! Serving the Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Of the sorcerer sinister scientists, sneaky snake stealthy serpents, surreptitious systemic System SATAN!!!

Completely comprehend and artfully apprehend, these truths 100%+: I AM on nobody’s side, not in anyone’s groupies, gangs, political parties, disorganizations; religiosities, whatsoever!

CK-NWCA: = Our one only optimized options, original organic organisms; Official Occupyneers Omnipresent Organizational Ordered Operation! Optically obvious, objectively overtly opened, ostensibly orgasmic!

As an A+ Son of SUNGODD DEITY, Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior. The entire Eu-Rope-an empire, violently vicious villainous vampire, has been Divinely Decreed Destined Devil Damned, Declared Dead!!!

Therefore, thereby, is being buried, beneath the surface of planetary sphere Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth. Good remedy, bad riddance!!

I AM also Avatar Avenger AmeriAfridian ArtistCHD1; strictly specifically speaking. A Specialized Spiritual Scientist = Spiritist = Spiritious Sciessence = Sciessencist. Serving Spirit Source Science System System’s Sovereign Sciessence Systream!

Constituting – compassing – comprising complete college classes, consummated curriculums. Divine Decreed Degree, of the most Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How. Healing HueMainity; Holistory Heritage Health, Hotep!


AFRIFATOO FOODOO: = a + fri +fat + at + to + too x food + do + doo.

Afrifatoo FooDoo Diet and Voo Doo: Means melaninated membrane members of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Africoidian ascendants, ate animals adiposity. Fearlessly fishing for fresh fish, feasting for flesh; first family foundational fats. Salvation’s saturated sustenance too! Fatty foods feeds fullness, fitness, firmness, finesse, yes they do!

VIVID VIBRATING VITALITY = VEGEPLANTERRAIN: Vegetables + Plant + Plan + Planter + Terrain + Rain; are Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians Divinely Decreed Diet. Comprising Clean Cultivated – Cosmic Cultural 1Collards, 2Mustards, 3Turnips grassroots ground green growths. We’s & Us’s original – unique – creative VegePlanTerRain diet deified!

VEG-AFRICROPS: Artistically Arranged Africulture: And averages approx. about 75% vegetation, divided into 50% garden vegetables – 15% fresh fruits – berries_+ 10% grains-seeds – beans-lentils + 10% dairy-milk-cheese – eggs +15% animal flesh, = red blood, bone and marrow = meats; adding sea food-fresh fish-shrimp-crabs-oysters. Combined better bestowed benefit blessings = bio-bodily-balance!!=100%+ pure plant potency =Positive+ Proofed Protection!

VEG-AFRICOIDIAN: Moreover, out of the 50% green garden + colorful vegetables, about 20% cooked, and approx. 10% eat raw; and greens 20% drink live. Realistic ratio-rates!

SUPER-SOLARSUN: Sometimes suggested, I often drink 50% to 75%, chlorophyll cleansing cultivated, homegrown garden greens!

SURE SOURCE: Some Sunshine Supreme Superior Sustaining Substance-Spiritualized Sustenance = SAVIIOR = Satanic Sinister System Solved

OK YAWLS: Here’s how I’ve broken back down dietary dimensions. That above stated 75% vegetation is comprised of big bulk, fiber that is indigestible and or insoluble. But actually the water – fluid contents of the vegetable plants, is a lots lesser in weights and measures. The remaining juice in quantity is much smaller. Let us roughly say, approx. about 10% pure plant potency; left out of 50% vegetables. Also adding and subtracting substance, fiber from fresh fruits, leaving approx. about 5% juice out of our originating 15%. = 10% fiber.

Grains, rice, corn, oats, wheat, beans, seeds, nuts, lentils as all dried plants, containing no water. Equals = a total of 10% weight as they initially were; as an average approximation.

So then at this time, punctual place; I am adding the juices – water – fluids together in quantity or amount. That’s 5% + 10% = 15% total. In which measurements and accounting, means that the VegePlanTerRain Diet, is made up of approx. about 60% fiber fillings. More or less! Subtracting that number from 75% vegetation = 15% juices.

Moreover, likewise, when we add up all of the dairy – cows calves milk, cheese, butter, pigs pork-fat-lard, meat-flesh-fat tallow…, chicken-foul – beef, fish, lamb, wild life, so forth and so on. The blood and water and fluids, oils, greases, fats, constitutes, equals = approx. about; 80%. With the remaining material matter 20% waste. Digested foods.

And after all adding and subtracting and multiplying is over, what we now have is a highly healthy human habitat = holistic healing home – humored happy house!

The combined composition of clean cultivate chlorophyll collards1 mustards2 turnips3; plus+ adding sodium sea salt, pigs pork-lard, saturated fat, coconut oil. Then cook them together til-tender. Also, taking a bunch of homegrown garden greens; placing them inside a blenders or mixer, not juicer. Then drink this magical miracle maker mix, energize elixir, detoxifier dietary drank. As a composite culinary curative!

Purposed people’s propaganda poisonous pigs pork prejudice; Ignorant Islamic invaders injustice; The Nation of Islam Muslim Mohammedans mice; Evil enemy energy entities entice; Baked bean pies, starches, grains, potatoes and rice; Nothing eaten that’s holistically healthful nor nutritionally nice; Their hog hate hold humans hostages like lice; Now Africans in America are paying a pathetic pathologic price._

These tissue terrorizing tyrannical thugs; Racist radical renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion rugs; Mean madmen monster Mohammedan Muslim mugs; Black bandits bogusly bias bigoted bastardized bitchcraft bugs.__

Arabized African American antagonist adversarial alien agents; Regressive repressive recessive recalcitrant regents; Guilty grownup ghetto gangster gambling gutter gents; Criminally corrupt cowards cancer causing cellular cents; Branded Black being bold bigots badly baked by burning bents; Terrestrial territorial tissue tormenting torturing tents; Devilishly demonic devolved destructive dents; Religious racists runs rants rats rodents rents.__

They’re the ones who wantonly wooed; Attacked and assaulted Solar Sexus Soul Food; First family fundamental founded flavored fast fat food; Changing culinary customs clean cultural cuisine clued; Conquering criminal crooks corrupted crude; Devil Damned demonic dud; Muslims manufactured mythological mystery mood; Gambling ghetto grownup gangsters got glued; Societies sought secure safety so successfully sued.__


FATTACKS: = fat + at + tacks = fact attacks! Conversely + inversely + adversely + diversely defined. First family and foremost fortunes founded Fattacks. Foolish faith followers fakers fatty foods. Falsely formulated fats are trans-tissue toxins, terrestrial terrorists, terrain tormentors, terrestrial torturers, tyrannical thugs. Bad beliefs bugs bio-bodily beings, bogusly bible based bias, bigotries, black branding bastardized bitchcrafts. Arabized African Americans are asinine asses, attacking Africoidians, Afrindians, and AmeriAfrindians,

Worshipers who wisely wish wisdom’s wealth, Happy humored holistic health; Stopping stupid surreptitious scientific sinister stealth.__

Racially restricted recurring results; Incipient incited injected inoculation insults._ Fat free foolishness finalizes fatally; Fictitious finding folklore finality._ Native natural negatives neutrality; Perfecting potent plants planetary principality; Artworks authentically authorized appointed anointed actuality; Realized rare rich royalties resourceful reality.__

Counting calories, carbohydrates chemical composition. Postponing prejudiced politics polluted propaganda poisonous position; Seriously stopping some silly superstition; Fighting for full fat freedom forfeiting fakers fiction; Native natural nourishing national nutrition; Ingesting intellectualize intelligence instinctive intuition: My mastermind melanin messiahs mental model mission.__

Not to appease and appeal to “Black & Whites”; But better Biblessed being Brights & Lights & Rights; Eventfully in the divine deep Darks of Nights; Fat foundations fearless fights; For famous fortunes flying flights; Picking perfect plants potent plights.__


FATTACK: = fat + at + attack + tack + ac. Are fat attacks as added adiposity.

FAT-TENSION – FATENSION+ FAT-TENTIONFATENTIION: = fat + at + ten + tent + en + ion + on

Fat-an-tion; = fat-ten-tion; Means paying attention to how much fat is being eaten, culinary customarily consumed. How much the body biological needs, retains, produce, reduce, maintain as adipose cells = fatty tissues. Giving one’s attention to more or less fat weight; good or bad, high or low; negative or positive. Sometimes trans-tissue – toxin tension. Both spellings spoken, said, says the same sound.


VALUITION: VALYOUITION: = value + al + you + it + ion + on

Val-you-ition or Val-u-it-ion: Verified valid values, valiance – valence – valor – victory. Innate intrinsic ions, intuitions, instincts, intelligence, intellect, immaculate imagination. We will want to devalue villains, vicious violence, viruses. Versatile valuables, interchangeable virtues + values. Citizens can consciously conceive cleanliness, correct cultural conditions. And they voluntarily values volumes. This happens or occurs through thoughts, thinking truths 100%+ = Valuations x Valuations – Valyouitions. Yes y’all are very valued!

The no fat low fat less fat fads foods fends; Are never our originating organic orgins; Can’t be welcomed invited ins – devils dead ends; Nor truly tell the truthful trends; Frankenstein foods faking friends; Our only objectionable opponents overtly offends; Breaking backs that never bows and bends; But better benefit blessings buys baby born blends; Long lasting lords love life light locks lends.__


SOURCE – SOURCESS – SOURCESSFUL – SOURCESSITY: = so + sour + source + our + full + it; Solemnly, silently seeks some sublime success. Serenely successful seekers. Sowing seeds of sanity, soundness, sensibility; as opposed to interjecting senility, insanity, inhumanity.

Sourcess sown seeds secedes simple success; Leaning leadership lessons lots less; AfiricAnglo-American access: An activated albino abolitionist actress; Roles rather ripe really rottenness.

Honor your father and mother; Then teach your sister and brother; Like nobody else other;


CULTYOUR: = cu + cult + you + your + our. = Culture your youth and cultivate clean crops. They’re all cults, good or bad, right or wrong, in and of themselves. Yours + Ours = Cult-u-yours; reversed reads, you culture yours.

CULTYOURATE: Cult-your-rate; what you ate. Cultivate what you make, bake, take, date, mate, hate. Rate your culinary cooking customs, curative cultures.

Calculating clean crops compassionately; Put potent planetary plants passionately._ Cultyourates; Chlorophll catalyst consummates, Conscious cooking communicates; Concurrently compensates; Correctly cultivates; Your courting cute cakes; Fulfilling fatty fates; Delicious dimple dumplings darling dates; Rich recopies royally rates.__

Canned Cristo criminal culprits; Vicious vegetable oil bad bandits; Far too much omega-6 in its grits; Cancer cell cooking composites; Ridiculous regimented requisites; Demon devils diet dopey drung deposits;

Fat foods fruitful fidelity: Saturated strong standing stability;

Trans-tissue-toxins: are destructively damaged vegetations fatty oils. Demonically done due to the profiteers politicized processes. Producing potent pollutions, poisoning public people’s planetary populations, posing pervasive problems. Expressly, evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans entering Africa as angry Anglo-alien agents, antagonist adversaries, and al Qaida Occupying Operatives!

Concurrently coming, CauCrazian criminally corrupt capitalists – colonialists – corporatists. Contagiously contaminating clean culinary cultures, curative customs cross-countries and continentally corrupting citizenries for centuries. Racist religious radicals restricting, removing rare rich royal resources; recklessly, repeatedly, redundantly robbing and raping and raiding. Taking away widespread practices in farming, agricultures and raising livestock, domesticated and wild animals. Having high fat foods for fuel, inclusively, coconut oil, palm oil, gifted greasy guts of healthy hogs, pigs pork producing lard.

Wild boars BIBLESSLY so salvations swine: Ancient Africans even made the world’s wealthiest wines; Grew grapes growing on long venue vines; True talents terrestrial training tissue times; Making more melanin magical miracle mines; Dietitians dinner dishes dutifully divines; Delightful delicatessens duly do dines; Rich rarities royalties readily rendered really refines.__

Animals fatty acids fighting degenerative disease; Plus+ plant potencies plated pretty please; Staying away from demon doctors with increasing ease; Tactically trapping trans-tissue-toxins that tease; Clean cooked chitterlings Cult-You-Rated crease; Genesis genius gifted gutsy grease.__

Fat fitness foods forthcoming fortified fence; Guarantees taste and spiritualized succulence; Divinely decreed disease defense; Saving souls success sixth sense; Serving some sane sensible solar sun suspense; Polluting and poisoning the planet’s plants is presently a past-tense; Righteous reparations restitutions recompense.__

Spiritious Sciessentials: Fatty acids essentials; ChriystLikelyens curing credentials; Planetary productions published positive potentials;

Plant potency proof proved prudential; Melanin mastermind messiahs mindset mutual; Excellent eaten energies everybody’s eventual; Enhanced elevated eateries evidential; Completely curing cellular cancers consequential.__

Eat fat juicy steaks; Trimming skin off meat makes mindless mistakes; Tenderized tissues time truly takes; Wild grass fed livestock licking sea salt slates; Drinking well water with ponds and lakes; Only hostile humans hogs how they hates; Monster minded Muslim Mohammedans mostly madmen makes; So put plenty pigs pork upon your platters or plates.__

Do indeed use saturated fats for deep-frying; And don’t believe those who keep on lying; It doesn’t even burn bad so bravely keep on buying; No smoke in the kitchen air causing cooks to keep on crying; Suspicious spooks storekeepers secretly spying; While fatless fools just continues on dying; Deified dietary dessert delights deserve drying; Pressure cookers and mason jar tops prying; Ate all acids as an artful approach applying.__

The Anglo-American Heart Association: CauCarazian cancer causing creation; Let us point the punitive probation; Evil finger at their planetary privation; No one else developed destructive deprivation; Negative neo-Nazi namely nasty naughty nose nation; Posing politicized problems propagation; Producing prison population; Poisoning people purposed pollution perpetration.__

There’s no other optical “God” other than Sovereign Solar SUNGODD; I’m talking all about saturated sunshine sod; The leading long-lasting loving Lord’s lard; We even use to breath in the candles light lard; Surely safe sacred skin sheen shinny shod; Before electric lights begin to bombard; Healthy humans hatefully hard; Blatantly blasting bio-bodily-beings bard; So grow your own homegrown green garden guard; And forget about the less-low-no fat fraud; Saving some Sciessence sea salt shell shard.

Yes we use to breath in the burning candle wax: Coating the leisurely lungs lax; Needing dishwashing detergents nor scouring powder Ajax; Smoking and burning the fuel fatty flax; Taming the trans-tissue-toxins terrorizing tax.__

Cha-cha culinary cuisine; Picked pickled peppers and tomatoes green; Adding onions and garlic then slightly steam; Sprit scissions sacred Systream: Your eyes glow graciously and glaringly gleam; Super superior spiritual supreme; Mastermind melann messiahs mellow mean.__

Africa’s animal eating nomadic tribe in Kenya and Tanzania the Masai, The mastermind man Mr. Marcus Garvey Mossiah; More melaninated member membranes upon Mt. Mariah; MASTER1 media mental models messiah; Protection from predatory profiteers piranha pariah.__

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA contradicts; The alleged fact that eating saturated fat fits’ Leads to unhealthy heart disease dots and dits and addicts, But it may surprise you to know that these tats and tits; False “fact” isn’t a fact at all in its. Hog hate hypothesis prejudice pits; Fraud in fact lies lit and zits; From the 1950s that’s never been proved to be bad bits; Nor hurtful human health hard headed hits.__

Back in 1953 the year an Anglo-American physiologist named Ancel Keys, Developed the devastating demonic dietary disease; In gross biochemical violation of Z-Blac-Keyz; Doing destructive damages as he politically please.__

But he had help from co-conspirators; Who’re just a guilty as arsine ass American Anglo actors; When we add all of the truest fat factors; Sending societies straight to the funeral home parlors; A satanic system basely built upon slave labors; And there’s nothing sanely said about safe harbors.__

Killer Keys wrote that while the total death rate in the United States was declining; The number of deaths due to heart disease was steadily climbing._ Deterring delicious dinner dinning; And started starchy sweet surgery stuff shrine-ning; Whole wheat flour foods carbohydrates refining; Leaving leisurely living lining.__

Mad mean men manufactured mortalities; Fatty foods never causes these deadly fatalities; It is the fakers false Frankenstein foods finalities; Caused by CauCrazians corrupt criminalities.__ No longer to be confused with clean cultured Caucasians; On our optimized official occasions.__

While “Whites” argue against wicked witchcraft WhitTies will; They have humans held hostage upon the highest hate hill; Imposing their trans-tissue toxic terrorizing till; Controlling citizens of colorful skins skill; Dominating nonwhites wheel; Dishing their dirty devils demonic deal; We’s & Us’s already knew killers kill; And acknowledged the poisonous prescription pill: As the clinical cost refused to pay the total till: Polluted price of the bankrupting bill; Mining meaningless minds making mill; Manufacturing monster media mad men meal.__

The liars lying link between fat fortuitously feared; Consumption and heart disease disappeared; Meanwhile failing health never neared; Before they taught untruths to people politically peered; Swine slop saved soils slovenly smeared; Bragging boasting bigoted bandits black beard; Raised radical religious racism rouge renegades reared.__

The trans-tissue toxins lazy liable label lipid; Human hate hypothesis hideously hid; Holistic heath healing injustice to make money mid; Brainwashed bandits banking bucks bid; Some slippery swine slops soldiers slid; Killing kindhearted kinky kindergarten kid._ Prejudicing people’s psychologies against porky pigs; Burry bodies underground the deeper digs; But we’re enjoying fresh fruits from free flowing figs; As the religious racist rob resources rigs.__

The Anglo-American owned and operated; Food industry makes trans fats fatally fated. They do this as strategically stated; By shooting hydrogen atoms activated; Into polyunsaturated; Vital vegetable oils inundated; Divine dietary defenses destructively devastated; No longer ChriystLikelyen clean cultured crop consecrated.__

Yes a whole lots of MY PEOPLE over the last 30 years have died; Due to their tyrannical thug trans-tissue toxins terrorists tried; Ropes around our necks nooses tightly tied; Evil enemy Eu-Rope-an eugenicists eyed; Everybody else of cosmetic color complexions cried; Simply because they knew how hatemongers hide; While WhitTies wicked witchcrafts worldwide; Caused civilizations to crumble and combustibles concurrently collide; Then walk with their hateful heads held high in prejudicial prestigious pride.__

“Crisco: A hundred years ago less than one in one hundred Americans were obese and coronary heart disease was unknown. Pneumonia, diarrhea and enteritis, and tuberculosis were the most common causes of death. Now, a century later, the two most common causes of death are coronary heart disease and cancer, which account for 75 percent of all deaths in this country. There were 500 cardiologists practicing in the U.S. in 1950. There are 30,000 of them now – a 60-fold increase for a population that has only doubled since 1950.”

Y’all listen up and pay close attention; Angry Americanized Anglos have us in dervish detention; Thus taking the good paying pension; Salaried jobs away from Deified Dimension; As they stealthy seek school students suspension; In hopes of deterring Divine Intervention; Now next the impoverished poor community convention; Has to buy bad foods in cheapest contention; Highly heated vegetable oils rancid retention; Invidious insidious institutionalized invention.__

Therefore the incredible impact; Intentionally inflict and infect the Redbone high yellows Brown and blue Black; Afterwards “Whites” widespread whack; Don’t like to talk about their terrifying tract; Racist recurring repressive regressive rack; Specializing in showing surface superficial symptomatic sack; Hiding hate history who human heads they happily hack; But Africoidians in the Americas takes Africa all back; Cutting CauCrazian criminals no sentimental slack; Causing contaminating CIA sponsored cocaine crack; Clean culinary cultivations corrupt Caucasians simply lack.__

Nobody else but capitalist CauCrazians created corrosive condition; Deliberately depriving Africans of nourishing nutrition._ Causing criminalizing compelling circumstances; The artificial activities always advances; As long a cowardice citizens just keep on doing dances; Too scared to take on strong strategic stances; Thus to fully free themselves from racist Roman romances; Courageously taking calculated chances; Instead of political party petty prances; Guilty gambling grownup ghetto gangster glances.__

Whosesoever these thug Eu-Rope-ans go; They usurp the Love Peace & Hamony y’all now today know; Happy healthy healing homelands low; Are depleted in minerals severely so; Git the Hades hell out of Mother Africa also; Nobody living need their angry Anglo-glow; Dark on Dark crimes is all they love to show: Assuming no responsibilities for their racist row; We’re having a long historical hard hitting hoe; Flee fast running races and don’t do it slow; Too many grown grains attracts the corn eating crow; So leave us alone to choose crops we want to grow.__

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt5


An Active Artworks in Positive + Progress >>>

Devolved degenerative demon deviants; Viciously violent villainous variants; Trans-tissue toxic tormentors torturer terrorist thug tyrants; Candy coated children criminalized currents; Sweet savory sugar sucking serpents; Sinister scientist sergeants; Righteous reasons rationales readily repents; Racist religious radical rudely relents; Invaluable intelligent intents; Immaculate imagination immediately indents.__

So let’s note that butter superior supreme: Existed nearly 5000 years before man-made margarine; Maritime military marching marine; While there’s no Potent pigs pork was domesticated around 9000 years ago on the swine scene; Scholarly studies slop slinging scheme; Evil enemy energy entities Eu-Rope-ans extreme.__

The easiest way to market mice menacing mace; Finance fake food is to demonize the products proper place; That you want to racially replace; The truest brownface blackface with whiteface; Degrading devils demeaning disgrace.__

Sorry sold soybean pies; Nation of Muslims Islamic lies; African American eating them sooner than later dies; You’d be better blessed by eating fatty fries; Then we wouldn’t be hearing criminalized children cries; Bogus baloney bought boastfully buys; Gambling gangster grownup guys; Talented teachers timetables truly tries.__

The demon doctors dose of omega-6 linoleic acid; Overpowering omega-3s producing pigmentations placid; Learning leading lessons localized lid; Butter bargaining bakes by beneficial bid; Hog hating human habits hid; Radicals running races rampantly rid; Dietary delights dishes divinely duly did.__

Potent porky pigs better blessed bacon; The best base balancing blinking beacon; Intellectually intelligent icon; I’m not talking about an X-con; Country crock cheese cook croton; Center core coals creation cradle carbon.__

The cheeks of its salt jowls;

Speaking of ill health and death: WhitTie wicked witchcrafts wringing wealth; Stealing sacred spiritual substance securing secret stealth.__

No it’s not all about the healthy human; But the devilishly demonic “White man”; Pollution poisoning plants planetary plan; CauCrazains clogged calcified clan; I’m talking about his plagued plugged pineal gland; Creating cancer cells cause he clinically can; Rob rap raid the geographic land; Sacrificing sacred sea salt shoreline sand; And refuse to stop upon direct demand; Therefore he is being broken badly bland; Bankrupt back by blacks banging band; Courageous commission calling cause colorful command.__

“White Racist” have made most melaninated members poor; People of color can ill afford the tore; Costly clean cultured culinary core; Closed capital cash currency dollar door; In their faces fiscal financial funded foods floor; Bible based beliefs badly bore; Sellout Samboes sucker stooges shopping store.__

Simply said store shoppers; Getting good groceries graining grasshoppers; Pharmaceutical prescription pill poppers; What-a-burgers with wealthy whoppers; Driving dunks deadly drug droppers; Lollypop lazy loser loppers; Staying stuck stubbornly stupid stoppers; Crooked criminally corrupt city county coppers.___

Buying the cheapest foods that they can financially find; Even sometimes acting all colorblind; The lowest priced products dollar bills bind; Having headaches havocs and a hardened behind; Wreaking wrecking whirling windy wind; Impacting the potential melanin messiah mastermind.__

Dietary deficiency disorder disorganized defect dysfunctions; Junky jukebox jungle juice junctions; Criminalizing culinary crops cancer causing conjunctions; Capital cash currency collapse compelling compunctions; Polluted political poisons punitive perplexing positions; Contagious contaminants cooking complexions; Restraining richer resource reflections._ Constant chaotic civic confusions; Children catching categorical class contusions; Incipient insurrection inclusions.__

Biblesseth is she and he who are not made offended in me; My job herein to the total truth telling tree; My peoples colorful country’s tears of thee; Show slaves how to surely share and insightfully see; To know what’s true 1 + 2 + 3 three; Set sacred solar sexus souls spree; Fully financially fortunately free.__

Struggling to strategically strive to successfully survive, thus to truly thrive; Avoiding those that do indeed deprive; Duping dumping doping drunken drive; Buttered buttercups bumble hive; Love life lights live; Authentic artworks activities arrive; Crooked coconut cocoon cops constantly contrive; Criminal case corrupt causes can connive.__

Carbohydrate consuming CauCrazian cops; Gravitates over towards carbohydrate consuming children crops; Serially sending some sinister shots; Firing foolish flops; Launching loaded leaded lops; Happily hitting hard headed Hip Hops; Gun belts bloated big belly bullies be-bops; Dead bodies with bullets indeed do drops; Rancid racist really roll religious ratty rots; Terrestrial terrorist terrifying trots; Petty patrol police precinct pops; Political pundits puppet pulpit proxy /props.__

Satanists secretly securing strategic stated societal situations;


FATTACK: = fat + at + attack + tack + ac. Are fat attacks as added adiposity.

FAT-TENSION – FATENSION + FAT-TENTIONFATENTIION: = fat + at + ten + tent + en + ion + on

Fat-an-tion; = fat-ten-tion: Means paying attention to how much fat is being eaten, culinary customarily consumed. How much the body biological needs, retains, produce, reduce, maintain as adipose cells = fatty tissues. Giving one’s attention to more or less fat weight; good or bad, high or low; negative or positive. Sometimes trans-tissue – toxin tension. Both spellings spoken, said, says the same sound.

FATASK – FAT-TASK x FATASTIC – FAT-TASTIC x FAT-TERIFIC:: fat + task + as + tic + ask.. Forthcoming fantastic, famous, fortunate. One having a fat task to take on. Losing weight or gaining weight and or balancing bio-body weight. Ask about the fantastic fat first founded family foods. It’s Fat-tastic and Fat-terrific!!

YES it will take a courageous collective citizenry; Coalition collaborative conspiracy; To kill off every guilty government official demonic deficiency; People’s public planetary population proficiency._ Pollution poisoning prison producing propensity; Involving impropriety impunity immunity; Criminalizing colorful citizens childhood community._ Bad Frankenstein fast fatal foods fallacy; Pharmacist psychopaths pharmacy._ Freeing ourselves from devilish dietary dependency; And it’s an earlier existing emergency; Undertakers underground ugly urgency; So let us all act against aliens agency.__ Reveals + reports COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Half-human hybrid hallucinogens; Pharmaceutical patient pathogens, Psychotropic pill poison personality psychogens._Polyunsaturated-3+6 monounsaturated9 publicly proliferated; Right ratio-rated, really regulated; Hospitals holding healthy healing human hostages hated; Depressive digressive degenerated; Devils doings disintegrated; Demon doings desegregated; Devolved diets disorientated; Divinely decreed diets duly deliberated, Clean culinary collards crops consecrated; Chlorophyll catalytic converting cultivated.__

CK-NWCA, promotes positively potent productions, pure + plain Promacracy. This truly tell the total true truths 100%+ = Justice. A artfully adding all of out orchestrated original organic oils, blinding and combining them together in a unified composition. Expressly; clean cultured culinary Coconut-1 + Olive-2 + Flaxseed-3 Oils. Equals = Saturated – Polyunsaturated – Monounsaturated vegetation fats – fatty acids.

No satanic sinister scientist subtraction, subjection, subjugations, submissions. But adding these sacred substances, Spiritious sustenance; into only one Omnipresent Originality!

SUPERIOR SUPREME: Spirit Source Science System’s Systemic Sovereign Sciessence Systream! Solar Sexus Soul Savior. Striving strategic self-salvation – survival success! No longer any such struggling self-subtle-suicides; but seceding strides!

OILYMPICS + OLLIPIDS: = oil + lym + pics x lip + pi + lipids.

Omnipresent Orgon Optimal Oils. Oiling our official Olympics – Oilympics.


OILIVE – Oil-Live + OILIFE – Oil-Life:

Our optimized original organic oils that are living, has healthy life. Such as olive oil. Oilivety!

OILIVEAT – OILIVEATERY – OILIVEATER: = oil + live + eat = Oil-Live-Eater or Oiliveater. Similar to Olive eater = OLIVEATER. Yes, one has to sharpen their tong, and articulate accurately; Afrionics & Afribets!!

NATUROILS – NA-TUR-OILS: = Mother Earth Nature nurtured natural oils.

Native-Naturoils: namely needed, necessary nationally.

Nest notes…

SUPURE + SUPURIOR – SUPUREIOR = SU-PURE-YOU-ARE: = Su + up + u + rio + or; Su-pure-you-are = Super-Pure plant potency. Synonymous to super superior! Yes you are a super superior pure person, purified + prejudice purged personality, individual. Supreme success seeker. People producing purity vs. pollution poisons plaguing planet Mother Nature Earth! Her healthy Vital-VegePlanTerRain vs. Mediterranean!! Read ref.

Pure Polyphenol Protection: Optimally opposing orgasmic oxidation. Deactivates and depreciates devilish demon damages, done destructively. Arthiest Actionaries are anti-arterial attacks and artery assaults. Authentically authorized, appoints anointed artworks, are always acting against antagonist adversaries and alien agencies!!

Fearlessly fighting faddist-fascist forces flowing free radicals, racist religious renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religions. Righteous replacement: Real Live Vision = RealiVision!! Ref.

Platelets plugging plaques; Causing caking cellular cracks; Clinking clogging clumping clacks._ Sclerosis sickness sores shat; Corrosive cancer cells chat; But better benefit blessings bravely bat; Helping heal humans healthiest hat; Successful surgery sure sat; Making mellow melanin molecules mat.__

PLATELETIES: = plat + plate + lat + at + ate + let + et + ties.

Plateleties; are aggregated agencies, pasty platelets tied together tightly.

Fortunately, when combining the forces of organic oils as strategically stated; herein, a potent polyphenol phenomena panorama perfectly performs. Positively problem proofing! (Formulated today, Monday, December 16, 2013…10: 39 pm. )

KEMEGYPTS = Kemet + Egypt has longstanding Holistory Heritage Health. Holistic history of originating organic olive plant production, plus+ proper processing that goes back tens of thousands of years ago antiquity. When wealthy ancient ancestral Africoidians of Kemet = Egyptian, African continental civilizations produced olives and olive oil for culinary cooking; customary cuisines. Candlestick wax making, lighting, cosmetics, medicine and embalming; bio-bodily beings. Before anybody else, basically because no one else existed during the earliest time periods, other than the original Occupyneers as ancient ancestral; All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and Africoidian ascendants! Fact of true reality! Ref.

NOTE vs. Vote: No not at all, are Europeans, Caucasians, Caucasoidian an ancient people. They’re most certainly ‘Johnny Come Lately’lazy lost leading losers! They’re trying to place themselves, in our original historical positions, in hopes of blocking us out completely, as if we didn’t even exist!

Howsoever, it is them who’re western worldwide wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazians criminals, cold climate cannibalistic Caucasus cave crawling creatures. (Crucified clean cultured CaucAsians!) Concurrently corrupt capitalist, communist – colonialist – corporatist crooks! Constantly concocting cancer causing cellular contaminations; corrosive civic conditions, combustible community conflicts, catastrophic contagions, citywide – countywide – countrywide!!!

“Whites vs. WhitTies; Untruth telling lies._ Beating around the bush; Then publicly push._ Falsified history is what western world wantonly wish; CauCrazians are so very childish; Fraud in fact liars fiendish; Fakers foolishly fish; For fame and fortunes famish; Demonically damages dirty devils dish._ Imposed upon a poisoned polluted plated pitch; Human hatemongers hostile hideous hitch; WhitTies wicked witch; Bias bigoted black bastardized bitch.__

In other plain-o-simple words, invidious insidious institutionalized “Racism White Supremacy”; is built into, inside their overall in general genre, guilty gentry and grassroots ground gangrene growths.

Commonly called Caucasians, constantly contrives to take our original ownerships, out of continental Africa. Relocating rare rich royalties, resources through their hateful Honky dory ideologies. Placing what historically belongs to Wexz & Usxz; in Europe – Eurasia or Asia. Anywhere but, where ancient civilizations truthfully belongs. They talk about “The Mediterranean Diet”; as if Africoidians didn’t occupy and homestead these terrestrial territories in times of antiquity. Actually there were/was no Europe nor Europeans. Period.

ANTE-ANCIENT-ANCESTRA: Meaning before and in advance to any Anglo Saxon Germanic activity assumed and alleged ancient. Strictly saying and specially straightening out our originating Holistory Heritage Health. The earliest European existence, isn’t trustfully of antiquity. It’s his-story = human held in hostile hate history!

They’re misgiving mind media monsters of conscious confusions and contentious chaos. Including himself, as a so self said; “White Man” inside somebody else’s past times, prior period, post + present.

Therefore, we’re going in front of and before anything Euro-Anglo-Americans can conjure up and criminally concoct. I’m expressly naming these true Holistoric or historic or prehistoric HueMainKindians.

HUEMAIN-KINDIANS: = hue + main + in + kin = kind + i + an x Indians

Hue Main Kind: = complete composite cosmetic coloration complexions; = center carbon core cradle creation. These humans are kind, kindhearted, kinfolk, kindred, kin. They’re the main melaninated membrane members, MASTER1 Media, Mastermind melanin messiah mental models.

ante-a prefix meaning “before,” used in the formation of compound words: anteroom; antebellum; antedate.

anti-a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words ( anticline ); used freely in combination with elements of any origin ( antibody; antifreeze; antiknock; antilepton ).

AFRICANTE-AMERICA: Yes this truly says and states that Africans are Americanized and advanced Africoidians of the Americas; South-Central-North. We’s & Us’s brought civilizations cross country continental. Coming culturally civilized; before, the Angloidians adversarial arrivals.

AFRICANTI-ANGLO: = Africa + anti -Angloidian. An also: Ante-Anglo-America. = ANTEANGLO + ANTIANGLO AMERICANS!!

Meaning before and against; all angry asinine ass Anglo-American antagonists, adversaries, alien agencies; acting adversely against All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa and ascendant Africoidians (Negroidians)

AFRICANGLOS & AFRICASIANGLOS: Now today, a multitude of melaninated member membranes, are transfigured terrestrials, territorial trans-tissue tones – tans – tints. Evolved eloquently, elegantly; as AfricAnglos, or African-Anglo-Americans + Asians. As amalgamated and aggregated Americanized Anglos & Africans & Asians. (read research ref. )

AFRICAMERICASIANS: = African + American + Asian. Artistic attributes and arrived amalgamations actualized aggregations. Africamericasians

Anglo-America’s pseudoscience; Lowers cholesterol criteria into decadence; Going against Africoidians ancestries in defiance; Causing citizens to come into compelling compliance; Robbing and raping resources reliance._

Presently prescribing Satanic Satins since sinister suspense: Destructive demon drugs defense; Deceptively deep down dense; Restricting restraining recompense.__

Lesser levels to increase higher liar levels; Devolved degenerative devils._ Eu-Rope-an eugenicist executioner enemy evils._ Reducing the daily doses of vitamins and minerals; So that people can no longer count on namely numerals._

But We’s & Us’s need all that Africoidians can get; Which is our optimal best buy bargain bet; Never again allowing Anglo-America asset; Nor anymore permit to test treat and let.__

Now that the FDA & AMA of the USA; Dictators dietary decisions democracy ‘demonocracy day; Tells the hospital patient to pay; For the prices of healthcare play; And that they have high cholesterol so do drugs like we say; Then religious go to church as clinical Christians and politely pray.__

Tyrannical terrorist trickster thugs; Want for us to take their concocted chemical drugs; Developing defective dummy dugs; Profiteering politicians petty patrol police plugs; Blatantly bad breath bandit bugs; Human harming hurting hateful hugs.__

No doubt many shall surely see sickening sin: Offenses coming military marching mean men; But woe with worry to the one’s offensive omen; The difference between their sinister scientists synthetic vitamin; Then they remove the native-natural vitamin; Forcing societies to come on in._

To proclaim publicly that they’re no good; Unhealthful to humans just because CauCrazians could; Tell leading lies like liars simple should; Accordingly as angry Anglo-Americans WhitTie wicked witchcrafts would.__

BIBLESSLY be never demonically deceived; Nor dismayed depressed dis-eased._ My People are destroyed for lackluster knowledge; Criminalizing curricular concocted chemical clinicians college; And without a Real Live Vision positive personalities perish; Needing a RealiVisiion inside the pathetic parish._

Saving sown seeds sacred secret sanctuary; Church coming Catholic Christians concurrently came contrary._ To the Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR; Attempting to avoid an angry avenger alligator; Crocodile dietician dictator; Anglo-African-Americans actor; First family founded fast fat foods factor.__

It’s a total semantic mind game: Twisted psychologies trying to tame; Mankind to dismember and mentalily to maim; Anti-humanity all in imaginary “God’s” name; And of their make believe “Jesus” who never really existed the same; As disbelievers are labeled insane; While they create citizens psychotically inhumane; It’s all dietary devils doings dear darling damned dame; Poisonous pill popping physicians producing pressurized pain.__

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt6



GODEVIL – GOD-DEVIL-DAMNATION: Defines dictators ‘demonocracy’ democracy. Meaning that their make believe bible based bias bigotries, imaginary “Almighty Lord GodButt, it’s only their terrorist thug tyrant; “White” male image, and made-up manifested man, “Jesus” who suppose to had been THE CHRIYST HORUS HEART DIVINE of Solar SUNGODD DEITY!!! Via ALMIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!

WhitTie western world wicked witchcrafts: Their religious rationalizations reveals the God-Damn-Devil, and themselves as an actualized God-evil Go-DevilGoddevil!! One in the same thing, Eu-Rope-an evil enemy energy entity, and concocted-conceptual creature, CauCrazian criminal!

Exclusive excellent essentials: Real Live Vision = RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!! [ref. ]

Actualized artworks accounting; Activated acids amounting; Cease calorie constant counting; Mercy merchant money marketing mounting._

Black blue brown bio-bodily beings bounding; Appointed arteries anointed artistries abounding; Fresh fat foods financed funded founding; Hunting healthy homes happily hounding; Rayzial riches royalties resources resounding.__

Yes yawls, are artfully apprehending, that these said statements spoken, written, are thinking thought things. Those that transcends space and time, traveling throughout the terrestrial territories, and elevated energies extraterrestrial. They’re vivid value-vibrations, floating – flying – flowing frequencies, Raising + rising radiating ratio-rates running races!

Likewise, as one wisely reads these written words of world’s wealth and witty wisdom; their wavelengths are set upwards on the levels of healthful healing; happy humor. The scriptural sayings, strategically set stages, success series; sacred and spiritualized sublime sensations. The sounds of salvation!

Wealth is a financial function fine: Of self-discipline decreed divine; Confident characters nobody can confine; Never wasting wealthy wine; Verily valuable vitality vine; True-up turning training talented time; Specializing strictly spiritual spine; Persistence of set staging sine; Seeking some solarized sunshine.__

Artfully applying an activator; Cosmetic coloration complexion co-creator; Making money made gallantly grow the great gifted generator; Monetizing my mastermind messiah monitor; Creating clean cultured capital cash currency cantor; Vital VegePlanTerRain’s valued valor; Finding full freedom’s faith flavor; Financed fortunes famous favor; Solar Sexus Souls Savior; Saving something sensibilities surely savor; Initiated internalized innovative inventor.__

I AM about my heavenly FATHER’S Biblessed business banter; I can create carbon care center; Early enterprising economic energies enter; It’s all in the mastermind’s minter; It is I who will wisely witness wealth’s winter.__

So say these things to yourself assured; Even if nobody else believe in you insured; Regardless of what we have endured; Love life lights locks lords lured._ Lives on past periods perfectly pure; Courageous confidence causative cure; Salvation solemnly sold sure.__

Africoidians has never evolved; Only our bright brilliant brains successfully solved; Many personal problems that were resolved; And it is only realities that rotates the revolved; We have always been intelligently involved; As Caucasian Caucasoidians demonically devolved.__

BIBLESSEDLY behold; I make my MASTER1 melanin media mold; And COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts replacing the old; Black blue brown bravely bold; Releasing the hideous hatemonger hostility human hostage hold: The traded talented tissues total truths told; Redeeming subjected slaves souls sold; Fearlessly fighting for full freedom’s fold.__

MY PEOPLE’S pineal glands; Are being brought inside our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS; According to SUNGODD DEITY’S Divine Decreed Demands; Cosmic CREATOR’S Commands; Potently powerful planetary perfected plans!

Evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans existing Exodus; Jumping jukebox joking jolly jelly joyful “Jesus“: As they say only them and their injustice jus-us; But we’re the true Genesis genius; From our prehistoric perspectives plus+; Telling the total truth truly thus.__

Many melaninated member multimillionaires; Money made even as business broker billionaires; As their financial figures fame and fortunes flairs; But profiteering predators produces pirate parasitic pairs; Politicized preying mantis merciless monster mares; Bandits black branding bogusly bares; Blame for the trams-tissue toxic tares; Never paid their justly due financing fairs; Guilty gambling gangster grownup ghetto gutter glairs; Expediently exploited others to climb the socio-economic stairs.__

In other words of wisdom, just because there’re several multimillionaires and billionaires branded “Black” businessmen and businesswomen; has very little if any true values to Africans in America, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians and Africoidian as Africa ascendants!

It’s also of imperative importance, to take into full financial consideration, how – why – when – where -what – who; when we whirl worldly wealth with worth = $$$. Superficial financial figures fools foolish faith followers fatally!

Exactly how did they make merchant money? What methods were used to acquire amounts and accounts? And once these Blac-Key Questions are accurately answered, we don’t really know if they are blessings or curses?! Divinely Decreed Devil Damnation?!

It does not necessarily even materially matter; How much more money they made for financial flatter; Just to make their bank accounts excessively fatter; Greedy gluttons bloated black bladders; Holding other sisters and brothers back down in tatters; So that Middle Class “Blacks” can climb up the ladders; Boastfully bragging proclaiming plates platters; Constantly causing conscious chaotic clatters; Concealing corrupted capital cash currency chatters; I have a dreaming nightmare sellout Samboes surely shatters.__

Believe in and on the ones who’re called chosen and sent; And never try to work against them with malicious intent; Your mind is being read in every event; It’s energy entities spiritiously spent; Realize these realities and righteously repent; Show remorseful regret refusing to resent; And if one can’t afford to buy then let them rent; And be creatively unique to invest thus to invent; Dress to the left not the right to intelligently indent; I AM The Son of SUNGODD DEITY’S endearment.__

FATHEREAL = FATHEREALM: Fathereal of the eternal Ethereal realm; First family Father forevermore fiery flaming film._ The hutted HEATXZ HIM; So take a shoreline sea salt safe secure salvation swim; Washing away what is so seashore sandy gritty and grim; Financially fill up your bank accounts to be brim; Having happy humor honestly healthfully held hem; The impoverish poor helping to Hotep heal them.__

Sometimes we have to let some other ones go; When they cause us to be going much to slow; Dead weight pulling progress down deeply low; The nasty naughty nose negative named Negro; Sick sucker stooge sycophant sellout Sambo; Misleaders dead and live we very well know; Called the most honorable hero; Doing devilish injustice yes and not no: Equal evils to Africoidians as arsine ass Americanized Anglo.__

I solemnly say some soundness saneness seriously too; The COLOR KINGDOM NWCA might not by for you; It’s designed for the fatal aftermaths bloodshed black-red and blue; These terrifying things mush happen and come to pass pew; South Africa is facing finalized few fleeing flew; “White terrorist dominators” deaths are dutifully duly due; Rayzial warfare is inevitably stinking like gummy glue; Mother Africa for Africoidians arriving arising anew.__

The Unified Statutes of America + Africa; Planetary panorama phenomena; Picturesquely portrayed PanorAfricAspora; Deflecting discourses descendants Diaspora._ As aspiring accelerants as Africoidian Americans; Against adversarial antagonist Anglo-Anglicans.__

A cycle of chaotic confusion counter combats competitive companions. Nullifying each other’s energies and efforts, with all of them going around in a conflicting complex circle. Any real scholarship does none of the disputing debaters any good. Always at one another’s throats, trying act as an affront, against African Americans, who refuse to bogusly bake themselves by bigoted “Black” branding. Bias bastardized black bitchcrafts!

Honoring those who willing gave their lives to that I could live: So now today it is my responsibility to freely and graciously give._ Information for full fledged financed freedom; A kindhearted kindergarten Kingdom._ Checkout: CyberSpaceAge KIDS CHILDREN Web page 3

No rational reason to have disputing doubts; That Africans in America has some powerful information clouts; And are challenging the stuck stubbornly stupid Sambo sellouts._ Coconut cocoon city county cops; Cowardice collaborators coopts. Conceited conspirators with CauCrazians to oust; Out of our communities with their caustic corrosive cost; The Devil’s damned demons dost; Africoidian children loving lives lost.__

Race and religion devilishly divides; Causing citizenries combustible collides; It is religious racism’s repressive regressive rides; Stopping struggling school students successful strides; Prejudiced persons precipitating perpetrator prides; Haters hostilities hideously hides; Behind bogus biblical beliefs by big bucking bribes; Going ghetto gangsters guilty grownups glides; Silly soulless sisters slipping sluts slyly slides; But appointed anointed artworks abi des.__

There’s nothing nice that THEY won’t corrupt: Love Peace & Harmony usurp disrupt; Even the online Internet interrupt._[ref.]

Be very careful of evil energy entities existing; They’re everywhere impermeably insisting; Possessing persons prejudicially persisting, So just keep on rightly resisting, Any anger openly tong twisting.__ Be cool calm and consciously collective; Walk away from fools far reflective; Performing personalized powerful positive perspective; Defeating devilish demon dietary deficiency directive.__

Now know how extraterrestrial exists expressive; They can be either evil and excessive; Or good energies that are positively productive; Degenerative demonic destructive and digressive; Or potently powerful and progressive; Even ambitiously arrogantly aggressive; So be always intelligently impressive; Intellectual intuitive instinctively inspective.__

Be aware how energetic ecologies; Materially manifest economies; Esoteric emerging enemies; Beware of too close proximities._ Evil energies extremities; Can come through weak friends and families._ So check out unfamiliar similarities; Inconsistent dissimilarities.__

‘Never broadcast your precious pearls before sloppy swine‘; For they love lusting for financial funds they can find fitly filthy fine; Trickster traitors will turn against you online: And save every penny nickel and dime; And it’s better blessed not to drink alcohol, liquors beers and wine; Choosing clean cultured culinary customary cline; Delicious dietary dishes do deliberately dine; Deserved desserts delightfully divine.__

Matt: “With the issues of bullying, rejecting, isolating, and judging others in society we’re going to have these kind of things happening. We need to make people feel welcome and treat them like the way we need to be treated. Gun laws won’t prevent people treating other people like #$%$. We’re in the times where people are losing friends, love ones, family, jobs, and all it take is one bad day to cause a normal person to go insane and become a monster they never expected to be. Believe it or not we as a society create our own monsters which is why society is responsible for these kind of people.”

{“context_url”:””} Gunman kills himself, 1 other at Reno hospital

Yes ‘do unto other humans as you would have healthy human do toward you’; Try to be happily humored hue; Colorfully clean cultured is the key clue; Love your next neighborhood next door too: This is no religious racialist rejection rue; But very spiritualized sacred Voo Doo; Christian Islamic Muslim Gentile and or Jew; Criminals come in all cosmetic coloration complexions crew; Demon doctors doing dangerous drugs drew; Death and destruction due; Fiends feeling faithless friendless family few; Swimming in some sarcastic satanic stew; Prejudiced people politicized peer pew; Boastful big bullies bad breaths boldly blew; Mean media mad man monsters mew: Yet yawls now know the testimony true; Judge nobody else before you do justice unto two.__

The Racist rulers are going for broke; Bankrupting Blacks and Browns bottom broke; Starting strategic stressing stokes; Giving healthy humans heart attacks; Clogged cardiac conditions calcified cracks; Terrestrial tyranny treacherous traitorous tacks; Tracing their thuggish tracks; Wicked witchcraft WhitTie whacks; Stupid sycophant sellout Samboes sacks; Mastermind melanin messiah macks; Jealous jigga-boo jumping jacks; Plugging pulmonary political plaques.__

Black beavers blocking big bully bigots; Calcium clogging coronary clots; Divinely decreed developmental digitized ditty dots; Potent planetary patio planting pots; Mixing more money means manufactured mud mops; Healthy healing hateful hip hops; Curing criminally corrupt crooked cops; Racist religious radicals really rots.__

This is the Anglo-Americans age of fraud; Yet they think that their beliefs are Lord “God”; Though they’re religious politicians playing policing pod; The USA’s laws are arbitrarily ood.__

There’s not one once of a Savior’s salvation; Inside a Christian church congregation; Nor Islamic Muslim mosque migration; Jewish synagogue societal segregation; Reveals racist religiosity rationalization; COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’S clean cultured consecration.__

Thug tyrants lustfully love doing devilish deeds; Basically because of being blatantly bogus beads; Satanically sown seeds; Financial funds they feast on and feeds; To satisfy their hunger and gluttonous greed-s; As broken back bodies biologically bleeds; No mercy is shown regardless how one pleads; Psychopath politicians enjoy eating wicked wild weeds; Guilty government criminal creeds; Happily hurting and harming humanity they hatefully heeds; Sociopath sadists Satanist surreptitiously succeeds; Devising demonic half human hybrid breeds.__

Governmental hospitals are no longer giving good healthcare; Doctors physicians nurses scare._ Trained to prescribe pollution pill poisons; Evil enemy entities Event Horizons; Namely negative Nazi neo-cons; Trans-tissue toxins tabulated totaled tons; Priestly pope pedophiles prostitute pimp puns; Bursting boys buttocks bunds buddy buns; Shock shields Sheriffs shooting stun guns; Bullets in the backs of citizens on the race runs; Killing and mass murdering others injustices just for funs.__

Don’t be blinded by white bright lights; And learn to live in deep dark delights; Walking with wealthy wrights; On every resting sleeping needed nights; Avoiding fruitless foolish fatal fist fights; Stop point blank period playing politicized plights; Rebuking rejecting rebutting religious radicalized rights; And let them blow in the winds while they fly their killer kites; Ticks tickle tissues through terrorizing tights; Bugs badly body bites; Black bastardized bitches beloved beauty blights.__

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt7



If Black branding is ideologically internalized; And not bio-bodily being baptized; No superficial surface skin sunshine solarized; Then “Whites” within blackenized; Can cry crucially come criticized; Or else by being “Black” means melaninized; Artificial apparently appearing Africanized; Authentically Africoidian authorized; Or Caucasian Caucasoidians capitalized; Coloration cosmetic complexions criminalized.__

OK yawls, this truly mean that there are apparent colors of skin under our optical SOLARSUN. From shaded darks to lights, tones – tans -tints. Inclusively, blue-black, brown-red, yellow-white, pink pigmented persons, period.

And if that mean religious politics, then, these prismatic spectral human hues, can be called anything other than what they truthfully are. Basically because, religions requires that a politicized person believe, and have foolish faith, following somebody, something that has no evidential proofs, proving its existence. And by being branded Black or White; when an individual is obviously ostensibly- optically Brown or Pink; it do not conform with reality nor actuality.

Therefore, thereby, making melaninated membrane members; fraud in fact liars, telling misleading lies. Adversely acting against Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians and African American!!!

Come to think truths about it all; No wonder wicked witchcraft WhitTie wall; Humanity has Hades hell hard hitting hall; Batting bad behaviors brawl, Basket base and fatal football; Crying complaining castigating colorblind call; Stuck stubbornly stupid Samboes sellout stall: So listen not to a single word they say I truly tell yawl; Fakers finalizing fatality fall.__

Biblessly I’m now talking about those who wantonly wish to be “Black” Pan-Africanists; “Black Power” Liberators, Militant minded marching men; and African freedom fighters. This is all good, it’s all gravy; butt, believe my informing y’all, how that they are frequently contradicting themselves. Causing conscientious confusions, civic community conflicts and combustible chaotic conditions!!!

After these wana-be “Black Leaders” finish telling We’s & Us’s all about how hateful “Racism White Supremacy” is and Anglo-American are “White Terrorist Dominators”; “White Devils” so forth and so on. They then call themselves Vegans & Vegetarians. A European Caucasian Caucasoidian created concept. Instead of an authentically authorized Africoidian ascendant, and appointed ancient ancestry and anointed artistry: By being a brave bold Blue-Black-Brown: Vitalized VegePlanTerRain:

Yawls, shall surely see with crystal clear clarity; how they simply do not understand, nor can completely comprehend and artfully apprehend, cosmic creative chemistry. Spiritualized sciences – sacred Sciessences; and how they artwork together to tabulate total truth 100%+. They’re inordinately immature! (Young new born babies; bottle tit sucking solar sexus souls! Living inside old-aged biological bodies! Childish grownups and kiddy adults!! )

Y’all now know them by the faulty fruitless fakes that they bogusly bears; For a bush or a tree is known by its fresh fragrant fruits fairs; Colorful crops as oranges – grapefruits – apples – plums – peaches and pears.__

But they’re profiteering publishing politicized books; Collective data stolen form others also as criminal crooks; Constantly castigating criticizing customary culinary cooks._ Yet they proclaim to even like how “Whites” look; But their Eurocentric diets they wholehearted took; And nobody beat their “Black” butts by the river brook; Now I have caught them on my sharp fishing hook.__

It is often the trained psychologists + psychologists; politicized activists, who’re attempting to equate Africa and African Americans with the word “Black”. These are tricksters treacherous tactics!

They falsely figure on having our naïve and gullible, unschooled kids, teenage youths, think in terms of their tissues being black colored, when in actuality and true reality, their superficial surface skin is in factually Brown! Yet they hope that by them persistently publicizing propaganda politics, it will or would prejudice pupil’s psychologies against African Americans or Afro-Americans, who have repeatedly denied being; “Blacks”! And openly proclaim to be “People of Color”!

SUBLIMINAL SIGNALS: So some senseless individuals, conjured up and concoct their terms telling Wexz & Usxz who oppose these “Black” brands, as being “ante-black” or anti-black. Basically bogusly bigoted blatantly bias bull baloney!

Blackafying: everybody of African attributes is absolutely adverse and wickedly wrong. And as well as how hateful WhitTies wicked witchcrafts, hurt and harm happy healthy humans, and deliberately degrades, denigrates, dehumanizes them, so does the blatantly bad Black-Africations. They’re accusations, allegations and assumptions!!!

Yes she can be called a Caucasian “Black & White” African Queen; And this is exactly to strictly specifically mean; Why I’ve actualized Africoidian ascendance team._ Not all Africans in Africa are Darks: But also Lights pigmented parts; And each can be swimming swindling stalking sharks._

Evil enemy Eu-Rope-an entering through their demon diet; but “Black” Pan-Africanist want for me to stay quiet.__ And never talk out openly about misleading liars; Passing out their tricksters fliers; Pulling people of color’s teeth out with politicized pliers; So why would want the be branded “Black” buyer: When they hate hogshead cheese – chicken – fish fryers.__

Staying sleep standing sheep; Or wide awake wickedly weak; Every day of the week; Conscious community criminal corruptions creak; Up and down the curving crooked crocodile creek; Bad “Black” bandits bad behaviors badly beat; Turn sour the sweet sugar beets; Recurring racism robustly repeats; Sacred spiritual space steaming streets; Fighting fearlessly for financial fund fulfilling feet feats; Hot Hades hell helium heats.__

Next notes…

YES; No rational reason to doubt, that it can be and is intimidating to our oncoming offspring, gifted generations of small school age classroom children. Little kids trying to learn all about who and what they truly are. Especially – expressly, when there’re guilty grownup gangster like adults, doing the scholarly academic teaching and instructing!

Lets say for some sanely sound simple examples, my mastermind messiah mental model listings: Scholars and academics called by their titles and professional names. Dr. Joy De Gruy trained psychiatrist-psychologist + political activist, 2. Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson trained psychologist-political activist, Garveyite Pan-Africanist. 3. Dr. James Smalls… 4. Dr. Leonard Jeffries historian – Egyptologist, 5. Dr. Ashwa Kwisi, historian – Kemetician – Kemetologist, 6. Scholar Sara Suten Seti, 7. Dr. Ben Jochanan anthropologist – archeologist – historian Senior Sr.; 8. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, psychologist expert on “Racism White Supremacy”; 9. Dr. Nilly Fuller, expert on “Racism White Supremacy”; 10. Dr. Kamau Kambon, expert on “The White Terrorist Dominators”; 11. Bro. Booker T. Coleman, Moor, Mason, historian, activist. And more melaninated mastermind membrane members are added later on >>>.

All of them talk in terms of somebody being bio-bodily black, or religiously politically “all Black”; and of African “descent”. Big and bold and bullying brothers and soulful sisters; who wish wellness upon African Americans and Africoidian ascendants of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

Albeit, they all make more meaningless mistakes, than those of us who are not as astute, or leaned in historical reports. Such as myh ownself, who is not an ‘intellectual masturbater’; nor literary lecturer! Butt, I AM An Appointe and anointed Arthiest Actionary; Avatar Avender AmeriAfrindian ArthstCHD1!

Surely some have read over 40 published books by Afrrocentric authors, and studied European and allegedly and assumed; “Black History Month” or “Negro History Month”. There are considered educated, experts, authorities on various subject materials. Sort of snobbishly sophisticated too!

Ya see, they tend to have one thing in common, not true information, nor real knowledge, about themselves, ‘To Know Thy Self’ and TO LOVE THY SELF.

And if they truthfully did, none of them would wantonly wish to still be calling themselves by the bogusly bias, blatantly bigoted brand; “Blacks”! In spite or and regardless of optical observations, ostensibly obvious, is the truest complexioned cosmetic colorations of our originating skin shades, sunshine sheens, tones – tans – tints. Lights & Darks: blue-blacks, redbones – high yellows, whites + pale pink pigmented person, per planetary public people’s populations! = Righteous RAYZIAL radiance realities! (Not RAYZ vs. “RACE”!)

“God” never said a Devil Damn word written in the “Holy Bibles”; Warlords who wrote wicked witchcraft WhitTie words of libels._ It was mad men scribe scribbles: Sick sociopath Satanists squabbles; Bringing bribery brainwashing big breath blown bubbles; Humans held hostages hatemonger humbles; Bowing beliefs bigoted bossy bungles; Foolish faith following fools fatally fumbles; “Jesus” jumping jacks jungle Jim jungles; Tarzan tightrope teachings taught talents to tumbles; Racist religious radicals really rumbles.__

CauCrazian capitalist colonialist covenant contract; Redbone High Yellow Brown and Black: All are Humanoidians as a materialized matter of fact; No bio-bodily being is any better than the other ones intact; Only better in doing some things where others do lack: And no ones “God” takes up any soul saving slack: And SUNGODD is no respecter of politicized persons pack; HEATXZ helium hydrogen hack; Shines solar sunny side Spiritualized sanctuary sack.__

Straight shooting Spiritious spears; Sharp spiraling seers slicing shears; Strictly specific speech speaking sears.__

OK y’all, I’m simplifying some sound sensible sound spoken things. Word with wealthier wisdom and wits well within. I AM THE ONE: who is to sharpen his tong’s two-edged sword. Monetizing and weaponizing and militarizing my mastermind, melanin messiah mental models. MASTER1 Media + Mega-meta-musical mediums.

Howsoever, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; are Arthiest Actionaries. Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s courageous career commission calling cause!

Divinely Decreed Discipline: Specifically, strictly stated; I AM in no ways or means, associated and affiliated with any groupies, ghetto grownup gambling gangster. Nor involved with any religious radicals, renegade rouge rebels; whatsoever. I do not join and belong as a member to any alleged assumed organization; in which, are actually disorganizations. Neither belong to any Christian church congregation, Islamic Muslim mosques, or Jewish synagogue!

The personalized problems poses psychopathic perspectives, prejudices psychologies, pollutes personalities. And they collectively clogs, congests and calcified the potent pineal glands. The paved patterned pathway, the person powers!

Religious politics; repels-rebels; against Africoidianized Spiritics. And easily overpowers what they commonly call spiritualist of spiritualism and being spiritual. These words sounds similar; although, they mean much more in diverse differences, decisive delineations!

Thereby my completely comprehending these creative cosmic chemistries, I have happily identified myself as being a specialized Spiritist = a Spiritual Scientist = Spiritious Sciessencist. It is, a Supreme Superior Statute! The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How! Decreed Deliberated Divine Degree! Declared Deified Defense + Official Offense!!

Therefore I AM Wexz & Usxz & Yawls; You & Me & My: Added aggregately; aggressively, ambitiously and arrogantly!

When_THEY_ shoot us down in hot/cold blood, kill Africoidians anytime and anywhere, these sea salt sharks – sharp Spiritious Swords and Spears shoots_ THEM_ back in self-survival strategic stance! THEIR, sorcerers spears are repelled and reflected and righteously retuned. Yes I have a human duty and HUEMAINRIGH; to defend and to protect; Myself + MY PEOPLE!!!

First and foremost: I have to come completely cultured cleansed, consummately cured. No flesh and blood, bones and marrow about it! Number, a true Spiritist Winner Warrior & Valiant Victor, declines drinking any types of alcoholic beverages. Nor smoke tobacco cigarettes – cancer sticks, marijuana – weed – grass – gunga – pot – cannabis. Nether take or consume a bunch of pharmaceutical prescription pills, poisons-pollutions. Basically because I simply don’t need any of them. But, if others do indeed need them, that’s their choice, individual decision, so be it!

What I’m saying is that I can’t afford to take unnecessary chances, ridiculous risks with my owned wealthy health and dearly loved life. No willing way! I know that I don’t have to; comply and cave into outside pressures, propaganda politics. Seeing how I identify with the strongest SOLARSUN SPIRITICS!

Moreover, all those insisting and persisting on identifying themselves with these manmade manufacture Mytholigions & Racist Religions, shall surely never have any Potent Personalized Planetary Powers!!!

They can be nothing other than publicized peter plucked punks, petty puppet patrol police, proxy propped politician pundits!

One has to be-come spiritualized in operational order to be-come spiritual; And I not talking about virtual-visual._ Religion and Spirituality, does not mix in actuality; Racism’s regressive regenerating reality; Nor blend together in Love Peace & Harmony helping heal humanity._ And it is insanity and inhumanity!! ( ref. )

Next notes…

YES YOU, little Johnny Jr. and little Sally Sue, blond hair – eyes green and blue. Certainly can easily learn lessons on true Holistory Heritage Health and also help heal humanity, of its historical inhumanity insanity!

YES: Misleaders misguides; first and foremost, Americanized Anglo-Saxons, in particularly, their youths, and small school children. Teaching them a history that is totally untrue – untruthful. Contriving to sanitize Satanic Slavers sinister slaveries of Africoidian ascendants of Africa.

Europeans in America, has happily hidden their horrifying hostilities, hideous hate history, from their oncoming offspring, progeny and generations of teenage youngsters. Acting as if; blue-black, brown, redbone – high yellow skinned societies don’t ever count or even exists. One “Lilly White”! Only pearly pale pink pigmented prejudice, preferred, prestigious people!

Certainly in a civilized citizenry, these teachings can or could, would or should be considered committing crimes against Humanity. Basically because, little Euro-Anglo-American kids, are also humans. And such seriously sickening, societal sociopathy Through economic-educational advantages, it constitutes, blatant bribing and brainwashing. And a monstrously mean mindset mechanism, controlling conscious conclusions, causing corruption and criminality.

It is invidious – insidious – institutionalize mental trauma, psychological poisoning, purposely produced propaganda pollutions. Posing potent planetary problems + personalized psychopthy = PSYCHOGENS!!

Disintegration – degradation – denigration – desolation – devolution – destruction – dysfunction – demolition – depreciation – deprivation: dehumanization: These are the devilishly demonic doings, deadly deeds done by: commonly called Caucasians – Caucasoidians. Those who came crawling out of the cold climate Caucasus caves, as corrupt criminal creatures!

Concurrently causing cellular cancers, civic conflicts, combustible chaos, conscious confusions, criminalities coming citywide – countywide – countrywide. Consummately continentally corrupting contextual character contents. Culminating into devolved Devils & Demons & degenerative dysfunctional; crazy capitalist – colonialist – corporatist crazy CauCrazians!!!

They’re not necessarily named negatively: “Whites”; butt, as actualized, WhitTies, westernized world wicked witchcrafts, werewolves, warlords, warlocks, warmongers!

Divinely Decreed Differentiation – Declared Delineation – Deliberated Division: Separating sanity from insanity, and dividing inhumanity away from humanity.

I have created crystal clear clarity: Caucasians vs. CauCrazians + “Whites” vs. WhitTies + Europeans vs. Eu-Rope-ans evil enemy energy entities = eugenicists – exceptionalists – executioners!!

Certainly creative concepts, percepts and precepts protecting persons of innocence, who had and have nothing; whatsoever, to do with the historical and present day, Satanic Slavery of Solar Sexus Souls + Sacred Spirits!

Souls and Spirits are contained inside biological bodily beings. The Spiritualized Sanctuary, of the Lords Love Life Light Locks!

Therefore, these terrorist thug tyrants; Satanic Slavers, sought and seek to entrap and enslave energy entities, ecologies + economies = excelled EcoEnergystics!

Politicized predatory profiteers + pirates – parasitic publicized politicians – positioned prescription pill prostituting physicians – pusher pimp pharmacists – polluting pulpit preachers – pastors – popes – priestly pedophiles. Plus+ petty police patrol preying mantises, mean monster mentalities – menacing mindsets, media murderers, making mass manslaughters!

I’ve Imagined + Envisioned: Sometime and somewhere back in times of antiquity; and as ancient ancestral Africa’s Kemet – Egypt = KEMEGYPT; Africoidians and or Negroidians, enjoyed several Grandly Great Glories, Genesis Genius Gracious Gifts. Citizens created civilizations, clean cultural culinary crops, customs and correct causes. Golden-Ages they call them too!

Unapproachable upper ruling elites, prestigious prophet profiteers – prejudice priests – physicians as persons of pious political powers. Acting above the state and local legislated laws, restrictions – rules and regulations. Self-righteous rulers raping – raiding – robbing royal riches and resources, producing poor people. Making all that they do or did legal and everybody else, on lower levels, illegal and utterly unlawful!

Untouchables, as We’s & Us’s can clearly see now today, through the racist reflective lens, glass morrows of melanin-less membrane members. So self said: “Whites”; of European and Eurasian origins. Immature little Johnny Come Lately; Caucasian Caucasoidians. Mimicking what and who they saw, doing these dastardly demonic deeds of destruction and desolations, to others who looked typically just like they do or did!

Guilty Gluttonous Greed: Hoarding up all of the valuables, worldly wealth, truest talents, native-natural nutrients-nourishments, rare rich royal resources, gold – silver – diamonds – pears. Starting storehouses of goods, grains, seeds to be sown selfishly – self-serving senseless saints, supposed sacred societies of scientists, scholars, educators – instructors – teachers. And one had to be an insider, according to a inherited leakage, bio-bloodline to some sophisticated family foundation. Advantageously locking all other Africans out of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s Africoidians ascendancy!

And as with what historically happens over and over, repeating itself again, each and every single one of these self-seeking societies, uncivilized citizens; so incorrectly called civilization; fatally fail. Just as the devilishly demonic dis-United States of Americanized Anglo-Saxon Slaver Satanists!

“Babylon The Great Is Fallen, Is Fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every file spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hateful bird”. And this expands the predicted FEMA camps, cages, corrals, concentration campgrounds citywide – countywide – countrywide confinement. Continental containment controls!!!


And Biblessedly, I profess: Mystery Babylon The Great USA; The Monster Mother of Harlots – Hoes – Whores – Prostitutes; And Abominations of Planet Mother Nature Earth!

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BIBLESS = Bible Blessed Better Born Bestowed Benefits, Bio-Bodily-Beings; pt8




Cosmic CREATONS; Colorized chemistries calibrations; Creativities collective concentrations; Celestial concomitant congregations; Conscious cognizant communications; Completely composed constellations.__

Genesis genius grandly great gifted grace; Rare rich royal resources righteously ran run race; Paved pattern7ed pathways pace; Panoramic picturesque perfected pretty place; First foremost fortuitous family foundational funded food famous face; True talents teachers taught to tell total truths to trace; More meaningful mercy merchant money made mace; Ancient ancestral All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’s ascendant Africoidians ace.__

HueMainoidian habitants.

Inner the Biblessed beginning: Solar SUNGODD DEITY; wedded womanhood’s womb; The whole wide world’s web woven with wealthy wisdom and worldwide wits worthy of worship.


THE FATHER DEITRIX Divinely dated – mated – married MOTHER MAATRIX. Establishing dynamic duality and blessedly based balance!!

Compatible companions, created unequal and opposite polarities pulling partnerships apart and attracting personalities back together. Push and pull, negative – + positive pulsating poles. Circuitry charged currencies, collective cycles, circulating cosmic creativities = common causes!

FEMALE FEMININITY + MALE MASCULINITY: Divinely decreed differentiations, dual developments. Identical twins, boy and girl, woman and man. Better beneficially born Biblessed biological bodily beings.

CosmiColoRayz_neg image small

Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul SAVIOR: First Founded Family Funded Finance Fitness Fortunes Famous Food Flavor: Broke back bankrupt bogusly bias bigoted bastardized bitchcrafts blatantly bad behavior; Helping Hotep hold highest honor; Holistic human health healing happy humor; Renouncing racist religious radicalized renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion rumor.__

Evolving energy entity ethics: Existing ecologic economics; Equals = early executing elastics; Exceeding excelling EcoEnergystics; Spiritualized sciences silent statistics: School sanctuary student studies scholastics; Purposely produced perfected plastics; Ancient ancestral Africa’s accounted analytics.__

I often hear somebody talking about the oppressive One Percent; Referring to rich rulers who’re demonically indecent; And a whole lots of time is spent; Verbally attacking Wall Street Stock statement; Marketers money manufactured mostly merchant meant; Yet ignoring those called chosen and sent; To turnover the tyrannical thugs timetables tent: Capital cash currency changers Christian church clerical client.

Africarambee vs. Harambee:: A friendly and not an adversaries arrangement. An Africoidian ascendant affair, awareness, arising affair, as All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa’ s ascension; and ancient ancestry, authentic authorized appointed anointed artistry. Actualized Arch Angel Arch Anchor Ankh Arthiest Actionary Atom Amen-RA, of Z-Blac-Keyz and Z-BlackRayz!!!

Blog ref.: or Z-BLACKRAYZ RADIO Africarambees Africadio of Z-Blac-Keyz + Afrionxz Afribets + Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1.

YES: Kenya, Africa, is the origins of the expression Harambee. Meaning mostly of “Blacks & Whites” working together for positive progress. Pulling political powers toward one another as a Native National Cote of Arms Harambee. It was never meant or intended to be used, exploited expediently, to proclaim an “all Black” based belief. Nevertheless, there’re a number of ambitious and arrogant African Americans, selfishly saying so!

Therefore, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Created and initiated innovative invention. Intended INTERVENTION DIVINE. Ascending Africoidian, Afrindian, AmeriAfrindian AFRICARAMBEES!!!

Y’all can see with crystal clear clarity; how continental Africa is a far reaching royal rich resoureful region, geographical land mass. And SHE is a very vast vitalizing VegePlanTerRain.

Unfortunately: There’s a host of talk radio shows, Americanized African projects, projecting the politicized position or promoting the name Harambee. Often calling themselves “Garveyites”; alleged and assumed followers of the Honored Mr. Marcus Mossiah Garvey, decease Pan-Africanist and “Negro” leader! Recognized identity of his time!

Many of these online alternative media networks, broadcasts, openly say that they don’t care what somebody’s religion is. And this long list runs on, with them having good intentions, no ill-will, in hopes of helping bring “Blacks” together in unity. And their open policy, is exactly what pollutes and poisons, their religiously politicized platforms. Secret society spies and snitching spooks.

The influx of impure problematic personalities, infiltrators, invaders. Conscious conflicts, cycling communications confusions. Host and guest speakers, spewing spillage, satanic sayings that they seem too immature to completely comprehend; contaminants and contagions. Unwisely attempting to mix and mingle combustible cosmic chemistries!

Africarambees are Arthiest Actionaries, advancing above and beyond what is labeled as “Black Liberators”; “Black Freedom Fighters”; “Black Power” militant minded men, as assumed and alleged; Rebel Revolutionaries!

“Racism is a psycho biological survival system” (Dr. Umar A. Johnson) And all “White Man” made, Religions, were well wantonly wished, western world WhitTies wicked witchcrafts. Intended insidious invidious institutionalized Reptilian RACISM!

Christians Church Christianity + Islamic Muslims, Mosque Mohammedans + Synagogue Jews Judaism; serves Satanic Sociopath Slavers Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes, Sinister Scientists, sadist sorcerers snake serpent systemic System SATAN!!!

A non-religious “White”; is better beneficially blessed, than a religious “Black” & Brown!!

BIBLESS BIG BLAC-KEYS QUESTIONS – QUESTEROIDS: So who’s a true red-blue blood brother and soulful sister? Who’s the self-serving sellout Samboes? Who’re the hostile hater hypocrites? Aren’t Arabized African Americans as The Nation of Islam – Mohammedan Muslims, sucking up to their Arab Slavers? Are the ‘Black Hebrew Israelite-Jews’; supporting Supremacist Slave Masters? How can any one of them be true Winner Warriors & Valiant Victors? Are these religious rebel revolutionaries, raping robbers, raiders repressive towards Mother Africa and HER Healthy, healed HUEMAINITY? And the qualifying answers are; Hades Hell Flaming Fires YES!!!

Moreover, another activist announcement; that they have read 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 or more published books. Authored by Africans in America, Pan-Africanists; Egyptologists, Kemetologists, and other scholarly scribes and literary writers.

Likewise, far too many militant minded males, have allowed themselves to become so sadly self-righteous. Self-centered “conscious community”. Self-serving sellout Sambo submissive servants supporting the Satanist Slavers System!

Knowingly and unknowingly, wittingly and unwittingly; and by defacto default. Expressly, calling themselves, vegans, vegetarians who suppose to be eating more healthful foods; yet they’re faith following fools. Ignorantly identifying themselves also as Moors, Masons or Freemasons and members of Masonic Temples, in which, is a politicized racist religiosity!

Certainly Contaminants + Cancerous Contagions: Consciously confused concomitants, cosmically chaotic. Civilly conflicting comrades. Causing clogged creativities, congested culture, culinary curses. And CKNWCA, is the consummated CURE and or CURSE!!

To all opposing political parties, ghetto grownup gangsters; guilty groupies, whosoever, they might be; I have successfully Spiritiously SUMMONED, Divinely Decreed Devil Damnation Death!!!


SPIRIT SUFFER-FIXATION: =SpiritualSentence, Spirituality Stoppage, Satanic stroke, strategic stranglehold!

SUFFIX – SUFFIXATION: = Suf + fix + fixation.

Suffer-Fix-a-tion: symbolically similar to suffocation and to suffer from fixation. It’s a finalizing fatal fix, a drug addict shooting up chemical clinical concoctions.

Religiosity’s rationalizations; Self-depreciative deception and Gross Demonic Distortions of RAYZIAL realties! Yet want – to – be branded “Black” business men and women, self-sabotages self-success, self-survival!!

PanorAfrica_color blue

PANONORAFRICA: I have happily created, inventively innovated; to counter-combat competors, of the so called “conscious community”; who’ve obviously fail to unify or unite AmeriAfrindians + Afrindians + African Americans. Under One Holistic HUEMAINRAYZ & HUEMAINKIND & HUEMAINRIGHT!!! Indubitably; PanorAfricAspora!

Pan-Africans, advocating the digressive descendants; Diaspora; in far too many cases, start of by stating Africa as their target goals. Which are good ones, no doubt. Butt, they end down and out on the tail feathers of their dull arrow heads and spear points. They’re so corruptly crooked shooting sidewinders, instead of straight shooting soldiers. Meaning there’re added attachments to their Africanist ideologies, intended to mislead more mindless melaninated membrane members!

PanorAfrica_color neg-image

These additions are suffixes, as I’ve inventively identified, Suffer-Fixation = Suffocation of the Spirituality due to regressive religiosity. Simply by not stating specifics, never coming clean up front first and foremost. Leaving out what one is trying to hide or hold back, conceal in secrecy. And afterwards, of getting African Americans attention, interest in militant minded mechanisms, methods – mindsets; then they drop the deadly blackened bombs!

Revealing slowly, stealthily sneaky snakelike subtlety; saying, that they are vegans, vegetarians, Moors, Masons, Freemasons, Islamic Muslims-Muhammadans and of the Nation of Islam. So forth and so on deceiving and misleading and misguiding melaninated membrane members, and of Africoidian Africa’s ascent!

STRICTLY + SPECIFICALLY: A True Evolutionary and Arthiest Actionary, can not afford to affiliate and associate, amalgamate and aggregate, among asinine ass antagonist adversaries, and arsine activist alien agencies!!

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NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT: Forgiving our oppressors is totally out of the Blac-Keys question! Also, there is no way Wexz & Usxz are going to forget and forgive “White Racists”; whosesoever, they might be?! Westernized worldwide wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker CauCrazian Caucasoidians! Criminally corrupt capitalist colonialist corporatist crooks!

Reconciliation is wickedly wrong, absurd, ridiculous, irrational and unreasonable. Seeing how these tyrannical terrorist thugs, are still operating, and functions to entrap and enslave Africans in the Americas. All around an AfricAspora!

Evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans = eugenicists, exceptionalists, executioners exists everywhere! And alien agencies as Anglo-Saxons – Germanic Europeans; as an aggregated overall in general group, are destined to die! Due desolation demonic destructions. Scheduled for finalizing fatally, elimination – extermination – extinction!!!

Approx about 10% to 12% to be redeemed and delivered, receiving salvation. An Good Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded Men & Women!!

Approx about 80% to 90% are indecent, bad sown seeds, genetically degenerative dysfunctional Devil Damned. Doomed to the death declaration, divinely decreed deliberation demise!


Scrip-truths + Scrip-trues vs. Scrip-tures: Says strictly seeking, specifically scripts sourcing the total told truths 100%+. Thus telling totally true things 100%+. As opposed to the fraud in fact lies of leading liars, writing literature, commonly called The Scriptures of “The Holy Bible”.

The hateful harlot hoe of Hot Hades Hell; Ferocious flaming fires fearlessly fell; Bastardized Blacken Bitchcraft bloody bell._ Whorish women wicked witchcraft woefully wails; Sociopath Slavers slave ships surreptitiously sails; Satanist supremacy superiority sinister scientist stealthily sells: Mean mad men menacing monsters malesmails; Jealous jukebox jokers jamming jails; Black bandit bankrupt brokers breaking bails; Vicious viral violence violating veilsvales; True testimonies total truths that truly tells: Foolish faith followers finally fatally fails; Positive produced proofs proved progressively prevails.__


Yes ‘The Black woman today is the White man’s bitch’; ‘She rejects the Black man’ with her harlot hoeing hitch; ‘And I’m not gonna bite my tong to twitch‘; Nor “buck” and bounce back down the in the dirty ditch; ‘They don’t know anything about an African man nor raising a child having a family flitch; She’s walking around town wearing dreads – locks – braids -weaves wicked witch; Ghetto girls guilty gamblers gutter glitch;

“This is why she don’t deal with Black men”; Basically “because she has been taught by a racist white supremacist system” To lustfully having freaking f..king fun, perverted sex with “her oppressors”. Her mind is all messed up and “The Black men”; has no other choice but to let her go and leave these thug hoochy coochy mammas go. Middle or Lowlife classes!

‘We gotta deal with now today and not so much from an historical point of perspective. Lets view things as they are presently in the realized world. We have to break it all back down to the bottom basics, elementary levels, because we’re in the big boys league. And just don’t git it. And I’m sick and tied and fed up with these lecturers and speakers, coming online talking about they’re Moors, Masons, Black Israelite Hebrew Jews, The Nation of Islam Muslims – Mohammedans and Christians. These names and identities mean very little or nothing at all to or for our “Black Liberation”; and African American freedom!’

Achieves rel. 2013-12-19 Taki

“Lets go back to grade school and git the foundation of life!; the true essence and balance of Maat!” So I’m being told and have acknowledged and gathered in!

Black baboonery and copout coconut cocoon-ery._ Not one once of original Spirituality; But only repressive religiosity.

Some senseless say, that they are in their spiritual mindset; and practice Indians of India’s meditation and yoga. All type of therapies and tissue training techniques. I vehemently proclaim, that they are full-a-bull shit!

Next notes….

SLAVEVIL: SLAVEVILIE – SLAVEVILIAR:= slave + evil + lie + liar x lave-la. Slave-evil = Slavevil:

Slavers evil, Sadist supremacist slavery that’s extremely evil. Expressly, evil enemy Eu-Rope-ans vs. Europeans!!

Slave-evil-lie = slavevilie: Satanist Slavers who’re tell evil lies!

Slave-evil-liar = slaveviliar; Slave sadists – supremacist evil liars!

Yes, this devilishly demonic divided dis-United States of America, Anglo asinine arrogant asses, aggressive antagonist adversaries, and arsine alien agencies Al Qaida Officiating Occupying Operatives!

The USA is a Slaver satanic system, and it’s insane and inhumane. Secret society Satanists and sick sociopath sadists. Supremacy superiority sinister scientists, sorcerers, stealthy snakes, sucker stooge serpents, submissive sycophants, servants of the systemic System SATAN!!!

I’m talking all about some strict specifics. The overall collective citizenry, is condemned, cursed citywide – countywide – countrywide and continentally contaminated by cancerous contagions! Conscientiously corrupted through their internalized cultivation; commonly called civilization, and conscious criminalizing conditionings. Corrosive college coercive curriculums causing cycling confusions, cataclysmic civil chaos and concurring calamities, culminating combustible catastrophes!

The USA is a criminal cage, cell containing corrupted citizens of the upper – middle – low classified categories. The Anglo-American nation was and is bogusly built upon blatant bigotries, bible based bias beliefs. The complete country was premised upon Sadists – Satanists and their Slavers Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!

MY PEOPLE: Are actively advised and Officially Ordered by The COMFORTER Courageous Commander Chief COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Thus to truly come completely cultured cleansed + consummately Cured!

Come out of His & Her Harlot Hoe hideously hostile hatemongering heathens house. Hades hells holding healthy humans hostages. Hurting and harming and not helping heal humanity!

He & She steals, slaves, sells Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, stealthily by way of, racist radicalized religious renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion. Thus, through tyrannical terrorism, tissue tormenting tactics, terrifying torturing techniques and terrestrial thuggish trials and tribulations, toxic treatments!

Everybody and everyone is a suspect of being a Satanist and sadist. Whosoever, has wantonly, willfully-willingly wish well to this Slaver system, are criminally charged and correctly condemned. For voluntarily involving themselves with crimes committed against ascendant Africoidians of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa.

And it do not necessarily matter, who superficial-surface skin solarization, shade, tone – tan – tint. Nor their artificial appearance, as far as it concerns, cosmetic coloration complexions: blue-black, brown, redbone – high yellow, white, or pale pink pigmented persons. Perspective public people’s planetary populations!

Filthy Faker “Founding Fathers” fooled faith followers, into faulty findings, feelings, falsified folklores, fictions, fairy tales. An Unconstitutional underhanded ugliness, commonly called Caucasians Constitutional Congress! But, it is in reality and actuality, Confederated CauCrazian coalition collusion cahoots conspiracy!

CONSPIRACIST: = co + con + on + spir + racist. Conspiracy: conspire + racy. Are racialists running realized races.

Conspiracist; Is a conspiring racist. He or she consciously conceals their conceived conspiracies. Racism is the reality they conspire among one another, with cognitive consents, in cahoots collusion.

Profiteers planetary prison plantations; Criminal conscious community concentrations; Civilized common clean culinary culture confiscations; Mean meddling mad monster men menacing money making mentality mediations; Devilishly demonic destructive dollar desolations: Divinely decreed deliberations: Declared Devil damnations.__

Civilians caught inside this tyrannical trap: Every unclean and unhealthy and uncultured hip hop rap._ Each and every bad bird, bloody buzzard, vicious violent vulture; Replaced with an authentically authorized Africulture; And adding advanced agriculture; Compassionately cleansed cured culinary culture.__

Bible based benefactor’s blatantly bad beliefs; Are the truest terrorist thug tyrant thief’s:; Longstanding legacy leafs; But better be better blessed by being brief; Realized revelations richer royal Reveallocations reef .__

They’re “globalist” intent on global dominations; Of oppressing -repressing-depressing our Global World Nations; Eu-Rope-an exceptionist eugenicists exterminations; Europeans existing energy entities evil estimations; And their has never been any such slaves salvations; Never set free from incarcerations; US President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation’s; Perpetuated perpetrators prison plantations.__

Our originating organisms Orgon Omnipresent Order: Optimal orgasmic opioid organic order; Occupyneers optical objective operational organizational order._ A positive+ plus – negative minus charge; Mother Maatrix mindset mirage; Bio-bodily balance and imbalance barge; Biblessed benefits bestowing barrage; Lords love life light locks large; Criminal CauCrazians crazy concealed camouflage; Cosmic creativities composes clean cultured color collage.__

The Devil’s demon seeds sown; Lost losers leisure lazy loan; Bankrupting bonds back breaking bone; Their hostile hate history has surely shown: CauCrazians came crawling out of racist Rome; Killing off clean conscious Caucasians inside their humane happy homes; Terrorizing them with religious rocks and satanic stones; The US Pentagon’s demonic deadly drones.__

Many mindless melaninated membrane members; Subconscious self-serving subtle suicidal sellout Sambo suckers; …..

YES: Something seriously sinister has happened, over a longstanding period of time, through teaching, and training terrestrial talents. Many multitudes of melaninaed members, blue-black, brown, redbone – high yellow skin cosmetic complexion colorations. Citizens of the Americas United States Statutes, has been severely Satanized vs. sanitized – sterilized – satirized!!

My Fiery Father’s ferocious flame; First furnace financed fortunes fame; Solar Sunshine same; SUNGODD DEITY Daddy’s dimensional domain; Serenely shining supremely sublimely superiorly sane; Healthfully healing helpfully humane.__

UNITRUTHS; Wipes out untruths; And unifies us full proved proofs; All religions divide dupes and goofs;_ Islamic Muslims Mohammedans moose; Namely Nation’s negative nasty naughty nose Negroes noose; Guilty grownup ghetto gangsters gambling goose._ Lost losers leaning long-lasting loose._

Think not that these self-seeker, self-serving, self-saying; “Blacks” and African Americans, Pan-Africanists, or any other tricksters treachery. Be never misled by misleaders, who also misguide Africoidians – Afrindians and AmeriAfrindians, herein the America’s dis-United States Satanists – Sadists – Supremacists Secret Society, serving SATAN!!!!

Artlessly actualized alien agencies, and are antagonist adversaries and activated asinine asses. They’re just as are contagious cancers, corrupting cellular and civil conditions. Now y’all listen up to me closely, basically because, what I’m saying is very tricky, and can confuse your thinking. These so self-said and wanna-be-black leaders; has held humans hostage, too!

They always send out their psychological projections, talking about “White Supremacy Racism”; and they’re usually correct with right reasons. Howsoever, they tell truths that in actuality are ugly untruth, 50% – due to them not telling true things totally 100%+. Such systemic sellout Samboes, have rationalized reasons and realities, thus truly deceiving themselves. Consequently deceiving those who unwisely accept and embrace their broadcasted bogus bible based beliefs.

Somewhere and sometime ago, there were mass media means, news reports, journals, columns, leading literature, stating some things that taught TV viewers – radio listeners, this – that or the other. Especially some of those who are activists, online Internet talk radio show hosts and invited guests. Already, preprogrammed to think thoughts that are untrue, untruthful, yet not necessarily being aware of their internalized ignorance.

Intentionally ignoring some sound sensible sanity, surely stated shifts in certain changing conditions and concurring circumstances. They consciously continue to “Black” brand all Africans in the Americas. When is factual actual reality, are apparently Brown, redbone – high yellow skinned pigmented persons; among many melaninated membrane members; as a people.

Consequently, after wrongly labeling those who may look superficially like they do, then these misled misleaders goes on to try telling us what we need or must be doing. Butt, they are absolutely wicked witchcraft WhitTie wrong. The “White” western world, have indoctrinated and inoculated their mindsets. For instance, some still say that they’re “a Black Race” vs. “a White Race”!!

They both are religiously racial-radicalized; politically publicized psychologies + propagandized physiologies. Having no realized place in the material matter manifestation. After which self-deception, rationalization, gross distortion of reality, dead weights, they persist and insist on interloping – interfacing – interrelating with Americanized Africoidians ascending attributions and advancements!

Sanely sincere and insanely insincere: Not knowing any better and at the very same time, never wanting to know any better. Incurable and incorrigible; uncorrectable!

Thereby, therefore, my mastermind complely comprehending these total told truths 100%+; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; are actualized for our oncoming generations of new born babies, kids, small children and teenage youths! My main website:

Grownups as adults are staying stupidly stuck, steady still states. Permanently premature parents, preachers, pastors, popes, priests, politicians. Internally – intrinsically – innately immature!

They’re alien agents, acting as African Americans who’re wellness wishing, ill-will withstanding individuals and groupies. Wantonly wishing that others join them online, become dues paying parties, members of some family functions; as they so very frequently proclaims!

BUTT: The contaminating contagions, concurrently corrupting conscious – cognizant awareness, running racialist radicalm ridiculously ranting rampant!

Melaninated members mixing all manners of materials, mentalities, that do not mix. And this is how We’s & Us’s can tell them by not only what they say verbally or orally, butt, by their actual-acts and degrading deeds. Such simply said: a vegan and a vegetarian who also, “Black” brand themselves, are actually denigrating Africans in America. Taking ways something very valuable, deducting dietary divine dinner dishes, delightful deserts, delicious!

Ya see with crystal clear clarity, cancers can conceal its existences, predatory presences and ominous origiins. Cancerous cells cloaks and covertly covers themselves, within and or among clean cultivated cellular centers, citizens cross-country. Contaminating citizenries and  acting as criminalizing contagions. College curriculums circulates corruptions citywide, countywide, countrywide!

They look innocent, act compassionately caring, concerned about “Black Liberation”; “Black African America”. These are Anglo-Americanized agents, alien adversaries and antagonist against Africoidian ascendants!

Malicious intent inside mindset mischief. They have foolishly committed and confessed themselves to certain causes, that are in fact of reality; evil enemy entities, existing Eu-Rope-ans, eugenicists  economics.  Generating Genesis Cenius Genocides, homicides, and Pharmacides!!!

AFRICARAMBEES AFRICADIO vs. “Black Radio”!! Yes we’ve shifted sensibilities, soundly, sanely. This truly Africoidianizes or Africanizes an advantageous African American ascendance and advancing avenue; arriving arising actuality!

One is already alive and the other one already dead! Long leading losers, lost leaderships. Keep on talking about “bring black back”; yet where is that? Where were any true values; herein, the USA? Is there any such of thing in truth, being “Black Wallstreet?” Why are African Americans fooling themfelves into false beleifs? Is this exactly how religious politics play colorblind?

SOLARSUN Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior SUNGODD DEITY: Divinely Decreed Disc = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth’s Vibrant Vital VegePlanTerRain = Clean Culinary Cultured Cure = Collard1 +Mustard2 +Turnip Greens Grassroots Grounds Growths Genesis Genius Gracious Gifts.

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Check this out and chalk it all up: Nonwhites, who call themselves supporting supremacist superiority superpower sickness syndromes are surely Sambo sellouts. Themselves ignorantly identified in the artless forms of these treasonous traitorous titles: “The Mediterranean Diet”; “The Weight Watcher’s Diet”; “The Vegan Diet” & “The Vegetarian Diet”; and any other Eurocentric and Anglo-Americanized; harmful and hurtful happy go lucky Honky dory demon devil diets!

One can’t be supporting anything ancestral and ancient as authentically authorized Africoidian ascendancy! Clean cultured customary culinary arts are appointed ancestries and anointed artistries!

The Unholy Koran and Unholy Bible, falsely famed and fraudulently framed folklore, fair tales. Butt better beneficiallly bestowed BIBLESS BOOK BLOG, is in truth; The Highest Heavens Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How Helps Holistically Heal Humanity = HueMainity.

“We have allowed foreigners, enemy foreigners to set up shop in our communities. In areas that most of us, won’t even go to ourselves. And they sell you high priced, inferior products, and treat you and your woman, with disrespect! Butt tragically, tragically we continue to patronize these businesses. We support them and their families; and we ensure that their children go to the best schools, and that they live in safe clean communities. But that’s not the phenomenon. The phenomenon in contrast, to the hundreds of stores that they have in our communities, we have not one store, in theirs. That’s the phenomenon!

“And some of us take away some shallow and empty sense of brotherhood with these foreigners by greeting them in their mother tong and in their religion. By saying asa lama lakum. Having south some sense of brotherhood with these people. We are a sick people, in need of major surgery. Of the psychological variety. Our captivity here in North America, under European domination and control, has driven us insane. And I mean that literally!

What does asa lama lakum mean? In: Islam, Spanish to English, English to Arabic [Edit categories]

Answer: hi or hey, more specifically: ‘peace be unto you’ in arabic.
BTW it’s asalaam alikum and the proper response wa’alikum asalaam means “and peace be with you”

“Pathological Terminal Uniqueness”; are bastardized European names, nationally. Howsoever there are no “slave names” in the Americanized English language. That’s an adverse idea or ideology imposed upon other people of African American ascent; by religious politics. Somebody trying to get back at “The White Man”; Slave masters by “Black” branding brothers and soulful sisters. Thus, then trying to tell us that the names our mothers and fathers had given new born babies, on our birth certificates somehow, is bad, bogus. But they are being blatant bias bigots!

A name is a nationalized native-natural identity = identification. Intelligently introduced, regardless of if an angry Anglo-Saxon Slaver said so or not. And without these national names, nobody would know who you truly are nor where to find you?! Your image identity is lost and you’re a loser!

The America’s North – Central – South + All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa; is in factual actual reality; our originating organisms organic; (Olmecs); Mother Homelands. Indubitably, our USAA+ PROMISED LANDS = The Unified Statutes of America + Africa!!

Excellent example: Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD; Means I AM an American of the Americas, + an Africoidian or Africa + Indian indigenous inhabitant = Indiamerica. Anybody having a personal problem with who and who I identity myself as bio-bodily-being; too bad! So be it!

Next notes..…

VIOLESSENCE: = Violence + Essence. VIOLESSENTIAL: Violence + Essential. Means it is essentially a necessitated need to return righteous violence back against Anglo-Americans, who violently violates our native-natural human rights = HueMainRights!

Violence-essence is the cause of birth: Bloody babies born upon Mother Earth._ “Peace is born out of power“ And “we have tried the nonviolent approach“ that tower._ Opposing over our; Every week day and hour.__

And the most monstrous, viciously violent, psychopathic people plaguing the planet; Are Americanized Anglo-Saxon Slavers, namely negative Nazis = Germans! Correctly called criminal Caucrazians = demonically devolved crazy Caucasian Caucasoidians!

The shining suns, stars explode and implode violently. Death occurs nonviolently, without being a biological or physiologic violent act. The dead are silent, solemnly seated in a steadily state. Neutral – neutron, not moving nor having living motions. And it can’t possibly be of a viable vivid vibration, vitalizing valiant Victors victories. Voicing Violessences + Violessentials!!

KNOW – NO, NOT RACE: Garveyites Pan-Africanists persistently proclaims “it has to be about race first”; is absolutely wrong, inclusively incorrect and inaccurate. We’s & Us’s have gone beyond and have gotten over opposing people’s polarizations or polar opposites; “Black & White”!!

Early EARTHORS = Humanoidians = HUEMAINOIDIANS: Are number one orgasmic organic originating organisms. Holistically healthy, healed, humored, happy humans = Holistory Heritage Health; Hotep healing helping HUEMAINRAYZ (S) = RAYZIAL vs. Racial + Half Humane Hybrid Human Race! = The Black Race” and “The White Race” A mutant mindset, master-motor mouths, menacing mass media mentality, monstrously mutated member membranes, melaninated and melanin-less = The Lights and The Darks!! Evolved and Devolved; Revolved and Involved Indigenous Inhabitants!!

THE ULTIMATE ULTRA-UNIVERSAL UNIFICATION: Strictly, specifically requires relinquishing, renouncing, rejecting, rebuking each and every politicized religious rationalizations. Thus it is a mandated must, melaninated membrane members, to decisively ‘Divest & Dispose’; themselves – ourselves of recalcitrant religiosities. Racist radicalized renegade rouge Reptilian Race RELIGIONS!!! [RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!! Ref. ]

ORIGINATOR OMNIPRESENT: Orgon Original Organic Operations Order: Reinstalls, reinstates, refreshes, restores righteous RAYZIAL radiance realities. Rendering Real Live Vision!!

Regardless of and in spite of; anything that would be “Black” leaders, liberators say; nothing they have thus far done and successfully accomplished, is nothing! And also, nothing that “White Supremacist” has done is of any humane positive values, only worth the worse westernized world wicked WhitTie witchcrafts; worldwide!

The Satanic Slavers survival strategies, are in “The New World Order”; butt, COLOR KINGDOM NEW WORLD CREATIVE ARTS; arrives and arises. Replacing the existing European executioners; rebellious revolutionaries, with Africoidian Arthiest Actionaries!

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Morally made money: Happy healthy honey: Full fledged funded financial funny; Rare royal riches resourcefully runny; Biblessed big beautiful bunny; Saving solarized skin sheens sunny; Dictator dieticians dummy; Cream cookies cooked crummy; Youthful jams joyously yummy.__

CK-NWCA is creating jobs – artworks – equal employment: Our Spiritual Renaissance Movement; Clean cultivated capital cash current; Profit proofing positive procurement; Infinite imagination’s intent, Intelligent inner invent; Not needed to be for believers but knowing acknowledgement; Somebody studiously smart statement; Are receiving rare royalties rich raiment; They allowed themselves true economic enlightenment; Got intellectually involved incitement; Generating great wealth for others investment.__ Paid deep dollar dividends delighted dent; Basically because of their open mind amendment; Voluntary valued inquisitive involvement.__

YES: these are revelations, revealing just how those who’re really wishing and wanting, show their deepest desires doing. Purchasing portrait pictures posted herein, my True-Up U-turn Story Book Bible Blogs. BIG BUCKS = $$$ 100%+; somebody’s Biblessed Big Business!

‘The paved patterned pathway is namely narrow; and one has to walk a tight rope and lifeline, soberly, soundly, sanely, sensibly. Very few shall surely see the road of riches, royalties, resources. Many may be commonly called, butt, courageous characters contents are contextually chosen. careful choices comes cleansed.

I’ve Imagined + Eternally Envisioned: Serious supporters of our optimized innovative enterprise; are receiving righteous rewards, lots of morally made money, to have healthfully and to hold happily. And reinvest into healing humanity = HueMainity; all around our optically orbiting, Global World Nations. [ref.

THE TYRANTS; Thug tissue terrorist took away; Decreed Divine Diets. Raped – robbed – raided, restricted and ripped off necessary nutrients, nationally natively naturally needed nourishments!

Vilified vital vitamins and minerals, saturated fats, coconut – oil – flax seed oils. Striped Omega-3 fatty acids and replaced them with hydrogenated hybrid brand vegetable olls as excessive amounts of Omega-6 and neutralized Omega-9. Causing cancerous cells, degenerative dietary dysfunctions and developed diseases!

After which westernized world WhitTie wicked witchcrafts, cigarettes tobacco smoking became a serious health tissue issue. Lung cancer came into its mindset manifested malignancy. Alcoholism and addictions to dispensed drugs, demonic dopes, legalized and illegal initiated its evil elements. All manners of meanness proliferated planetary plains, and pervaded person’s psychologies, personalities, populations of people’s physiologies. Perpetrating – producing – perpetuating the poisons and plaguing pollutions of Psychopathy and satanic sickness syndromes, Sociopathy!!

Next notes…

YES I keep on hearing how Africans in America should stop doing this that or the other. Expressly, cease being so jealous and envious of others brothers and sisters, who might seem to have more materialism, individualism. Ya know, like I’ve got minds, so now you git yours! A sort of selfish and self-serving sad situation, that does nothing to help heal and save over overall aggregate group of, “Black” & Brown Americanized Africoidians!

The arguments and disputes, caused by competing with and against another person who looks just like they do. A modern day artless fighting form for tribalism, gangs or gangster like attitudes and adverse activities. Also, how the “Black females” are hating on the “Black males”; as an affront against him in the presence of the whitefaces, or “White males”. And then she wonders why he hates her dumb ass!? Seeking Slave masters to marry – mate and date, on and on and on, incessantly!

Howsoever, I personally say that it’s all good, great, it is all grand gravy; and ghetto gamblers guilt. So let it be, as it is. Only they are now today suffering severely for their bad acts and demonic deeds, negative name calling, self-hate or whatsoever, the criminalizing cases might be? It’s all inside the corrupt compost piles of characterized crap, propaganda pollution poisons personalized. And the positive values remains within their thug culture and class and category, up and down, high and low!!

I KNOW: That none of the garbage and trash and junk, is going to stop being and becoming blatantly bad, much worst, until it kills them off. So self-suicidal sick and not saved. Meaning bad and good riddance!

So why would we want or wish to waste our valued time, energies and efforts trying to change or correct that; in which, is meant to be? CKNWCA, is cosmically creating circumstances, correct conditions, capital cash currency careers, and locking these tissue terrorizing thug tyrants, out! As they do indeed exist, well within their own rights. And so do We’s & Us’s no longer letting them inside our healthy hearts, melanin masterminds as mental models. The doors are closed and locked so other opposition can’t come in, uninvited and unwelcome! Surely and simply solving the problems and remedying the devilish difficulties!

Black Supremacy hiding behind “White Supremacy”; whiteface in blackface and brownface. Wearing dashikis, robs, scarves, ankhs, and all manner of misleading mechanisms and media madness. Stealthily sporting Africanized images. Fakers fooling faith followers, truly trying to do the right things, make it all work well with everybody and people of color; as they so often say.

These trickster thugs are milking the minds, monies from some of the poorest and most impoverished inner city communities and urban neighborhoods. They create confusions and chaos, just so that they can capitalize on it; extort cash currency and make more money, selling CDs – DVDs, lectures, devilishly dramatized debates!

NO, not at all does it really matter at this time and period of counter-combative competitions. A severe lack of positive production in a progressive process. The negatives have taken over producing imbalances, impaaired, and inappropriate bad behaviors. The nasty Neo Nazi nature of the barbaric behaving beasts!

Prophetically predicted, added up and correctly calculated and completely counted numerically. The good has been subtracted and the blatantly bad is increased inordinately. And this is the saddest – sadist, Satanist, supremacist state of internalized affairs; now today. The End Time Days of Reckoning, Trials & Tribulations are now beckoning!


I AM an individual yet I have nothing to do with what they term to be bad; Individualism. Nor am I involved with “collectivism”; with some Slaver CauCrazian Cracker popping his whip, to make me do something!

Likewise, I don’t need to be included inside something called; materialism, where I’m so grossly greedy and gluttonous about acquiring material goods, items, vehicles, mansion homes, trendy things, commercialized commodities, concurrent capitalism’s collective costs!

YES: Wexz & Usxz, can clearly see how the predatory profiteers are expanding every economic base of bogus bible based beliefs. Stretching sanely sensible societies, to their over limits, with no limitations to the inflating and increasing the prices and insurance premiums, political plans to plague the public people’s planetary populations! Purposely producing pressuring pains!

Butt, there’s a very violent and destructive end to it all. Sooner than later, the entire Eu-Rope-an evil enemy empire economically explodes! And inner-urban cities implode!!

YES: These things has to happen and occur coming to pass. It’s inevitable and unavoidable under the existing compelling circumstances of a completely criminalized country and continents. Objectively of our optical; Whole Wide World’s Woven Web of widespread WhitTie wicked witchcrafts. Westernized werewolves, warlords, warlocks and warmongers!!

Our Spiritual Renaissance Movement; Under One Hue-Main-Law + Hue-Main-Kind = Hue-Main-Rayz + Trayvon Martin’s Martyrdom melanin messiah murder = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts


POTENTIAL PARENTS: Listen up and pay close attention! If in fact and in THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, Powered by Knowledge and Know How, then do not necessarily have anymore new born babies, birthed inside these tissue terrorizing war zone!

Today is neither the time nor place to plan parenting for future family foundations. And if you don’t desire your young child to receive multiple injections, immunizations, serums and violently vicious vaccines; then, never have them at all!

Otherwise, they infants, toddlers and small school age kids, are going to be indoctrinated and inoculated, with and by cancer causing concocted clinical chemicals!

Your will and would be acting irresponsible and irrational, for getting yourselves impregnated as female mothers. You have the controls over your own bio-bodily beings; and nobody else!

So remember that when or while you lay/ down on your back, or whatsoever, other positions, having happy go lucky honky dory sexual intercourses. No doubt, Under One Omnipresent HUEMAINLAW; you shall surely suffer severely, the concurrent consequences, for creating or producing more unwanted offspring and progeny. And if you’ve not yet heard, that the Whole Wide World has overpopulated itself with humans who are so selfishly insane and inhumane!

NO, not at all absolutely, is there anymore extra room to spare; hereon, planet Mother Earth, for unloved and uncared for children. And No, you can’t really afford them today. Someone else is having to pay premium prices for your self-serving situations. The insurance is charged to those without pregnancies! [re.]

Therefore, a large growing number of angry Anglo-American citizens, secret societies, are seriously seeking some solutions. And they have become; Evil Enemy Eu-Rope-an Eugenicists – Exceptionalists = Europeanized Executioners!!!

Furthermore, never libel label your child “White” or “Black” branded! This truly is making mounting mindless mistakes. Today’s days have already changed circulating currencies, college class curriculums. Shool students and HUEMAINS as HUEMAINITY and of THE HUEMAINRAYZ; and net negatively “RACE”. Teaching truth totally 100%+ = There is absolutely no realized nor actualized, or materialized “White Race” & “Black Race”!!

PRISONXZ: USA Modern Day Underground Legalized Slave Trade Market & Jail House Prisoner Corruption Racket. Prison Industrial Complex + Criminal Injustice system SATAN = Pharmaceutical Pollution Poisons = Planetary People’s Population PHARMACIDES; reveals COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

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